What is the relationship between france and algeria

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what is the relationship between france and algeria

A century and a half later, the French Revolution transformed the church Unemployment among Algerians between the ages of 16 and The relationship between Algiers and Paris has long been rocky, given the bitter legacy of French colonialism in North Africa. Yet in recent. They don't interest me because the ambition I have for the relationship between Algeria and France has nothing to do with what was done for.

So it was that the so-called ratonnades — another sinister term referring to violence specifically directed at north Africans — were relegated to quirky corners of the press.

The Relationship of France and Algeria - The Algerian Story

The killing by police of more Algerians on a single day in Paris in October was similarly under-reported. Many were thrown into the Seine and left to drown.

what is the relationship between france and algeria

Some 10, more were rounded up inside the city sports stadiums and attacked; torture methods included victims being forced to drink bleach. It did not stop there.

what is the relationship between france and algeria

Masses of disaffected Algerians had been imported to rebuild post-second-world-war France on low wages, and the influx continued after the Algerian war. Most were stuck in rundown out-of-town housing estates where, today, their children and grandchildren continue to face anti-Muslim discrimination on the margins of the republic.

But this week the authorities will focus on the "positive aspects" of colonialism — the sort schools are now obliged to teach by law. It imposes an "official" view of history, whitewashing the crimes France's erstwhile empire inflicted on Algerians. France's National Army Museum in Paris is currently hosting a new exhibition about the "complicated" decades of French colonial rule.

Hollande's France-Algeria friendship drive

Despite some vague attempts at balance, "Algeria " is mostly a tribute to a Gallic army putting natives in their place. Though there are graphic pictures of FLN activists being tortured, the display as a whole fails to address what this dark period did for relations between the two countries.

Consequently, the exporting of Gallic "civilisation" will be used to disguise what really happened in such recent history.

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The last two months have witnessed yet another resurgence of violence. Massacres have returned to haunt the countryside, and the much-vaunted "Civil Concorde" initiative of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika appears to be in tatters.

what is the relationship between france and algeria

Algeria has recently seen a resurgence of violence The coming of Mr Bouteflika to office in marked a shift in Algeria's international standing. He promised peace, and Algeria's western partners, including France, breathed a sigh of relief.

Algeria–France relations

Even if the Civil Concorde initiative was limited in scope - and it was clear that Mr Bouteflika was put in his position by the army - Algeria's image changed and its diplomatic isolation ended. Improved relations Last year, Mr Bouteflika was received in Paris with all the pomp and ceremony reserved for the country's most distinguished visitors.

what is the relationship between france and algeria

As the former colonial power in Algeria and its closest western partner, France leads European Union policy towards Algeria. Its approval seemed to set the seal on the improvement in the country's international standing. But all this is looking somewhat shaky now. Political and business factions in both countries often seem to be pulling in opposing directions A group of distinguished French and Algerian intellectuals have just urged France to distance itself from the military-backed authorities in Algiers.

what is the relationship between france and algeria

They say that French policy amounts to complicity in crimes against humanity, and they chastise France for supporting a regime which they describe as determined to silence its opponents, even by killing them. They cite an Algerian army officer, Habib Souaidia, who has just published a book in France describing the army's involvement in massacres and torture.

They also revive calls for an international commission of inquiry into the violence in Algeria.