Robin hood 1973 ending relationship

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robin hood 1973 ending relationship

"Love" is a nice romantic song to accompany Robin and Marian's relationship. " Love" even ended up being nominated for best song at the. Disney's Robin Hood () is the Robin Hood myth at its most mythic. . But she, too, disappears from the climax only to reappear right at the end. Sir Hiss has an odd multifaceted relationship with John, as he's John's. In this version of the ending of Disney's movie, Robin Hood, Robin is wounded by one of the arrows shot at him as he's escaping the burning castle.

Dressing as the Enemy: In the climax, Robin disguises himself as Nutsy to sneak past the Sheriff, and later Little John locks away the Sheriff and steals his clothes to stop him from investigating the bags that are being pulled from the castle chamber to the cells.

The Sheriff especially seems surprised that John himself doesn't enjoy it. How earwormy is the former, you might ask? Enough to spark an internet phenomenon almost three decades later. Enjoy the Hampster Dance? The crocodile and the executioner rhino, who at least looks slightly less moronic than the regular kind.

Prince John's relationship with his mother is He seemed to react with a huge amount of remorse when he ends up either wrecking her things ie, her mirror and her castle or is reminded of her in some way, and childishly sucks his thumb.

However, he also disparagingly states that his mother liked Richard much better than him.

Robin Hood: Alternate Ending

Even Evil Has Standards: Everyone Calls Him "Barkeep": The Sheriff of Nottingham. He's only ever referred to as "Sheriff", even by his close associates. Everyone Can See It: Little John goes further and tries to make it happen via royal decree at knifepoint.

Sir Hiss and the Sheriff also have their moments, but their evil boss is still hammier. Prince John both plays this straight and lampshades it at different points in the film: Prince John is on a power trip. After sending his brother off to fight muslims, he plunders the kingdom in the name of taxes. Also, Nutsy and Trigger and another one of Little John's identical twins got smaller roles in Bedknobs and Broomsticks. Many other characters are drawn similarly to other Disney characters.

The elephants look like the elephants from The Jungle Bookthe crocodiles and hippos look like the ones from Fantasiathe owls look similar to Archimedes from The Sword in the Stone. Robin Hood, of Reynard the Fox. InWalt Disney showed some interest in adapting the 12th-century legend of Reynard, but the project stalled due to Walt's concerns that Reynard was an unsuitable choice for a hero. He commented "I see swell possibilities in 'Reynard', but is it smart to make it?

robin hood 1973 ending relationship

We have such a terrific kid audience We'll take a nosedive doing it with animals. Later on inwhile The Aristocats was in production, Ken Anderson began exploring possibilities for the next film, commenting that "As director of story and character concepts, I knew right off that sly Robin Hood must be a fox. From there it was logical that Maid Marian should be a pretty vixen". Marian realizes it is Robin in disguise after she looks deeply into his eyes.

Failed a Spot Check: The crocodile announcer at the archery contest utterly misses the massive riot going on around him, which leads to his getting run over by the tent stuffed with hippo and rhino guards and Little John. The anthropomorphic Robin and Marian. The Sheriff, with his big belly and crass demeanor, is the closest example.

The Sheriff; he's always cheerful and polite while doing sadistic things. Big Bad - Prince John, the evil king leading the others. The Dragon - Sheriff of Nottingham, the big bad's physically powerful enforcer.

robin hood 1973 ending relationship

The Brute - Captain Crocodile, a low level officer for extra power. The Dark Chick - Trigger and Nutsy, the floaters. Robin Hood proposes to Marian during a battle, and they start making plans for the honeymoon and starting a family.

In one of the funniest and most awesome parts in the entire movie, Lady Kluck does this while inventing football several centuries early.

If the original ending under What Might Have Been had been used, Robin's comment about "That one almost had my name on it" would have been a lot more significant in the beginning. That's exactly what happens during the jailbreak - Robin Hood steals Prince John's taxes and sends them over to Little John and Friar Tuck as they bust the townspeople out of prison. Prince John has serious maternal issues. It's implied that he's always been The Unfavorite compared to Richard.

Friend to All Children: Robin Hood gets along well with his prepubescent fans, and both Maid Marian and Lady Kluck are all too happy to play with the children who "trespass" on Prince John's castle grounds. Fully Dressed Cartoon Animal: Maid Marian a lovely pink and purple dress and headscarf. Prince John royal robes and a onesie underneath. Friar Tuck brown habit.

The Sheriff of Nottingham a red and purple thing like some lesser noble. She is a fox. He is a lion. This could be Fridge Brilliance - historically, it's debatable whether or not Richard ever consummated his marriage with Berengaria and may have only married her for political reasons, so it's entirely possible that Richard's unseen wife was a fox after all. A lion and a fox could never successfully breed with each other, but his other wives i. Since when has Disney stayed true to real life animal interbreeding?

Remember this is a world of talking anthropomorphic animals, so why couldn't lions and foxes breed in this world? Near the beginning, when Robin and Little John are doing their gypsy women disguise, Robin keeps Little John from running away by pushing him by his false breasts.

A male rhino guard is clearly checking out Little John's butt while he's in drag.

robin hood 1973 ending relationship

Robin, disguised as a woman, makes off with Prince John's clothes, except his underwear. This is immediately after "she" spent a good deal of time feeding him compliments. Raising the idea of how she probably got him out of those clothes. The running "A pox on the phony king of England". The song's probable real-world inspiration, " The Bastard King of England ," is a hilariously filthy song about John getting the clap.

