Ben cousins kids relationship

Ben Cousins’ ex Maylea Tinecheff unable to attend court again over drug-driving charges

ben cousins kids relationship

'He was violent': Inside the toxic relationship of Ben Cousins and Maylea his former partner and mother of his children Maylea Tinecheff has. 'I'm going to kill you': The 'horrifying threat Ben Cousins made to his ex-partner' 'The only way for me to see the kids is to have you knocked off. . custody by police at a house in Canning Vale in relation to another matter. Benjamin Luke Cousins (born 30 June ) is a former professional Australian rules footballer In , the Herald Sun ran a two-page article across its centre pages about year-old Cousins, titled "West goes wild for the kid". .. celebrations, after an argument about Kerr's relationship with Cousins' sister Melanie.

They have had chances before, they have had opportunities before, they have made mistakes before.

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It gets to the point where those mistakes can't be tolerated any longer. It hurts our brand.

ben cousins kids relationship

It hurts our image. Ben's problem relates to substance abuse and he faces a great challenge We acknowledge the public scrutiny that comes with the opportunities and privileges that Ben has had, but I ask now with the issues that Ben faces, that my son be given the privacy and the opportunity that he needs to deal with this problem Ben, you are not alone with this challenge.

Your family, your friends, your fans and your footy club want you to overcome this issue and win in the same manner in which you have done throughout your whole career.

ben cousins kids relationship

I know that in order to play football again I will have to be accepted back by the players and staff of the West Coast Eagles and the AFL and I'm willing to fulfil any obligations imposed on me. At the present time I don't know when I'll play again. My priority is to regain my health, my life and my standing.

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  • Ben Cousins’ ex Maylea Tinecheff unable to attend court again over drug-driving charges
  • Ben Cousins' ex Maylea Tinecheff tells Sunday Night she committed him to psychiatric ward

A week later he flew to the Gold Coast for a three-day alcohol and drug binge during Schoolies week. People in Perth at that time tell me he was all but invisible, just another face in the stands, though perhaps beaming more than anyone. Only when the substance abuse became public, 10 or so years ago, when Ben was suspended indefinitely for his trouble, did Bryan Cousins step forward, saying to the press with great dignity, "I am making this statement today not on behalf of Ben, but as a father on behalf of his son Ben's problem relates to substance abuse and he faces a great challenge.

ben cousins kids relationship

Our family understands this is a problem that is faced by so many other Australian families There is no simple answer to the problem and in the process of overcoming it there will be obstacles and hurdles, some of which we may stumble at.

If this can happen to a superstar, it can happen to anyone, and this bloke is showing the way: Mr Cousins was quick to put things in perspective, for all those carrying on about the impact on Ben's football career.

ben cousins kids relationship

I think every parent, when your children are growing up — and we have four — you are aware of issues I refer to as community problems. I think you all think 'It won't happen to one of my children', and when they become involved in any sort of activity that is of concern to you.

It does jolt you and I think you have just got to remain aware that the opportunities are there and this is not an issue that is going to go away.

Advertisement Ben Cousins after a court appearance in Paul Kane The make-up artist said she called for him to be "locked up" in a Fremantle psychiatric ward for five weeks over Christmas last year.

I couldn't deal with him anymore," she said.

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Ben Cousins and Chris Judd during happier times celebrating the Eagles' grand final win. Getty Images In she was charged and pleaded guilty to possessing drug paraphernalia with a prohibited drug or plant in or on it.

ben cousins kids relationship

In the new interview she refused to answer questions about "those charges that have been set aside," she said. Charges she claimed related to her trying to hide Cousins' drug paraphernalia in a Perth motel room.