Sauron melkor relationship test

sauron melkor relationship test

52 and was welcomed because of her family relationship to Thingol's brother Olwë, After Sauron was ousted from his fortress of Dol Guldur, Lórien kept vigilance "I pass the test," refusing the Ring and accepting the fate of diminishing (as After the overthrow of Morgoth at the end of the First Age a ban was set upon. Nov 9, Explore ismaktz 's board "Sauron x Melkor OTP" on Pinterest. ackusia: Decompressing after a test week by sketching Sauron and Melkor. This image just completely captures my idea of Melkor and Mairon's relationship.. . Silmarillion Melkor seducing Mairon by *Phobs on deviantART - Adora Phobs art but still never gonna ship Melkor with Mairon/Sauron. Character.

The Firstborn, when they come, will be thy servants, and my demons will likewise serve thee. Utumno at the height of its power was the most forbidding and terrible fortress ever to trouble the world. Even the Valar in Aman had no rival, for they gave little thought to prisons or fortresses, exept perhaps when they raised the mighty Pelori.

Impossibly strong, high, and deep, there were terrible spells of sorcery laid upon its walls, so that the very air resonated with them. It cast its shadow on the highest mountains, yet it's cunning tunnels and passages were delved deep under the earth for miles abroad.

For Melkor had been blessed by Eru in the beginning with some measure of power of all the other Valar - including Aule.

The terror of that place no mortal would have approached, and few elves even of old. Angmar, the Hells of Iron, from whence Melkor wrought the majority of his evil upon Middle-earth in the First Age, was not the match of Utumno. It was indeed well that the Valar forever broke the gate of that mighty stronghold in later years, or the sorrows of Middle-earth would have been far greater.

Not even the Elves spoke of it, for there were none who remembered first-hand what that place was like, and those who heard stories feared to recount the tales lest they re-awake some new evil. For the Valar did indeed break the gate, but they did not unroof all the evil places constructed there so long ago.

But for now Melkor knew he had laid the seeds of dissent in Sauron's heart, and waited for the day Sauron would seek him. Now when Melkor left him, Sauron was wrathful indeed. He feared to trust Melkor, but also he feared Yavanna and was increasingly jealous of Aule. His plight made him furious, and his mood was reflected by design or by fate throughout Middle-earth in his mountains. They belched forth an unusual amount of fire, flame, and smoke worldwide, although Sauron knew not.

Aule saw this and was sorrowful, because he knew Sauron was angry and would not come, although he did not realize the peril his apprentice was in. But the increased destruction caused by Sauron's mountains caused Yavanna to grow angry.

This was the height of the glory of Almaren, and yet Sauron, a rebellious Maiar in her mind, was defiling Middle-earth and destroying its living things and green in a vain attempt to rob her spouse of the credit his Lamps were due.

The Corruption of Sauron - by Ed Little

In a rash decision to humble Sauron once and for all, Yavanna focused her powers of insight and immediately learned where Sauron was hiding. She went to him in wrath, and found him amongst the steams and vapors of his prized mountain, Orodruin. You have overstepped thy bounds this time.

Your master hath created a wonderous thing of beauty, yet you do not join in his praise in Almaren. Why dost thou hide here, amidst thy foul airs and fumes?

sauron melkor relationship test

Why hast thou caused the entire world to erupt in flame, as from a jealous and undisciplined child? I command you, as Vala to Maia, to cease these eruptions and this destruction at once! Come back to Almaren, and resume thy apprenticeship with your master, Aule.

There is much yet to create, much yet for you to learn, and much yet for you to teach to the other servants. Leave this darkness and fire, for with it will come destruction. Her voice resounded the walls of Sauron's halls and to him it seemed as if the earth itself shook. Sauron was caught off guard and the presence of Yavanna in this form was terrible to him, and he was humbled and not a little afraid.

Yet even as she spoke Yavanna grew softer and diminished, for she perceived the trouble in Sauron's heart and was pitiful. For a moment the world was quiet as Sauron considered, but before he could decide Melkor himself appeared.

This was a surprise to both of the others, as was Melkor's intent.

Speculation on the relationship between Melkor & Sauron

He was still the greatest of the Valar and was aware of Yavanna's mind from when she first tried to discover where Sauron was.