During the scene where Skippy sneaks into the castle to get his lost arrow, Lady Kluck quite clearly loses the shuttlecock down her bodice and spends several hilarious minutes dancing around, trying to get it out. In Tuck's jail cell, one can see the words "Forgive Them All" carved into the stonework. Keep in mind, Prince John is planning to execute him, a clergyman. Prince John and his court are all going to hell, and Friar Tuck knows it.

robin hood 1973 ending relationship

Friar Tuck starts fighting back against the Sheriff and kicking him out of the chapel when he takes the last farthing from the poor box; subverted when Trigger pulls the cowl over Tuck's face, and the Sheriff arrests him. Get Thee to a Nunnery: As usual, Friar Tuck is a devout and admirable man. A couple of notable examples in which he demonstrates this trait: When the Sheriff helps himself to the poor box, he flies into a rage not because it cuts into his bottom line but because it's supposed to help the poor.

It may have been put there by a prior tenant, but it would be a characteristic statement for him to write.

Disney Robin Hood - finale alternativo

Prince John is depicted as not only hoarding gold, obsessively counting it, and fondling itbut even sleeping with it in his bedchamber. To be fair, no one could expect the royal chambers to be vulnerable to any but the most daring and skillful of thievesbut surely there were more secure places to put it Alan-a-Dale sings the story that he's a part of.

The Guards Must Be Crazy: Partly because it's a kid's movie and partly because of the lack of budget, Prince John's soldiers and henchmen are remarkably bad at their jobs. His rhino henchmen don't even notice Little John stealing from the treasure box right in front of them! I'm not going to lay out all the scenes myself but let this video show you. That one shows many other deja vu moments in Disney films.

There are two other videos I found interesting that can be found here and there. As you can see, Disney basically kept a lot of the same movements and put new animated characters on it. This is something that you would have to be completely crazy to notice on a casual watch.

Robin Hood

Luckily for us there are a lot of crazy people out there! The animation isn't the only way that they basically reused ideas. Little John is Baloo the bear. He's even voiced by the same person.

I realized this when I was very little. I had no idea why Baloo had turned into a brown bear and was now running around with a fox dressed like Peter Pan. The costume for Robin and Peter is basically the same. Apparently this has led to some confusion between the characters, but who gets a boy and a fox mixed up?

Crazy people, that's who.

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Another character that is a recycled version of another is Sir Hiss. It's Kaa from the Jungle Book, plain and simple.

They have different voices, but they're both snakes and both have the hypnotic eye thing. This movie is like the greatest hits of the 60's and 70's of Disney animation.

robin hood 1973 ending relationship

If you don't like cross-dressing, then this movie isn't for you. Little John and Robin decide to pull a Mr. Rochester and dress up like a lady gypsies to fool someone. While Robin seems to have pulled the whole thing off, voice and look, I can't say the same for Little John.

He doesn't even try to use a female voice! He even gets one of the guard rhinos to take a fancy to him! One of the things I like most about this movie is the songs. I think I still like the beginning of this movie more than any other Disney movie just because of the opening animation along with the song "Whistle Stop. Famous country honky-tonk singer Roger Miller provides the regular and singing voice for Alan-a-Dale the rooster and sings both "Whistle Stop" and the next song that I enjoy a lot, "Oo De Lally.

A funny addition to the story is the football theme "Oh, Wisconsin" played when Lady Kluck beats up Prince John's goon's football style. No one can say that this movie isn't a lot of fun to watch. The characters are the best part of the movie. Robin is the clever and suave hero. Little John is the more responsible Baloo, but still lots of fun.

Appearances Robin Hood Robin in the original film. After escaping, he and Little John hide in a tree and have a brief discussion about them being outlaws, where Little John has doubts that they're good people as they steal. Robin, however, reassures him and playfully tells him they merely borrow money from those who can afford to loan it. Suddenly, they both hear music and see a carriage. They run towards the approaching carriage while at the same time disguising themselves as gypsy fortune tellers.

When they arrive they see that it is Prince John himself; Little John doesn't think it's a good idea to steal from him and attempts to leave, but Robin is able to change his mind and prepare themselves. Together, they successfully rob Prince John, earning him the Prince's ire. Robin Hood becomes Prince John's most wanted figure in Nottingham. While disguised as a blind beggar, Robin is seen giving the money to Nottingham residents who suffer from the oppressive taxes of Prince John. Robin also shows up at the birthday party of Mother Rabbit 's son Skippyto whom the former hands over his hat, bow and arrow.

Later, Robin and Little John are at their hideout in the forest. Robin is supposed to be cooking dinner, but instead he daydreams about Maid Marian and starts to burn the food. Robin apologizes and admits that although he loves her, he adds that he can't be with her as he doesn't have anything to offer to Marian while not wanting to involve her in a life of an outlaw. Soon, Friar Tuck arrives and says that Robin is no outlaw, but instead a great hero.

Friar Tuck reveals to Robin and Little John that Prince John has organized an archery tournament and the winner will also receive a kiss from Marian. Seeing this as a chance to see her again, Robin eagerly decides to enter and knowing it is clearly a trap meant to capture him, disguises himself as a stork. As the tournament is about to begin, Robin goes to see Marian where he gives her a flower and expresses his hope that he wins the contest.

Marian easily sees through his disguise and sincerely wishes him luck. Robin also talks with the Sheriff about capturing him where the Sheriff admits his belief that he scares Robin as he is nowhere in sight of the tournament, unaware that he's actually talking to Robin himself in disguise.

The tournament proceeds and it is not long before Robin and the Sheriff are declared finalists in the contest.