Bahamut lagoon ending relationship

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bahamut lagoon ending relationship

Posts about Bahamut Lagoon written by linthuslyth. Early game they add two spaces but end game they can add up to ten spaces of movement. TEN. Which makes I should say that there's a lot of um weird relationships in this game. Now, here's where Bahamut Lagoon suddenly turns around and The closest I can think of to ever having seen a relationship ending up like. Bahamut Lagoon, possibly due to the limitations of the SNES, the rpg By the end, he might as well be generic soldier number 5 for all his narrative even exist within the novel, but within our relationship with the novel.

Yoyo rejecting the main character for a main antagonist - I've yet to experience something like that in any other game. The bond between Palpaleos and Zauzer made them seem entirely human in a way that made their intentions seem less than malevolent.

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Gay ol' Sendak, what other game has something like that? And hits on the male main character several times.

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They took some risks with the details of the plot, which I appreciate as a gamer who likes games with a unique feel. And I think the risks paid off, though clearly you do not agree! Rizachan Rizachan 9 years ago 3 I think it's interesting that the main hero and main heroine of the game aren't together in the end it's even been speculated by the creators that they break up in the endbut the reason I don't like Yoyo is because she reminds me of Bella from Twillight.

They are both weak, clingy and dumb, that you wonder how anyone could like her.

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I think Byuu did the right thing and didn't end up with her. Rouenne Rouenne 9 years ago 4 Well Yoyo doesn't annoy me for not ending up with Byuu, but for toying with Byuu's love and then hooking Palpaleos Pokemon Nightshade Blossom: Excalibur Excalibur 9 years ago 5 This is actually one of the things I like most about this game. All of the characters act like humans, especially Yoyo.

bahamut lagoon ending relationship

They could have made her the superwoman that most other games would make her, but they didn't. Yeah, Yoyo is obnoxious, but she's also perfectly realistic.

Bahamut Lagoon

She grew up as a spoiled princess with everyone worshiping the mere thought of her presence, so she's used to an easy life where she gets anything she wants. But then she meets Palpaleos. And to properly understand this, you need to think about the situation, which the game itself doesn't present very well. Yoyo has been captured after her father was killed and kingdom destroyed by her captors.

She's needed for Sauzer's plan, so she's not kept in horrific conditions, but she's still a prisoner. It's a very grounding situation for her that makes reality set in for her. And along comes Palpaleos, the one and only person that treats her with civility.

He visits her, talks to her, even discusses "un-ladylike" topics with her at her request, like battle strategy. She's also been captured for a loooong time, so she and Palpaleos spend a lot of time together like this. She'll always have feeling for Byuu, but her love lies with Palpaleos, the man that treats her like more than a princess, and was the one shining light in her otherwise dark time.

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bahamut lagoon ending relationship

This game contains examples of: Palpaleos kidnaps Princess Yoyo, and then they fall in love. Fahrenheit's main function besides being an HQ, just replace Aircraft with Dragons. Both Sauzer and Palpaleos.

bahamut lagoon ending relationship

The number of units allowed on the field is determined by how many dragons are under your control, with four humans being assigned to each dragon. Don't expect your dragons to differentiate between a switch and normal floor.

bahamut lagoon ending relationship

Even if that switch will trigger a trapdoor that instantly kills four of your characters. The enemy falls victim to this as well—they will always attack the unit that's dealt the most damage to them, even if that unit happens to be invincible or if there's a helpless healing party not too far from it. It also has a compulsion to always attack a single character, never next to a character, so you can easily exploit that to prevent splash damage.

When you recruit Sajin and Zeroshin into your army, they also give you a free assassination as a bonus. No prizes for guessing which target is the only one they actually succeed in killing. Back from the Brink: