Art of love relationship series

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art of love relationship series

This is also where you'll find the series' transcripts and bonus materials. . women who yearn for more excitement and fun in life, love and relationship. The Soulmate Secret: A 7-week Course to Manifest the Love of Your Life. It's never too late The Art of Love Relationship Series with Arielle Ford. Over 6 years. Art of Love Online Relationship Series. 69K likes. Welcome to the Art of Love, the premier source of insights and wisdom from the world's leading thought.

In long-term relationships the challenges with sex is normally getting it started.

The Art of Love Relationship Series

Each partner must also be aware of what fills their sexy tank. She also recommends that husbands can help their wives feel better about their bodies by taking them dancing or running their bath water, just to name a few. For those of us who are a little more reserved when it comes to initiating intimacy, Armstrong suggests creating a code word to use when you are interested in sex. Make sure your partner knows this code word. This webcast reminded women of the benefits of sex for us as well as our husbands, including reducing the risk of prostate cancer.

And lastly, Armstrong proposes we add fun to sex with what she calls jump starts and desserts.

art of love relationship series

In each of us there are certain words and actions that take us there. She recommends that our spouses not use these words during our pumpkin hours. Again, make sure you tell your partner. Armstrong was a wealth of knowledge on how to improve your sex life.

art of love relationship series

The majority of her wisdom stemmed from her year study and research of men. The Art of Love Relationship Series is about bringing insight and improving marriages. Stay tuned for more highlights as the series continues. BMWK, what are your thoughts on the tips provided on building a healthy sex life in your marriage?

art of love relationship series

Art of Love Relationship Series Recap: MarriageRelationshipsSingle Tagged With: She helps couples and individuals rewrite their life to reflect their dreams. Then over time, the love remained but the heat faded. The truth is, deeply committed, everlasting relationships require specific skills.

They must be taught. Now there is a single resource to learn about the most up-to-date discoveries and trends for making relationships work.

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Whether you are in a partnership now or still seeking your beloved, you definitely want to register for this transformational event now. You were hopelessly drawn to each other. The anticipation of that first kiss, then the next, and the next… The excitement was almost too much to endure.

You felt the flames of passion rising higher and higher.

art of love relationship series

Over time you became inseparable — laughing at the same jokes, sneaking secret glances at one another, sharing deep conversations. You felt understood, and truly seen, by that special someone. Even others noticed the magical glow you two shared.

Your relationship becomes a bit more predictable and yes — you admit to yourself — sometimes moments of tension, conflict or boredom creep in. Sure, there are still burning embers, and perhaps deep affection and love, but what about the heat?

art of love relationship series

And worst of all, when you try to talk to your partner about what you are feeling, your conversations go sideways. They often end up with someone feeling angry, hurt or withdrawn, which neither of you had intended.

Maybe you feel your hearts closing up little by little over time. What happened to the joy, passion, and fun of being in love? It seemed as if it would last forever. Obstacles can show up in any relationship. Relationships are the training ground for developing a fulfilling and delicious life on every level.