Elements of meta communication relationship

elements of meta communication relationship

every message could have a meta-communicative element, and typically .. meta-communication is creating meanings to solve relationships of. What is Metacommunication? It is a verbal message that although not expressed literally, accompanies a message that may be translated. But here are some examples of what meta-metacommunication looks like: In human relationships, this conflation of communication space can be . In this case, we identify the components of the message (“purple people”.

Any piece of data is like a can of food with no label on it.

elements of meta communication relationship

A message is a lot like the food in the can. People can talk about the can of food without actually eating experiencing the food inside.

elements of meta communication relationship

In communication terms, then, people can talk about a communication message without actually experiencing the message itself. In a lot of ways, focusing on metacommunication is a lot easier than dealing with the messages themselves.

This is, of course, admirable up to a point. After all, you may want to know if the label-less tin can in front of you contains chili or dog food, right?


They want to know the meta-metacommunication first. That is, they want to know what other people think of the person who delivered the message before giving the message its due.

A recent example comes to mind. I was in a conversation with two friends, when one of them wanted to show a YouTube video that he liked. Curious, I awaited the beginning of the video to begin, but our third friend demanded to know who the speaker was so that he could do some research as to whether or not the people he already agreed with had approved or condemned the speaker, regardless of the message contained therein.

Using the NLP Meta Mirror process to improve your communication and your relationships.

Taking my own medicine here: See what I mean when I say it can get messy? When people spend too much time in the metacommunication and meta-metacommunication, examples like the conversation between myself and my two friends above are the least of our worries.

The real problem is when people substitute metacommunication for the actual content. In this case, you see the effects immediately.

Meta-communication: What I Said Isn't What I Meant

Remember the statement above: They excuse the message because they approve of the speaker. Alternately, the condemn the message without understanding the message because they disapprove of the speaker They have accepted that the metacommunication is far more important than the message that is being conveyed. How does this happen? You get people shouted down because of their metacommunicative status. Think about it this way: However, in reality, it is a meta-metacommunicative conclusion.

The statement itself is innocuous.

elements of meta communication relationship

That is, among the metacommunicative characteristics the tin can labels you can apply, there is no valuation of the statement. In order to interpret a value judgment i.

Meta-communication: What I Said Isn’t What I Meant

Where Emotions Run High I once had a pivotal meeting with my advisor as I was working through my dissertation, and he said something that has stuck with me ever since.

Weaponized Metacommunication There is no shortage of examples of where this is the case. This article is already too long, but here are some examples of how this shift from communication to metacommunication has been used to confused and obfuscate understanding: Ad hominem argument to the man attacks. How often have we heard that someone is either instantly accused or immune from what they say based upon their metacommunicative characteristics? These all are an appeal to metacommunication.

The act of identifying who is permitted to speak on a certain subject, or use certain words, is an example of an appeal to metacommunication. This is also an appeal for immunity. When emotions run high and you can look back upon your own disagreements in your own life see how quickly people jump from communication to metacommunication to meta-metacommunication in a matter of seconds.

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For example, before defining that the predicate "is a prime number", one first needs to define the collection of objects that might possibly satisfy the predicate, namely the set, N, of natural numbers. Context as meta-signaling about primary signal[ edit ] Ivan Pavlov had learned that the ringing of the bell signaled "food is on the way" in his experiment in which dogs were trained to salivate upon hearing a bell ring. This was accomplished by ringing a bell just prior to feeding the dogs.

After repeating this procedure for some time it was found that the dogs would salivate after hearing the bell - without the need for food being presented. Something that is not often discussed in context with this experiment is the fact that the dogs would not salivate unless they were wearing a special harness.

elements of meta communication relationship

When exposed to the bell ringing without wearing the harness, the dogs did not salivate. The dogs only salivated upon hearing the bell while wearing the harness.

Communication Theory[ edit ] The concept of metacommunication has also been related to Communication Theory. Mateusinfluenced by Derrida's Graphematic Structure of Communication, suggested to see MetaCommunication as a self-differentiating redundancy.

elements of meta communication relationship

The concept here "describes communication as an ad infinitum process in which every communication supposes always more communication.