Flirt with your spouse

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flirt with your spouse

Apr 18, Use these ideas to get the flirt back in your marriage!!! 6- You are my Happy: Flirt with your spouse by letting him/her know that he/she is your happy place:). 7- I Love You Surprise: Change your spouse’s autocorrect on his/her computer to be super flirty. Jul 2, Looking for romantic ways to bring back the flirting in your marriage? Flirting with your wife is all about enjoying the little and cute moments of. Jul 7, And flirting doesn't have to be anything huge! Flirting is about knowing what makes your spouse smile. What makes their day. What would be a.

10 Ways to Flirt with Your Husband

Compliment her, hold her hand, send her sweet text messages, stare at her, listen to her, call her by sexy names — these are some of the tips that this post discusses. Don't let the burdensome responsibilities of mortgage and kids' tuition fees take over the romance in your marriage. When was the last time you enjoyed a hot coffee in the morning with your wife without having to worry about beating the rush hour traffic or dropping the kids off to school?

Source 1 Wake Up in the Morning Together and Spend the First Hour Sipping Coffee Husbands and wives rarely get to peacefully enjoy a romantic cup of coffee while watching the morning mist in the backyard. Job timings and school runs make it impossible to have this life's little luxury. Don't tell your wife but secretly plan this flirty morning rendezvous on the weekend.

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As you see your wife making her way out of bed, grab her hand and ask if you both can have a coffee together. Grab your cups and sit out in the backyard as you enjoy the early morning. Don't forget to compliment her when the soft rays of the morning sun kiss her pretty face. Jobs, careers, kids and responsibilities may have made you fall in line after your crazy college years but it doesn't take too much effort to bring out that bad boy streak for a few hours on a random evening.

Being a bad boy hubby is as simple as doing something that you are not supposed to do — whether it is skipping a day of work just because you don't feel like it or going out with your wife on a weekday night for a couple of drinks.

8 Creative Ways to Flirt with Your Spouse

Drive Away Her Insecurities With Your Compliments Your wife is likely to be insecure about something in her self-image even if she is the most confident woman in the whole world.

Over the years that have gone by in your marriage, you will have realized her inner insecurities, whether it is the slight flab on her love handles or the way she fits in her favorite jeans. Compliment her in a way that she feels good about her self-image. Your compliments will not only boost her self-confidence, but will go a long way in bringing back flirting in your marriage. She will feel attractive and sexy all over again — just like she did when she was a teenager.

Below are a few examples of how you can flirt with her by giving her image-building compliments. Those jeans may be five years old but you slip into them just like you used to when they were brand new My colleagues' wife needs inspiration to join a gym, maybe she needs to meet you I lied to you when I told you that you were the most beautiful woman when we started dating because you are way more beautiful right now than what you were before five years The way you fit into those jeans, Levi's should make you model their pants I think it is time to bring out the sexy little black dress out of the closet again 4 Leave a Cute Sticky Note in Her Wardrobe Your wife will be delightfully surprised if she opens her wardrobe and sees a cute I Love You note stuck to her clothing.

This is a very flirty thing to do and she will instantly break into a romantic smile, especially if you are not there with her. It will make her miss you a lot. You can use this to flirt with your wife in a sexy way by leaving a Post-it on her underwear. She will break into fits of flirty laughter if she opens her wardrobe and sees a cute smiley on a sticky note pinned to her panties. She will feel loved and it will be the most romantic gesture.

Holding her hand will give her a sense of warmth, togetherness and protection. Don't ask your wife if she would like to hold your hand. Just slip your hand into hers and gently rub her palm while you are shopping or doing other errands. It will pleasantly surprise her and get her into a flirty and romantic mood. Encourage Her to Speak Her Heart A woman will love the feeling of knowing that she can talk openly to her husband as long as she wants, without worrying about boring him out of his mind.

Letting your wife rant about her day will make her feel nice.

flirt with your spouse

She will passively feel cared for, and her mood will brighten up instantly. She doesn't expect you to sustain hour long conversations about what she has to say.

10 Ways to Flirt with Your Husband - Susan Merrill

Just listening to your wife as you both unwind after a busy day is a relaxed way of flirting with her by giving her your undivided attention. Don't Use Her First Name in Day-to-Day Conversations Flirt with your wife and make her feel more attractive by calling her by flirty names including beautiful, hotness, darling and sexy.

How to Flirt with Your Husband - Flirting Lessons

Use these names in your day to day conversations. Suppose you want your wife to pass you the TV remote. Don't use her first name and instead, say 'Hey sexy, could you pass me the TV remote please? She will feel like you are trying to woo her, just like how you did when you were a new couple. After years of marriage, kids, demanding jobs, and hectic schedules, those fluttery feelings are distant memories.

One night as my husband, Mark, and I were driving home, I was feeling a little romantic. He was driving which gave me total music control, so I decided to play him a Tony Bennett song that we love. So crazy how one little switch on a playlist can change a boring car ride into a fun or funny if you could see us singing and romantic sing along serenade. Unfortunately, we can forget that in the middle of our busy, distracted lives. Play a love song in the car.

Nothing beats turning a boring car ride into a chance for romance! Even better, pair a sappy song with an unexpected kiss at the next red light. This works especially well when at a social gathering with lots of people around. You know the kind where you are huddled up with your friends and he is across the room with his friends. Wear his favorite outfit. Try it, your husband may like it too.

Ask him on a date.

flirt with your spouse

Surprise your husband by asking him on a date! I am not particularly good at this one so give me some date ideas in the comments below. It would be appreciated.