Jean grey scott summers relationship goals

Dark Phoenix: Why Jean Grey & Cyclops' Love Story Is Integral

jean grey scott summers relationship goals

Seriously, just check out their relationship and how it stacks up compared to others. Cyclops and Grey seem to be all about the team and this team focus seems to be the kid in their relationship. He gives her a purpose. Dark Phoenix director Simon Kinberg discusses the relationship between Cyclops and Jean Grey and its importance to the plot of the X-Men. Details: The relationship between Scott Summers and Jean Grey was complicated and caring. In the beginning the two truly cared for the other, and it all started.

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The remaining heroes gather together and launch an assault on Magneto's fortress. Cyclops ends up blowing off Magneto's head with an optic blast. He then gives a speech about how mutants aren't to be feared We get to see a bullet go right through Cyclops' head.

His optic blasts were actually composed of solar energy.

jean grey scott summers relationship goals

Cyclops needed to be out in the sunlight in order to charge up his powers. Moonlight could also do the trick, but it would take longer.

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If Cyclops was trapped on another world or in another dimension that did not have any sun, then his powers would eventually run out. His visor was also explained in the comics. His powers are held back by a substance known as ruby quartz. In order to open his visor, he can either press a button that is placed on it or use a button that is hidden within his glove. How much the visor is opened depends on how hard he pushes the button.

The solar power source was later retconned and handwaved away by writers. It was established that his eyes contain portals to another dimension, one that is filled with energy that does conform to the physics of our world.

This was likely changed to shut up all the fans who complained about how the solar energy explanation made no sense. They were cool with a guy shooting energy beams from his eyes, so long as it makes scientific sense. Batman, Black Widow and Hawkeye are just a few examples of people who became heroes through hard work and dedication.

Cyclops counts among these heroes, as most of his notable abilities were formed through training. While his optic blasts are powerful, they pale in comparison to the powers of other members of the X-Men.

jean grey scott summers relationship goals

What makes Cyclops the leader of the team is his extensive combat experience and training. He has led the X-Men into battle on countless occasions and knows how to inspire bravery in his troops. He is considered to be one of the greatest leaders in all of Marvel Comics.

jean grey scott summers relationship goals

The closest equal he has in terms of leadership ability is Captain America. That is not all.

Cyclops is considered to have an ability known as "Super Trigonometry". Due to his training in the Danger Room, Cyclops has learnt how to perfectly reflect his optic blasts off of other surfaces. This is similar to how Captain America is a master of bouncing his shield off walls. Cyclops also possesses an uncommonly strong resistance to psychic attacks. She does not want to fix him, or change him, but she enjoys the air of mystery that surrounds him.

Due to Grey's need for something new and different from Cyclops, the mysterious Wolverine gives her this really new feeling that she hasn't had before. Could it be that a new man was able to give her what Scott couldn't or was it this one in particular?

jean grey scott summers relationship goals

It seems to clearly be Logan that does this. If anything, he'd have an ego or be celebratory about all of this. However, he was a constant drag. In fact, he often moped around or complained in every single issue.

jean grey scott summers relationship goals

This is a far off change from Grey, who was a complete opposite. She was upbeat and considered to be the life of the X-Men. So how do two opposites in critical areas make any real sense? In fact, her instincts to take care of the X-Men through so much and nurse so many back to health proves this. She even expresses that she wants to have a family of her own.

Rachel Summers' existence was not easy for Jean to accept. Rachel goes back in time, and like her mother, she has The Phoenix Force within her. No matter what retcon version we see from Rachel, it appears Jean Grey cannot accept her future daughter.

Fans who saw this coming and who often refer to the relationship as RicStar, because the internet loves portmanteaus like this and RickChone when it comes to couples in pop culture and rightfully vindicated in their assumptions.

Sadly, the couple was casually dismissed for a spell in an issue of the solo Iceman series, which sort of cheapened things despite treating the relationship as the new norm as it should be. But perhaps Rictor hitting on Bobby Drake could present a new love triangle, which is pretty common in X-books. To make matters even more bizarre, the relationship between these two make Raven appear a bit more desperate and weak willed than we would have thought her to be before.

Now, to be fair this relationship certainly helped create the shape-shifting tough cookie we know today, but man, it was not a fun experience. First Class almost cringeworthy. Warren has had a tough go of things since he was firs introduced way back in in The X-Men 1.

Betsy helped Warren keep his murderous Archangel personality under control to some degree, letting the razor-winged death machine come out and play when things got hairy for the team. Why was Scott shacking up with a woman who has been known to be manipulative and was once a villain?

It was a huge departure from the tender heart of Jean Grey. But when they are together, there is a certain energy that no other couple in the X-Men universe can duplicate -- the pure animalist attraction and the deep desire these two have for each other is palpable on the page. Arguably the biggest injustice fans have experiences so far is that these two have not been in a film together. In fact, the versions of both characters who have appeared in the X-Men films seem to exist in different timelines.


The title of the storyline takes its name from the William Shakespeare play Romeo and Juliet, which is pretty apropos because this comic run is all about some horribly dysfunctional romance that not just toys with the precipice of creepy, it does a running jump right off that cliff.

The early aughts was a weird time for Uncanny X-Men. The relationship between Angel and Husk even manages to sneak in one of the most infamous moments in X-Men history where these tow star-crossed lovers engage in an intimate act while flying through the air… with family and team members watching. Yeah,we know… 4 BEST: