How to be a great conversationalist relationship

how to be a great conversationalist relationship

Being a good conversationalist is important be it in business, social. The Secret To Meaningful Social Relationships (How to Remove Social Anxiety) · How to. May 1, Conversation doesn't come naturally to everyone — especially on a first date. We asked relationship experts how to get past the small talk and. Aug 1, How to keep a conversation going in the right direction. Are you an interrogator, a braggart, a know-it-all or the perfect conversationalist?.

Balance Give and Take In an article for "Psychology Today," writer Temma Ehrenfeld points out that good conversation requires both partners to express their opinions.

When it is your turn to talk, think out loud. Develop your opinion while you are speaking. Use colorful, descriptive language and flesh out each point with details. Avoid monologuing, or going on and on for more than a couple of minutes, but sidestep the tendency to answer in one or two words.

10 Rules of a Great Conversationalist | Personal Excellence

If you are naturally quiet, set a goal of saying something every five minutes or contributing something meaningful at least five times during each conversation. If you tend to monologue, make a mental note to cut your speech at the two-minute mark. Use Humor Sparingly Laughter creates good feelings and builds bonds, so intersperse it throughout your conversations.

Light, humorous remarks and in-jokes make your partnership feel better. Be careful not to overdo it, though. Your girlfriend wants a supportive, mature male, not a hour comedian.

Avoid making her the brunt of jokes unless you are sure she is comfortable with it, and tone down the humor when she is in a serious mood. Also use caution when texting, as sarcasm and wit do not always translate well in writing. Incorporate this technique into your conversations by resisting the urge to dismiss topics that are not your favorite.

When your girlfriend makes a statement, build on it.

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Ask a follow-up question, express your opinion or share a story about something similar that happened to you. I would ask many questions which are returned with mono-syllabic responses, after which the conversation trails off into awkward pauses or turn into a monologue. Unfortunately, conversing with them can be quite painful.

This reminds me of someone whom I met in New York last year. He kept asking me questions in a very interrogative way and kept probing into my life, while deflecting all my questions about him and not reciprocating the exchange. I also recall a negative conversation I had before with a very combative person. Both encounters left me with a sour taste. How to Be a Great Conversationalist: I also have drawn-out conversations that can go on forever if not for other appointments. Below are 10 timeless rules I apply to all my conversations: Advertisement Be genuinely interested in the person.

Who is this person? These are the questions I have for every single person I meet.

how to be a great conversationalist relationship

Since people are part of my life purpose to help others achieve their highest potentialmy genuine interest in people, from who they are to what they do, comes naturally. Having a genuine interest, not an artificial one, is essential to a great conversation.

how to be a great conversationalist relationship

So have a genuine interest in everyone you speak to. Move on to someone you really want to talk to. Focus on the positive. Go for the positive topics. This means rather than talk about past grievances, discuss future goals. Rather than talk about the coffee that spilled on your table this morning, talk about the movie you look forward to watching later this evening. During your conversations, adopt a forward-thinking mentality.

how to be a great conversationalist relationship

Less complaining, more solutions. Less judgment, more empathy. Doing the latter will make you a more enjoyable person to speak to. Converse, not debate or argue.

How to Be a Good Conversationalist With Your Girlfriend

In the article opening, I mentioned I once had a conversation with a highly argumentative guy. Rather than treat the conversation as a fun, enjoyable exchange, he kept picking on my comments and turned them into elaborate me vs.

Needless to say, the conversation quickly dwindled into nothing. Chat, discuss, and trash out ideas, but do so amiably. Always look for ways to make the person look good. Give credit where credit is due. Recognize talent where you see it.