My boyfriends sister is ruining our relationship with god

“I’m Jealous of My Boyfriend’s Relationship with His Sister”

my boyfriends sister is ruining our relationship with god

I found your website when I Googled about “How to deal with close bother/sister relationships.” My situation is not as creepy as the letter that. The sister on the other hand has a God given right to object on your I know she is mentally ill, but her living here is ruining our marriage. This has started to affect my relationship with bf as i feel she What about the dad and other sister have you tried talking to them? . My Husband still sees his family occasionally, we don't live very near them thank god. double - My SIL is a phyco too (read my past posts about the wedding ruining, benefit.

It'd be such a mess.

my boyfriends sister is ruining our relationship with god

You need a man who will stand up for. Not only that, but one who even if he doesn't completely agree with you will listen to your concerns and address the problem the best that he can. If you meant enough to him, he would have told his sister to back down because his ultimate goal would be to make his relationship with you work.

It really bothers me that he would just sit there and let his sister walk all over you.

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My husband has put members of both his own and my family in their place in situations where this happened to us. I'll share a quick story with you.

my boyfriends sister is ruining our relationship with god

My in-laws initially were not happy with my relationship with my husband when we were dating. I was his first girlfriend and I think they had a hard time letting go. Eventually, they told him he had to pick: He said me so they packed his things for him and told him he was no longer welcome in the house and he left.

My point is that if a man really loves you, you will come before his family. A parent, maybe, but a sibling I don't understand. Perhaps she is jealous of the relationship you two had and wanted it for herself. She chose to act the immature way and destroy it. On the other hand, some people are so off in their thinking that they don't even know why they are acting a certain way. Either way, she seems a little off her rocker! My point in all this is a that if this is how he'd react to a situation this extreme when you're dating, it certainly would not have gotten better if you had gotten married.

If he's not on your side now, he never will be. And b it's possible to have an unhealthy family dynamic in which family members are TOO close. At the age of 29 and 33, I'd hope this would have been worked out. Again, I'm so sorry you had to go through this. Keep your chin up and wait and see what happens. Maybe he'll realize he was wrong and what needs to change if he wants to keep you.

Jun 08, However, as I read more and more I realized that your situation is quite strange and if I were you I would be confused as well. I think that your ex's sister is extremely insecure and jealous. It seems like there were a lot of complications in her life and your ex was there from the beginning for her.

He may have been the only steady thing in her life and she knew that she can always count for him for everything, including finance. The more time and the closer he is to you, the more she loses her influence on him and she could not allow that to happen. That was why she was constantly trying to bad mouth you.

If you and your ex got even closer or got married, your ex would probably listen to you which includes maybe cutting her lose financially.? Your ex probably grew up very close to his family and believes that nothing is closer than blood. Even if his sister was wrong and he knew it, he might not want to admit it out loud. He was protecting his family and he assumed his sister had his best interest in mind so whatever she says, he wouldn't tell her to shut up, but would rather listen.

Overall, I think the situation is messed up. If your ex chooses to be that close to his sister and let her meddle in everything he does, he will never have a healthy relationship with anyone else because I fully believe that his sister will do that to anyone that may come close to him.? You would have had to deal with this for a lifetime. Another time I was told I had a water infection and then they said it was an STI sexually transmitted infection.

my boyfriends sister is ruining our relationship with god

Jaki and Adam in Image: SWNS To save her life, Natalie needed a four-hour radical hysterectomy in which both her cervix and womb were removed. Luckily, the surgeons were able to save her ovaries so she could keep her eggs for fertility treatment involving a surrogate mother.

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But further tests revealed the cancer had spread to her lymph nodes and she would need chemotherapy and radiotherapy, which would destroy her eggs and leave her infertile. Doctors explained there was a much higher success rate when the eggs were fertilised with male sperm before freezing than when the egg was used on its own. After she and Adam decided to go ahead together, the clinicians managed to create three embryos — their potential biological children.

At that time, Jaki, an administrator, was on maternity leave after giving birth to Evie, now three.

my boyfriends sister is ruining our relationship with god

She also has a four-year-old son, Finley. My sister felt awkward and she tried to include me but it took me towards the end of her pregnancy to accept it. As a mum herself, Jaki knew she had to step in and offer to be a surrogate for her brother and Natalie. I decided to break up with him. I cried uncontrollably when I saw it.

I still loved him, but could not deal with her. While we were separated, I dated a man in the military.

“I’m Jealous of My Boyfriend’s Relationship with His Sister”

He was funny and kind. He treated me very well, but the problem was, I was not in love with him. When my husband found out that I was dating this man, he got drunk and in his drunken state, whined about it to his sister.

She then went behind his back, and sent me a hate mail, cussing me out and calling me a slut and a whore. This hurt me beyond words.

my boyfriends sister is ruining our relationship with god

I could not get over her calling me a slut. After a few months apart, he was miserable. He not only begged me to come back, but he proposed. I was overjoyed, and said yes. He was the love of my life ,and I was not going to let her ruin that for me!

When she found out about this she went into a psycho crazy rage.

What to do when boyfriend's sister doesn't like you!