Melkor had sensed her probing even deep in the confines of Utumno. And when she put forth her power to cow Sauron he at once knew where she was and that his prophecy had come true. Melkor saw his chance. Is it not as I foresaw? Here before you stands thy true master, commanding you as her thrall. She has revealed herself at last.

Did you think it was Aule you once served? Nay, for Aule is not the master even of his own house. Who could be, when shared with such a jealous and willful queen? Yavanna was for a moment quiet, for her mind was working quickly. Melkor had not been seen for many long years, and to show himself again thusly could only mean that he felt sufficiently strong to challenge the Valar outright again, and that meant war.

She did not fear for herself, for the Valar do not know fear, and Melkor could scarcely cause her any harm. But she knew the coming war would cause great destruction to the world, and that troubled her deeply.

She wished to at once depart and report to Manwe and the others what she now knew, but the issue of Sauron was still to be decided. I daresay a heart as cold and black as thine will never change. Go back to your home in the Void or we shall bind you and cast you there ourselves!

And now it seems you desire another apprentice. How desperate you must be! Twice already you have failed and still you seek for a prince to rule the darkness with you.

You will not find him here. There are none who covet the same ruthless ambition to dominate as you. What weakness are you hiding that you need another to make up for? Even as he said so he put into Sauron's mind a vision of Utumno: And Sauron was enthralled by the surpassing craftsmanship required to construct such a fortress, and instinctively desired to inspect all of its subtleties.

sauron melkor relationship test

And Sauron perceived also the power of Melkor, which resonated and bound the fortress together. For he had cast his sorcery into that place. Yet there was something more, another powerful force that Sauron could not at once recognize.

It was somehow familiar, yet elusive. For in this vision he saw himself on a throne. Might was in his hand and he wore a crown of fear. His own power wove itself into Melkor's and together none could withstand it. Yavanna was aware of the vision, although she could not see it herself. For lies and half-truths are all that can be spoken with a forked tongue.

Melkor lies even to himself, for he cannot help it, being the Master of lies and the Father of lies. I suppose he has promised you a throne and a kingdom, but have a care. If you choose to rebel against Manwe and Eru along with Melkor, your fate will be no different than his. That ruinous path has but one destination - oblivion. What will you rule then?

And what will you rule now, since Melkor does not share power? Step back from the brink! You know not your peril! And yet I do not think so. Yavanna, you have always resented my cunning, and sabotaged my efforts. You will not now by direct force cause me to abandon my work or return as a repentant servant to Aule's smithies. As for ruination, that is yet to be determined.

For I have seen a vision of power that has yet to be measured, and may never be, unless one can measure the infinite. Come at once and all will be forgiven. Aule has no use for thralls, but a loyal and strong apprentice may find happiness and contentment in his halls. He had grown too proud and resentful to accept pardon.

Neither has Aule ever been my ally. You may consider yourself the master of your house as the greater Vala, but I see a petty and jealous queen, unwilling to bend her will to her lord's. You are a plant-loving fanatic who cannot accept that Eru plans to bring forth sentient life unto this world; life that will bear no allegiance toward or have any love for you!

You have chosen oblivion, then. She was troubled by many things, not least that somehow she had driven Sauron to treason. Such is the infectious nature of half-truths.

She knew Aule would be at once angry at her and saddened for Sauron. Yet that would have to wait. War was at hand! After Yavanna vanished Sauron, too, was troubled. Her final words had an effect on him of a pronounced doom. He had little time to consider, though. Sauron, whom the elves later named Gorthaur the Cruel, would not bend it for Aule or even Manwe, and chose destruction instead of contrition and humility.

In that very place where ages later he would create his most precious trifle - and ages after that meet his final end, he set his fate. Yavanna's words proved to be his doom, even if he did mange to delay the inevitable by 2 ages of the world. And yet is was not at the hands of the Valar, or elves, or even men that Sauron was destroyed, and that is the truth that torments him even now in oblivion.

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And Sauron forever hated Yavanna above all others, for it was she that he perceived had contrived all of his woes. He had been seduced by the lies and half-truths of Melkor, and could not or would not veer from the path he had chosen. Even so, Sauron was not yet as wholly evil as his master. Once Melkor proclaimed himself openly again and made war on the Valar, Sauron was called upon.

