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36 synonyms of strengthen from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 78 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for strengthen. What is strengthen (verb)? strengthen (verb) meaning, pronunciation and [ transitive] to make a feeling, decision, relationship etc stronger or more powerful. Pocket Catholic Thesaurus. Strengthening of our hope - - for the reward of heaven - - by faithfully serving God's .. A beginning foundation for authentic, Catholic knowledge is the technical definition of the Descriptors, themselves. .. There are no rigid rules or specifically-spelled-out relationships between Descriptors.

We took a set of these queries and analyzed how precise the synonyms were, and were happy with the results: For every 50 queries where synonyms significantly improved the search results, we had only one truly bad synonym.

It shows technique that they may also be using to identify synonyms using internal and external links anchor text. The basic idea is that Google can learn about things from both on-site and off-site factors. Having said that I think it is clear why Synonyms are a very important component when you talk about On-Page and Off-Page Optimization.

You can easily lose or gain traffic due to Not-Optimizing simple things that shall give you what is yours already. The thing to keep in mind, however, is that in order to teach someone or something about any language-specific concept, you sometimes need to go broader.

So it is with Google and the synonyms-inclusive searches. What we understand to be a synonym may not be immediately translatable to a machine. Each of them can be used in a context that makes it no longer related to the other. Sometimes the synonym that Google takes into account is not necessarily a grammatical one, but rather a logical, or contextual one.

Because we are trying to figure out how does Google rank a site by using synonyms and no other factors. So, like in any other serious research, we have to take into consideration all the variables that might influence the understanding of our subject plus the fact that these are some interesting concepts that deserve our attention.

This means that the close proximity of important keywords develops a tight association. If a webpage with an article about fry pans, recipes, kitchen utensils links to your site, then it is likely that your site will get a ranking boost for these keywords.

Google understands the correlation between the two of you and might use it as a ranking factor in its algorithm. As peculiar as it might sound, this is actually the process of link building without actual links. Let me explain you why: The more sites they are linked from, the stronger the relation becomes between them.

These differentiated results had us thinking about the effects that synonyms might have in the overall ranking of a site. Just like in the previous case, the site Towerhobbies.

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But there is more here than meets the eye. Another important metric that might influence the ranking of this page in Google are the Anchors that might be pointing to this site. However, the website ranks very high for these keywords.

How does it know that they are synonyms?

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There are many signals that Google takes into consideration when providing the results. The best way to look for synonyms is really just to use a dictionary, or thesaurus. The latter is better, because it focuses specifically on similar alternatives to a word. And like with many other things but not allthe online version is often times better than the paper one. In addition, it lists a separate list of synonyms for each of the primary meanings of the word. To top it off, you also get a list of antonyms, to help you get additional ideas of what would constitute a relevant related word.

Making judgment calls is still necessary even when using a powerful thesaurus tool. While both are extremely competent, they are nowhere near as useful, or visually appealing, as the previously mentioned ones. Tower Hobbiesfor instance, deals mainly with remote control models.

Or is it radio control models? Hardon's, earlier-mentioned dictionary constitutes the backbone for almost-all religious Descriptors in the Thesaurus.

The premise is suggested, here, that the consistent use of the Thesaurus' Descriptors - - as a "Controlled Vocabulary," or "Common Language" - - will provide many, broad-scope benefits.


However, no claim of "perfection" is vouched. The reason is simple. Every modern vocabulary, or language, is in a constant state of flux. New ideas and technologies create an ever-ongoing flood of additional, new descriptors, and "look-up-non-descriptor" words, for inclusion as "see" references.

Thesaurus of Terms - Introduction

Nonetheless, in the overall area of processing "knowledge-or-information," there are many examples of how "less-than-perfect" systems that have proved to be highly successful.

The following, wide-ranging examples may be helpful: Few metaphors exist, except for those derived from the Bible, and they often are phrases we don't use outside church. In the Preface to "Roget's International Thesaurus," he wrote, "Notwithstanding all the pains I have bestowed on its ed.

From such an assembly can a perfect production be expected? Our "Democracy" probably would not exist today, if absolute "perfection," of ideas and "Descriptors," was strictly mandated. We can only shutter to imagine what our Country would be like today without its "still-partially-imperfect" Constitution.

The initial diagnosis and pursuant, medical treatment of Parkinson's Disease are exceedingly complex, due to a myriad of variables; e. Despite these difficulties, a simple "thesaurus of defined descriptors scales, steps, or grades for symptoms " was devised as a practical, patient-classification-system.

The original definitions of the five Stages of severity are "This method of grading severity is rather a potpourri, combining the symptoms of the patient, the physical signs as observed by the physician, and the patient's functional ability. It is a simple method, allowing for easily reproducible assessments of the general status, and functional level of the patient by independent examiners. Thus, the key to the success of this medical diagnosis, by physicians worldwide, is the general acceptance of the "descriptors in the "Hoehn and Yahr Scale," as a defined methodology.

In the same general sense, the undeviating and correct employment of the Thesaurus' Descriptors can produce above-average, "knowledge-or-information" processing-results for decades into the future. Some Thesaurus attributes can be evaluated as "less-than-perfect," or "partially subjective" - - hence, open to fair-minded "give-and-take" debate; for example: Holiness-Nurturing A frequently-repeated craving, despite our highly secularized culture, is expressed as, a "thirst for holiness" or its equivalent: Many good-living persons are disadvantaged, in two ways, by their unfamiliarity with the authentic Descriptors of Catholic spirituality.

First, they're likely to form only vague, or even incorrect interpretations of the abstractions cited in spiritual literature.