Nijuu mensou no musume ending relationship

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nijuu mensou no musume ending relationship

#23 - Daughter of Twenty Faces (Nijuu Mensou no Musume) Chizuko's relationship with Twenty Faces is beautifully done. There's one well-founded criticism of the storyline that is a massive spoiler, so please don't read beyond this point. Nijuu Mensou no Musume Akechi Actually Exists And Twenty Faces something wrong meant that the two's relationship never existed?. I'm not sure why people keep on looking for romance in certain anime shows The ending scene was a hint, a teaser that makes us want to see them But a show about their budding relationship would fall into a totally.

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Chiko makes for a fantastic lead character. Meanwhile, the rest of the team feel more like a family than anything else, and watching Chiko gradually become a part of that family is an incredibly touching yet utterly believable experience.

Although none of the other team members besides Ken is given any kind of backstory, I still would have been blissfully happy watching nothing but their episodic mini-adventures for the entire duration of the show.

The mysteries themselves are mostly pointless, adolescent games, and the single promising one is left completely unresolved.

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That being said, this section of the anime allows for a lot more internal growth for Chiko, and fleshes out the setting of postwar Japan rather well. The main exception here is Detective Akine, who comes across as the bumbling and greedy comic relief at first, but ends up as a fully-formed and sympathetic character with a surprisingly moving story of his own. The third and final story arc is thankfully more rewarding than the so-called mystery-centric stories making up the middle of the anime.

Tome is devoted to Chiko and determined to protect Chiko as best she can until Chiko can assume her rightful fortune. Masaya Matsukaze A teenager who is an expert in knife throwing. He was the one who originally shortened "Chizuko" to "Chiko", a nickname which Chiko quickly picked up on. Chiko calls him Ken-nii-chan lit. He was the one who taught her to throw knives.

He lost the vision in his left eye after being attacked by Tiger.

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He travels around on the money they give him and makes up reports that he is getting closer to finding her, though is aware that Chiko's aunt does not care if Chiko is found or not.

He returns her to her aunt and continues to take money from them from the publicity of Chiko's return. The White Haired Devil uses him to corner Chiko by forcing him to recall his deepest regret - after the war, he lost his younger sister Chieko and never found her again, remaining haunted by the memory. When Chiko's aunt tries to frame him for a failed murder attempt on Chiko, Akine chooses to leave her service and protect Chiko, whom he has come to see as a reflection of his lost younger sister.

Tsuya dies when his body loses control from the experiments while Dr.

nijuu mensou no musume ending relationship

The story is loosely based on the detective novels by Edogawa Rampo the author's pen-namein which the lead characters were often an eccentric but skilled detective named Kogoro Akechi, and his arch nemesis Kajin Nijuu Mensou the Fiend with Twenty Faces. The anime version is an adaptation of the manga that was released in Where the anime version deviates from the works of Edogawa is in making the main character a girl who gets caught up in the exploits of the famous thief known as Twenty Faces.

She views her "kidnapping" by Twenty Faces and his gang as a gift, and rapidly warms up to her new "family" - the reasons for this being made obvious in the first few episodes.

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The plot is very well paced throughout the series and, whilst the main story is split into two very clearly defined arcs, the method in which the story is handled is very subtly different in the second arc. The first arc is dramatic and mysterious, especially when Chizuko Chiko for shortconsiders the mysterious man known as Twenty Faces. The second arc has an added sense of adventure which is brought about by the introduction of Shunka Koito.

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Although the second arc tries to maintain some of the same suspense as the first, it never quite matches up to it as the audience by then is well aware of Chiko's capabilities, and knows that she will find a way to come out on top.

The animation is, for want of a better word, excellent. The characters move with a natural surety and sense of rythm that's wonderful to see, and this is not only prominent in action sequences, but in the quieter moments as well. Each of the characters is also very well designed, with a sense of individuality to them.

nijuu mensou no musume ending relationship

One thing that I liked was the sometimes subtle changes made to each of the characters to show the passage of years.