Bangladesh myanmar relationship

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bangladesh myanmar relationship

The Rohingya refugee crisis is a contentious issue that has strained Myanmar- Bangladesh relations since the late s. The Rohingya crisis emanated from. His comments come at a time when Bangladesh-Myanmar relations have been antagonised further by a build-up of Myanmar troops on the. While relations between Bangladesh and Myanmar are tense, there appears to be little risk of direct conflict between the two countries' armies.

They have also common legacy of British colonial experience.

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  • Nature and magnitude of Bangladesh Myanmar relations
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Relation between these two nations linked more by demography than proximity. The states have had "cordial" relations since Bangladesh achieved independence from West Pakistan in Myanmar has been one of the first countries to recognize Bangladesh. Despite the persistence of certain issues of dispute and resultant occasional Luke-Warm bilateral relations, Bangladesh and Myanmar also enjoyed a rather dynamic process of cooperation. Notwith-standing persistent efforts on the part of both the countries, the process of Bangladesh-Myanmar relations have also been, at times, overshadowed by contentious issues.

In this backdrop; the main issues of bilateral relations are considered as follows: This area, which is adjacent to the Naaf River as boundary from Bangladesh, is also called the Mayu region.

They live here as the majority together with the Buddhist Arakanese and Burmese. Since no accurate census has ever been taken, the population of the Rohingyas is unknown.

bangladesh myanmar relationship

Inthe Ne Win government denied their citizenship officially. However, there was always a debate between Bang-ladesh and Myanmar about the total number of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. With the collaboration of international community, however, Myanmar took back almost all the Rohingya migrated to Bangladesh during But, again in andalmostRohingyas fled to Bangladesh to escape persecution.

Bangla-desh's approach, in this connection, should be to link up Rohingya problem with regional security concerns and how a stable border can improve bilateral friendship and goodwill.

bangladesh myanmar relationship

Maritime Boundary and Land Border Management The longstanding debate between Bangladesh and Myanmar over maritime dispute came to an end after the verdict of International Tribunal of the law of the sea on 14 March Bangladesh gained square kilometers of exclusive economic zone in the Bay of Bengal.

The Tribunal also awarded Bangladesh a miles territorial sea round St.

bangladesh myanmar relationship

It is a positive development for both countries. Bangladesh-Myanmar shares kilometer of land border.


To achieve a stable relationship of bilateral relations, an effective and cooperative management of the common border is necessary. Inwhen Myanmar government started fencing 40 kilometers of border, Bangladesh government expressed its reservation on such construction.

bangladesh myanmar relationship

Another challenge posed to the relations between the two countries is the cross-border communication of general people from the two sides of Bangladesh and Myanmar. People to people connection between two sovereign countries is the most effective way to progress together and to keep a peaceful relationship between the concerned countries.

This factor is particularly important when the concerned countries are neighbours. There was a smooth and vibrant relation between the people of both Bangladesh and Myanmar in the pre-Mughal era that continued till the British era.

A large number of people from Bangladesh have some sort of anger against Myanmar because of the same. Solution to this problem would, without doubt, open the door to a smooth communication of people between the two sides. Among many insurgent groups in Myanmar, the notable ones are: The Arakanese insurgents and other small insurgent groups in Shan state, who are likely to be aided by the Kachin insurgents, would perhaps be the major challenge for the uninterrupted use of the proposed BCIM-EC route within Myanmar.

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Myanmar has been at armed conflict with these insurgent groups for decades and all sides have suffered way too much loss to carry on the fighting much longer. Most of the times, the ceasefires that were maintained by all sides were short lived.

bangladesh myanmar relationship

This time, although a ceasefire deal has been reached at the last quarter of under previous government and this ceasefire has been largely continuing until now under the current newly formed government, it appears from the precedents of previous occasions that the ceasefire is unlikely to hold for much longer.

Bangladesh and Myanmar may work for reducing the mistrust between China and India, making it easier for these two Asian giants to cooperate with each other in order to make the BCIM-EC a reality.

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Moreover, taking a step towards genuine solution regarding the Rohingya issue would likely to normalize and smoothen the communication between the people from both sides. Since Bangladesh and Myanmar governments have good relations, a good relation between the general mass from both sides would help to make ideas like BCIM-EC to become operational and, thereby, functional.

On the environmental front, both Bangladesh and Myanmar should make sure that the climate conferences at global stage should not just focus entirely on climate issues, but also should set practically applicable measures and a constructive framework, with the genuine intension to ensure reduction of environmental deterioration.

For Bangladesh, the only relevant thing that is to be taken into account is that there are immense economic opportunities for Bangladesh within Myanmar. With the transfer of power from a military government to a semi-civilian one inMyanmar went on board towards economic liberalization.