Taking chance ending relationship

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taking chance ending relationship

This is how you know you're taking it too far when it comes to being safe in love: In the end, you never give any of your relationships a real chance because. Taking Chance is a American historical drama film directed by Ross Katz. It is based upon . As the attendees of the memorial leave at the end of the evening, Lt. Col. Strobl remarks to the U.S. Marine 1st. Division Korean War veteran. So how do we know when to give up on a relationship, and how do we know when as the ones you could start taking to reignite the loving feelings in your partner. a person you respect, and you give your relationship its best chance at survival. situation for now, because eventually that would end and you'll be happy.

All of the stories are centered around taking a chance by stepping out of one's comfort zone and either loving or losing. All of the stories are sweet and clean.

Chance Phelps

Each story is realistic and believable. In fact, many of these scenarios have happened in my circle of friends. Nicely done all the way around! I received this book for free and voluntarily chose to post my honest review. I really enjoyed all the stories. I will admit that there were one or two that I would label as my favorite sbut I'll let you guess which one s are at the top of my list. You might just have to read them and figure it out or pick your own favorites.

The stories all complemented one another and it was a pretty cohesive flow from story to story. Thank you to the authors. Characters Harper "Harpy" I call her that is a disgusting hypocrite, and for someone who grew up under her father's thumb, she sure grows up pretty fast.

Despite no previous sexual experience, of course she's amazing in bed. She gets away with everything, and people worship the ground she walks on. Every man who sees her falls head-over-heels in love with her, because she's supposed to be "perfect".

Taking Chances

She thinks of marrying both Brandon and Chase so often in such a short period of time it made me sick. One day she's in love with Brandon, the next she's making out with Chase and confessing her love, and then a week later she's telling Brandon how she won't be able to survive without him.

taking chance ending relationship

Apparently, she is the most beautiful girl anyone has ever seen, and the lengths taken to empathize her perfection are enraging and unreal. My legs and arms hadn't changed a bit, my hips were not even a fraction of an inch wider, the only difference was my chest and stomach [ You can't get pregnant, have the baby, and look exactly the same - like a petite Victoria's Secret model, mind you - the next day.

It's impossible and incredibly stupid.

Taking Chances (Taking Chances, #1) by Molly McAdams

She calls every single girl who lays an eye on her two men sluts, whores, tramps, skanks - anything she can possibly make up. I'm not your type. Not because she wears short clothing or sleeps around without a partner, but because she bounces back and forth between love interests and leads them on. Being "in love" with the man you cheated on doesn't grant you a free pass to "it's fucking fine" land, you idiot.

She does end up continuously cheating on both boys for weeks. Plus, she keeps on claiming that her child is in her stomach. I'm pretty sure I lost brain cells reading this. Harpy spends most of her time feeling bad for herself and her woe-is-me attitude got annoying real fast. She even compared herself to Elena from The Vampire Diaries, which really was the last straw.

The Art of Taking Chances

How could this girl even begin to even- UGH. Chase was a typical douchebag with absolutely nothing charming about him.

He screwed girls on his couches, not his bed or even his room, because of course, they're too shitty for that. Chase was about as unsexy as you could get, and as typical bad boys do, he went mad without Harpy.

His favorite thing to do was preach about how "special" and "different" she was. He was possessive, controlling, and I absolutely hated him. He even tried to pull the "you-can't-wear-this" card on Harpy like Travis from Beautiful Disaster.

Brandon is dull, boring, and supposed to be sweet. Now typically, I'll always fall for a properly-written gentleman, but Brandon is just I don't know what anyone saw in him. And he was too nice to Harpy - trust me, if I found out she'd cheated on me, I'd be so much more upset. He forgave her so fast it was unbelievable. After all her crap he suffered through to discover she was pregnant with another man's child? After the morticians are shown, the film then cuts to the Lt. He then arrives at Dover Port Mortuary where he gets his instructions along with other Marines on how to go about escorting a fallen Marine.

After the instruction, all the service member escorts who are awaiting their turn to depart head outside and render honors as each of them departs. He checks into a hotel room and the next day does an inventory, with another Marine, of Phelps' personal items including: He is told that PFC Phelps's private effects are not to leave his side, under any circumstances.

They talk about the military and how the driver knew two men from his high school who enlisted, one of whom returned after sustaining severe injuries who is recovering at Walter Reedand the other who was killed. Strobl arrives at the airport, where he first renders honors to the PFC as he is offloaded to a cargo area, before saying a curbside goodbye to the driver telling him, he's "a good man".

Strobl heads to the check-in counter, where the ticketing agent tells him that he has been upgraded to First Class.

taking chance ending relationship

As he goes through security, he tells a somewhat annoyed TSA agent that he cannot put Phelps' personal items into the x-ray scanner because they are not allowed to leave his side at any time for any reason. He also says that he will not take off his Marine Dress Uniform Jacket to go through the metal detector because it would degrade the uniform. Eventually he is screened in private, with the TSA agent using a metal-detector wand, while the Lt.

He then renders honors to the PFC again as the coffin is loaded onto the airplane. On board, the man next to him in first class orders a Jack Daniels, and he orders a water, after which the man asks him "What, are you on duty? While in the air the flight attendant hands him a crucifix and tells him that she wants him to have it. A few hours later, the plane touches down and Strobl and the PFC's casket wait to change flights in Minneapolis.

After the casket is unloaded, Strobl requests to stay with the casket overnight in the airport's cargo area.

taking chance ending relationship

Despite reservations from the foreman, his request is granted; one of the workers offers him a sleeping bag from his jeep. During this time, Strobl meets a U. The sergeant tells Strobl that he is escorting his deceased brother home.