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bahrain relationship with allies

The bilateral political relations between Turkey and Bahrain have been improving in all fields, based on joint historical and cultural ties between the two. Bahrain plays a modest, moderating role in regional politics and adheres to the views of the In , U.S. President George W. Bush designated Bahrain as a major non-NATO ally. Bahrain was an active member of the coalition that fought to. The United States established diplomatic relations with Bahrain in The U.S. designated Bahrain a Major Non-NATO Ally in

By earlywhen the fighting between Iran and Iraq appeared to have settled into a long-term conflict, attitudes changed, and all five Arabian Peninsula oil-producing states joined Bahrain in the GCC. Ostensibly, the GCC agreement emphasized economic cooperation, but the level of cooperation in security matters increased annually.

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For Bahrain this meant financial assistance for expanding its defense forces and facilities and the opportunity to participate in joint training maneuvers. When fellow GCC member Kuwait was invaded by Iraq inBahrain joined the collective military effort against Iraq by sending a small contingent of troops to the front lines in Saudi Arabia.

bahrain relationship with allies

It also permitted United States military forces to use its naval and air facilities. Since Bahrain's most important foreign relations have been with its GCC allies, although problems with individual members of the GCC have developed.

The most serious problems have been with Qatar.

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Bahrain and Qatar have unresolved territorial disputes stemming from the nineteenth century when the Al Thani of Qatar foreswore allegiance to the Al Khalifa and established a separate amirate. In the twentieth century, the two states have contested sovereignty over Hawar and the adjacent islands, the closest of which is fewer than two kilometers from Qatar's west coast.

Inwhen both countries were still dependencies of Britain, London ruled that the islands belonged to Bahrain. Qatar never accepted this decision and periodically has raised the issue.

Incidents connected with this dispute occurred ininand inbut each time they were defused by the mediation of other GCC states. The most serious crisis, from April to Juneinvolved Qatari forces raiding the Fasht ad Dibal coral reef island north of Al Muharraq and seizing twentynine foreign workers who were building a coast guard station for the government of Bahrain.

The repercussions from this incursion have continued into the s. The council is viewed as one of the most influential in the Middle East Egypt, Yemen, Mauritius, Mauritania, the Maldives and Libya's eastern-based government have also suspended diplomatic relations. The council is viewed as one of the most influential in the Middle East.

bahrain relationship with allies

So who are the main players in this regional diplomatic spat? Read More Saudi Arabia The kingdom, which has been ruled by the Saud family since its inception inis a close ally of the United States, but the relationship is often described as a " marriage of convenience.

Saudi Arabia maintains close ties with neighbor Bahrain and helped the Sunni monarchy there put down an Arab Spring uprising in It is overwhelmingly Sunni, and Wahhabi -- or Salafi as it's also known -- branch of Sunni Islam is the official state-sponsored religion. Saudi Arabia was a longtime supporter of Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak before his overthrow in It did not support the successor government of Mohamed Morsy and the Muslim Brotherhood.

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Bahrain Bahrain, an archipelago of 33 islands off the coast of Saudi Arabia, is a constitutional monarchy with an elected legislative assembly that has been ruled by the al Khalifa family since A former British protectorate, the country gained full independence in For centuries, pearls were Bahrain's biggest export and its main source of income.

In the early s, though, Bahrain became the first Gulf state to find a sizable deposit of crude oil, a discovery that boosted its economy and accelerated its modernization. While the majority of its citizens are Shia, it is ruled by the Sunni Khalifa family. Bahrain's ruling class weathered an uprising in during the Arab Spring, largely due to Saudi support, including troops.

bahrain relationship with allies

The Obama administration signed off on the sale of F fighter jets last year but included conditions tied to the human rights record of Bahrain. The Trump administration's State Department has signaled its intentions to move forward on the sale without the conditions.

bahrain relationship with allies

Egypt The country saw upheavals during the Arab Spring when Mubarak, a key Saudi supporter, was forced to step down as president. Morsy swept into power, damaging relations with Saudi Arabia, but he was deposed in a coup.

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Egypt has been a longtime US ally, but the bloody, military-backed coup in led to a moratorium on material support. US-Egyptian relations normalized in when President Barack Obama ended the freeze on weapons shipments to the country.

bahrain relationship with allies

Qatar is home to up toEgyptian migrant workers. In the past, the Egyptian government hasn't joined diplomatic action against Qatar due to the risk of repercussions relating to Egyptian nationals working in that Gulf state. They were joined in by Ra's al Khaymah.