Hutchence yates relationship quizzes

hutchence yates relationship quizzes

Torn apart: Michael Hutchence and Paula Yates's doomed love affair and the lead-up to singer's tragic suicide are relived in part two of INXS. Paula and Bob were one of the most fashionable couples of the Her mother had had a relationship with the TV presenter Hughie Green and DNA tests When Yates ended the relationship, Hutchence's family dropped the. Her relationship with Michael had sparked a frenzy of prurient, tutting Never far from the headlines; Michael Hutchence and Paula Yates on.

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Paula and Bob were one of the most fashionable couples of the s, but their paths to the outside world were diverging. She, to some, appeared narcissistic and shallow, happy only in the world of celebrity and rock stars. Their marriage was dogged by persistent rumours of Geldof's infidelity and from their public utterances Geldof and Yates had different expectations about their relationship, and about the role of passion.

It is extremely dull and limiting. Sexual passion burns out," Geldof once said. Seven months before she left Geldof, Yates told an interviewer she thought of herself as a "steaming Jezebel given half an opportunity.

Sex, drugs and rock'n'roll stars: the lethal cocktail that ended in tragedy

Why can't I be? Why can I only be this great lactating person? Asked if she was storing up an emotional time bomb, she replied: It will be like the Exorcist.

But she would pay a terrible price for bagging what she called "God's gift to women" and a man who possessed the "Taj Mahal of crotches".

hutchence yates relationship quizzes

Geldof was determined not to surrender custody of their three daughters, Fifi Trixibelle, Peaches and Pixie, and the bitterness of the split sapped the joy she found with Hutchence, whom she had fallen for deeply. But it was Hutchence who introduced Yates to a drink- and drug-fuelled lifestyle: The break-up with Geldof was acrimonious and detailed by the tabloids, with Yates's connivance.

Paula Yates Interview about Michael Hutchence part 3

She went to the house they had shared in Chelsea and after shouting abuse at him, threw a rock through a window. In May the divorce was granted, and Geldof later won temporary custody of the children after a sweet tube containing opium was found at the home of Yates and Hutchence. They claimed it was planted. If the fallout from her relationship with Geldof left Yates emotionally drained, the bizarre death of Michael Hutchence as good as broke her.

The singer was found hanging in a Sydney hotel room in Novemberhaving consumed vodka, beer, champagne, cocaine, Prozac and other prescription drugs. Yates could never accept it was suicide. The couple had a daughter, Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily, who is now four years old.

hutchence yates relationship quizzes

She described his death as like being "flung to the dogs", and tried to find comfort in Tiger Lily. Yates branded Geldof "a killer" after it emerged Hutchence had hanged himself with a leather belt hours after pleading with the former Boomtown Rat over the custody of Yates's daughters with Geldof. Yates later told an interviewer: I was beyond grief.

I went completely mad. I live one day at a time, one hour at a time.

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What makes it all worthwhile is my children. Her decline became more and more rapid. She was admitted to a psychiatric hospital with depression and in June lost custody of her three daughters from her relationship with Geldof and, though to the outside world apparently effervescent, tried to end it all.

It was a drug that could lift her spirits, but more often punched her in the gut.

hutchence yates relationship quizzes

She was brilliant, hilarious and beautiful, but the woman she saw reflected back at her was a cartoon, an avatar of female folly as drawn by a casually misogynist press. Columnists, often female, excoriated her for daring to believe herself entitled to love — a mother! With a rock star!

Michael did adore her and she him, although both doubted they were worthy of the other. Never far from the headlines; Michael Hutchence and Paula Yates on the cover of New Weekly magazine after the birth of their daughter Tiger Lily in They aspired to create not just a family but a haven, a dream all the more poignant given their histories.

Both came from dysfunctional homes. When Michael was a teenager, his mother took him and his younger brother Rhett to the airport, announcing at the departure gate that she was leaving their father and taking only Michael with her to a new life in California. Michael was haunted by the memory of his brother flinging himself against a glass partition as they headed to the plane.

Michael Hutchence: in the eye of the storm | Otago Daily Times Online News

Rhett has blotted out this detail. Paula discovered in May that Yates was not her biological father. That distinction belonged to another television personality, Hughie Green. A media barrage takes its toll on anyone that is its focus. For two people in different ways so fragile, the experience was devastating.

Michael felt responsible for her anguish. Broadsheets ran stories about my friends, too, picked up second-hand from the tabloids and embellished with additional mistakes, as if devoting resources such as fact-checking to the subject forced them to acknowledge their accelerating tabloidisation.

More difficult still, Michael and Paula imagined that I could deploy my professional skills to help them. Michael urged me to write a piece to clear his name after drugs were found in the house he shared with Paula. A great deal about the bust seemed fishy, but I refused.

hutchence yates relationship quizzes

Paula reproached me for this after Michael killed himself, and I did assist a Sunday Times investigation. Now she craved one final media untruth to salve her pain.

She wanted me to help her build the case that Michael had died in an accident, something she desperately wanted to believe. In any case, I had no faith that the piece Paula wanted me to write would make a difference.

They invite their targets to "set the record straight". The expression is at best naive — a single article almost never changes the mood music, especially amid a blizzard of what might now be called "fake news". Moreover those most likely to use the phrase are routinely implicated in the coverage in need of correction. On the day Michael died, a journalist rang me as I tended to Paula to demand I put her on the phone to "set the record straight".

This was a fiction, as the journalist knew. On the day Paula died, a newspaper sent me a large bunch of flowers and, hidden in the stems, a letter, inviting me to "set the record straight". I had no desire to talk about her unravelling, or even to share glimpses into the happier times. Yet I chose to write this piece, because I have come to see that what happened to Michael and Paula matters beyond the bounds of friends and family, beyond the private sphere. There were rough mixes of most tracks, songs about Paula, love songs, and other, darker songs.

Slide Away, by contrast, had a chorus, but the verses were only sketches. Even so, when Andy listened to it again, he realised how compelling it was. Now I hear a lament.

hutchence yates relationship quizzes