Marriage counseling techniques relationship

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marriage counseling techniques relationship

Apologies to the Beatles, but as most couples can tell you, love is not all you need. Any long-term relationship takes hard work, a lot of flexibility, and plenty of . Couple's therapy attempts to improve romantic relationships and resolve interpersonal conflicts. . Two methods of couples therapy focus primarily on the process of communicating. The most commonly used method is active listening, used by. We found 9 Couples Counseling Techniques that are proven to work. This guide can help you to find the right technique and the right counselor.

Some overcome them on their own and some require a little external help.

9 Best Couples Counseling Techniques and Why You Should Try Them

Those who struggle with their relationship but cannot find a solution to their problems can seek help from marriage counselors. Marriage counselors are proficient in identifying problems in a relationship; they can help couples search, discover and eliminate the hurdles that cause troubles in their relationship.

This, however is an oversimplification of what marriage counseling really entails. If you are determined to fix your relationship and want to seek help from a marriage counselor, the first thing that you have to do is find the method of counseling that will be suitable for you. The second step is to find a good counselor that uses your choice of counseling technique.

Every marital problem is different, every person in a marriage is different and therefore all marriage counseling techniques are not effective for all the couples. Insight-gaining therapy The couples, who have arguments frequently, strain their relationship to a point that they are not able to view their problems clearly. They perpetually stay angry at each and their resentment keeps growing.

After a point of time their fights become absolutely pointless and all they accomplish by that is, blaming and pointing fingers at each other. Such couples should seek a marriage counselor that uses insight gaining therapy. The counselor collects data about what goes on between the couple and tries to identify the root cause, the primary reason of their conflict.

Then, creates a plan about how to counsel them, how to solve their problem and how to improve their way of interaction. Communication counseling Communication problem is one of the major reasons why couples drift apart. There are couples who do not communicate their feelings truly due to the fear of being ridiculed or making their partner angry or unhappy.

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Although this does not cause any verbal conflicts or fights, it does create emotional distance between the couple. Communication-focused-counselors are most suitable for such couples. Rather, they will be learning a new method of communication so they can better understand each other in the office and incorporate this process into their relationship at home. This means that counseling is a joint venture to better understand the relationship rather than an adversarial one.

DIY Marriage Counseling

How Our Brain Impacts the Dishwasher Talking to the couple about basic brain functions and how the billion neurons in their brains make decisions helps them to think of therapy as a conscious exercise. We talk to the couple about the neurons housed in the analytical area of their brain, the neocortex, which helped them find the way to our office, vs.

We let them know that when Kenneth says to Marilyn: She reacts emotionally and, in turn, stirs his emotions. This small incident can blowup into their War of the Roses. The Sun Appreciations are to a relationship as the sun and rain are to a flower.

marriage counseling techniques relationship

They trigger the happy neurons in the limbic system and bring couples closer together. The following is a simple exercise to foster positive changes: The path to the heart is through the eyes. Most couples who come to therapy have not heard appreciations from their partner for months or years, so this exercise sets the tone for rebuilding warm feelings and trust. Couples are asked to offer at least one appreciation each day at home and prepare one to begin each therapy session.

After living with conflicts for so long and having to defend their own ego against attacks, the therapist needs to help them to truly listen and understand what their partner is thinking and feeling. The following exercise works amazingly well to help one partner get into the mind of the other: It is more a matter of learning how to talk to each other. It also reveals some of the major issues that will be explored in future sessions. The process helps couples understand how their own behavior has a positive or negative impact on the relationship.

marriage counseling techniques relationship

Summarizing the Session and Preparing for the Future To end the session, each partner is asked for their thoughts about the session and what they can personally do before the next appointment to improve the relationship. This information helps the therapist plan for the future. The therapist should also advise the couple to do the following: Instead, they may just inform a few who need to know that they are receiving counseling to improve their relationship. It uses the mirroring technique along with couples validating and empathizing each other.

marriage counseling techniques relationship

Again, it helps couples to think outside themselves and improves the relationship. People begin to understand that their partner truly loves and cares about them as a dear friend.

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Along with continual dialogue and mirroring, there are a variety of other communication tools that can be used during sessions. One is constructing genograms to enable partners to understand how each developed values through their families.

Couples often experience revelations that improve their understanding of their current relationship when they explore their genogram.

marriage counseling techniques relationship

Another useful communication tool is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator that helps couples understand how character differences can cause conflict yet serve to energize the relationship. Couples begin to realize that having different character traits adds spice to a relationship that may otherwise be bland.

As couples listen and express more positive feelings, they develop trust and feel closer.