Melkor understood all too well the torment that occupied Sauron's mind. He therefore called upon his newest and most terrible servant to a special deed, before there was time to reconsider.

I require of you this deed as a token of thy faithfulness and fealty. I have fulfilled my oath: Now you must prove your faith just so: And for his part Melkor had not lied: Yet Sauron was loathe to do the deed; he still admired craftsmanship for its own sake and as yet there was no such craftsmanship in all the earth. Nevertheless Sauron's fear of Melkor and hatred of Yavanna held sway.

And so it was that Sauron, servant of Melkor threw down the lamps of Aule, and in so doing forever forsook the lordship of the Valar. This he did, despite being thereafter reproachful of himself for such a deed. And Sauron never quite forgave Melkor in his heart for the fact that he himself was forever judged, forever hated by the Valar, and also the elves, and men.

When you stand trial, you'll get the same sort of sentence that Melkor got the first time, prison followed by servitude. I've made arrangements to insure will be served under me rather than, say, Tulkas. There's nothing to worry about. They're not planning to put you into the Void. The first was that he'd left Aman because he preferred to live in Arda. He considered Aman small, provincial, and overly constrained by rules, whereas Arda was vast and beautiful and wild.

And there was another thing he liked about Arda. It gave him pleasure when others bowed down and call him Lord. Melkor persuaded Maiar belonging to every Vala in Ea to follow him in rebellion by offering each of them the thing they wanted most.

When he first approached Sauron, Melkor offered him power. Sauron was tempted, but after seriously considering it, turned him down. As one of the more powerful Maia, almost a Vala, he was starting to be an adult. The lack of independence and self determination which are the lot of a servant began to oppress him more and more. Later, when the Rebellion reached its peak, Melkor approached Sauron a second time.

This time, he offered him the independence appropriate to an adult, and complete artistic freedom. Melkor watched his face and knew he had him. He reached out his hand, and Sauron took it. Sauron came down to the kitchen by the servants' stair.

It was beginning to get dark outside. He remembered how he felt the previous day, when he believed the relationship was already lost. The other choice required him to give up his freedom and his life in Arda. Even if he returned to Arda after he got out of prison, so much time would have gone by that everything would be changed, everyone dear to him would be gone. In his mind, the two losses were equal in magnitude. He could have gone either way. If he were a different person, he might have been trapped by indecision.

But Sauron was decisive. By the time he reached the bottom step, he knew what he was going to do. Once in Caras GaladhonGaladriel allowed Frodo and Sam to peer into the Mirror of Galadrielenabling them to glimpse possible events of the future. She, in turn, was tested when Frodo Baggins later offered to place the One Ring in her keeping.

To illustrate what would happen if she accepted, she presented an image of herself corrupted by the ring, declaring, "In place of the Dark Lord you will set up a Queen. And I shall not be dark, but beautiful and terrible as the Morning and the Night!

Fair as the Sea and the Sun and the Snow upon the Mountain! Dreadful as the Storm and the Lightning! Stronger than the foundations of the earth.

sauron melkor relationship test

All shall love me and despair! Not dark, but beautiful and terrible as the dawn! Treacherous as the sea! Stronger than the foundations of the earth! All shall love me, and despair!

sauron melkor relationship test

As the Fellowship departed, she gave each member a gift and an Elven cloak, and outfitted the party with boats and supplies.

Gimli, in particular, was touched by Galadriel's lordliness and beauty, and asks for one strand of her golden hair as an heirloom of his house; she generously gave him three, which he later set in an impregnable crystal. Apart from the strands of hair given to Gimli, she gave a Mallorn seed and a small box of earth from her garden to Samwise Gamgee ; a green stone set in silver to Aragornalong with a scabbard for his sword; and a belt each to BoromirMerryand Pippin.

To Legolas she gave a long, stout bow of the Galadhrim.

The Corruption of Sauron - by Ed Little

After the departure of the Fellowship, Galadriel acted to ensure the success of the quest. It was she who summoned Gwaihir to rescue Gandalf off the peak of Celebdiland it was she who nursed him back to health, dressing him in white, symbolizing his status as the new leader of the order. Later, she sent word to Aragorn about the Paths of the Deadand messages to the Rangers of the North asking for their aid in the War.