Alejandro manzano is he married relationship

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alejandro manzano is he married relationship

Boyce Avenue brothers Daniel, Alejandro and Fabian Manzano. A big part of any relationship, whether it's in the workplace or not, is trust. Fabian: I think when we were younger we did a lot of family road trips together. Boyce Avenue is an American pop and rock band formed in Sarasota, Florida, by brothers Alejandro Luis Manzano, Daniel Enrique Manzano, and Fabian It was there that the brothers continued to write music and to perform local shows, and. Learn about Alejandro Manzano: his birthday, what he did before fame, his family life, fun trivia facts, popularity rankings, and more.

Can you tell us about your latest album? It's a very personal album for us, even down to the title. We titled it that because a lot of our approach in the music industry has been very unorthodox. And just overall sonically and lyrically it's probably our most dynamic album to date. From a couple of acoustic songs all the way up to some of our up-tempo heavier songs. It's a very well rounded album.

I feel like if you're a fan of ours and you like different sounds of ours, there will be a song or two on there for you. What would you say are the upsides and downsides of being brothers that work and perform together? I think there are actually very few downsides. The upsides being that we are very like-minded but at the same time unique enough where the solution to problems that arise are never per cent identical.

The sense of humour, the flow, the love it's always there. A big part of any relationship, whether it's in the workplace or not, is trust.

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Having trust that this person is going to be there for you and that this person is going to understand your passion. That has just been built into us since we were little kids.

It's cool for me too cause obviously he's Alejandro the lead singer and as a brother I can say I love his voice. I think he has an amazing voice. It helps even when we are singing background vocals or harmonies that we can kind of blend a little bit more not only emotionally but actually when it comes down to the musicality.

I think being brothers and sounding similar and looking alike, it all kind of helps feel like more of a cohesive unit than just a bunch of random mixed people.

alejandro manzano is he married relationship

What is the process when you are creating an album? Well Alejandro, does most of the writing. He's like the musical leader of the band. But what's interesting about our band is because we do covers on YouTube, I feel like we are very much taped into what's happening in the music industry with songs that are popular.

Whereas some other bands might live in their own kind of bubble. So I feel like we are definitely influenced and take a lot of. But anyway the process is Alejandro writes most of the songs.

Do you have any rituals before performing? It's all a bit different. Daniel likes to get a good work out in. He's very health conscious whether it's a jog or going to a boxing gym, that helps him stay fresh. The three attended Pine View High School. Fabian and Daniel played basketball while Alejandro sang in the choir and was named Mr.

The brothers first came together as a band in when Alejandro lead vocals, guitar, pianoFabian guitar, vocalsand their older brother Daniel bass, percussion, vocals reconnected after pursuing their respective educational goals.

alejandro manzano is he married relationship

While music was always a part of their lives and ultimately their collective goal, pursuing a higher education was also important to the brothers.

After graduating from Harvard Law SchoolDaniel moved back to Florida, to join his brothers Fabian and Alejandro, who were both attending classes at the University of Florida.

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It was there that the brothers continued to write music and to perform local shows, and took their most formative steps toward becoming a band. Inin an effort to share their music and ideas with the world, the band decided to start filming and posting videos on YouTube of their own songs and some of their favorite songs by other artists.

Some of the first few videos they posted included acoustic versions of songs such as Justin Timberlake 's "LoveStoned", Rihanna 's "Umbrella", and Coldplay 's "Viva la Vida", among many others.

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To date, the band has over 3. Since then, the band has toured the world over with similar results.

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In earlythe band performed for an estimated total of 25, fans over four headline shows in the Philippines. Following this, the band launched headline tours in the US, Canada, and Europe. The band recorded original music for their full-length debut album, All We Have Left, over their first years as an ensemble, and it was released in through their own label, 3 Peace Records.

alejandro manzano is he married relationship

The music video for "Every Breath", the first single from the album, was directed by Zach Merch Blue October, Safetysuit in Los Angelesand was a collaborative effort that grew from a treatment written by the band. All We Have Left was entirely written, funded, and produced by the band. You could just imagine the suspense I felt. While I was browsing through Facebook that morning, I noticed a lot of similar photos shared by my friends online.

Somehow, while I was looking at it, God spoke to me and I heard Him say: The best gift is Me. IF I allow you to meet and greet the band later, I want you to share Me to them.

I want you to tell them that I love them.

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When I heard that, I felt a bit uneasy yet peaceful at the same time. It was finally happening. I was excited to enjoy my date night with God at the Boyce Avenue concert. View from my seat Since I was just by myself, I spent time observing the people around me, the setup, the stage, the production crew, and I had the privilege of sharing to God what I was feeling at the moment.

It was also during this time that I tried to ask one of our family friends again if there was still a way to meet the band after the show.

When I read her message, I honestly got heartbroken because I had been praying for this request since two months before the concert. The smile on my face instantly disappeared and I felt so discouraged.

alejandro manzano is he married relationship

But, despite that update, I told my mom that somehow, God was still giving me hope and telling me not to let go of that dream. So, I took that opportunity to talk to God and I asked him to strengthen my heart and help me find hope in Him. He then gave me the desire to be grateful for the fact that He provided for my ticket, that I was sitting near the stage, that I safely got to the venue, and that I was watching the concert of Boyce Avenue that night.

Suddenly, I felt lighter and I shared to God that I knew that He was still God no matter what and I knew that He could let me meet the band in a heartbeat if He wants me to.

So, by faith, I asked Him one more time to provide an opportunity for me to see the band after the show. Then, I heard a whisper from God and He told me to go to the guy and ask him. He instructed me to meet him at the side of the stage after the show, just in case. I thanked him and went back to my seat as I held on to the hope that God was giving to me. Finally, the Manzano brothers went on stage, strummed their guitars, and flawlessly sang their beautiful songs!

I decided to go to the other side of the stage and surprisingly, I saw a familiar face. Ten more minutes passed by and I was starting to lose hope because I knew that the band would be leaving the place immediately.

I then walked towards her, introduced myself, and shared to her that I spoke with her son earlier that night.