Gru and lucy meet

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gru and lucy meet

Explore Anastasia Ensminger's board "Gru and Lucy" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Gru and Meet the Gru Family. Yep. This is from Despicable Me 2!. Later, when Gru meets the league director, Lucy's boss Silas Ramsbottom, he apologizes for the abrupt transport to the headquarters. Lucy, however has no. Gru stands in the far corner, his back facing Lucy and Dru. .. Lucy stomps up to meet Gru in the middle of the living room, stopping only when.

When he finally speaks again he's quiet, so much so that Lucy needs to strain her ears to actually hear him: She hasn't had an answer to that question since it first popped into her own head, when she first noticed the storm clouds roiling in her husband's eyes.

She doesn't bother fabricating an answer. She just continues holding Dru, letting him cry until he runs out of tears. She hears a couple of Minions sniffling, some shuffling over and wrapping their arms around either her or Dru's legs.

It seems to relax Dru. When she finally leaves Dru and heads back into her own bedroom Gru is fast asleep, on his back with one hand on his chest.

As she makes her way under the covers she can't help staring at him. On the surface he looks the same as he's ever been, the mirror image of the man that Lucy first fell in love with two and a half years ago. Yet Lucy knows how far that statement is to the truth. She's seen him upset.

She's seen him angry and grouchy. She's seen all edges of him. Not one of them was ever this extreme. He was never this mute before. He was never this asocial before. If any of his family were upset before — be it her, his daughters, his brother, or even the Minions — he sensed it like a psychic, arriving at their sides with whatever help he could give before they could even call for him. It isn't that Lucy doesn't understand. She knows What Happened to make him act this way.

She saw What Happened with her own eyes. She saw what it did to him. She can't be mad at him for changing like this. Because she gets it. The one thing she doesn't get, doesn't understand, is how to help him. She knows she'd give anything to help him, anything to bring him back from the pit he's thrown himself into. But what can she do?

He's not the girls. He's most certainly not his little yellow henchmen. Lucy can look at them and know in an instant how to help. When she looks at Gru — trapped in this state — her is mind always a blank wall. She's known this since she first looked into his eyes after What Happened — helping her husband like this, she has no idea. Not even an inkling. So she goes on with her days, left only with a meager hope that things will get better soon. She'd never assumed that anyone else would get one.

She's sitting on the couch, still retaining some semblance of her Saturday routine. Agnes sits in the middle of the floor with Margo, both engrossed in the board game they have set up between them.

Until Agnes snaps out of her concentration to say that. Lucy immediately suspects that her youngest had planned to say it at this exact moment in time. What on earth were the chances that she'd say it right now, on accident, right as Gru walks in from the kitchen? Lucy's heart jumps as she glances at her husband. He'd been staring at his feet when he'd stepped in; now, upon hearing Agnes's suggestion, he freezes in his tracks and looks up.

Lucy studies his face, trying to glimpse any sort of shift in his expression. She checks his eyes; still storming. It's as if he'd never heard Agnes at all. Somehow that only scares Lucy more. It's the first genuine smile Lucy has seen on him since What Happened.

I'd love to watch a movie with you girls! Now, after hearing that last word come out of Agnes's mouth, with a jolt in her chest she considers those suspicions fact. Lucy checks Gru again. He hasn't reacted to any of the conversation. He keeps looking out into space, paying his daughter no notice. It's like they don't exist to him. Like the world in his head keeping him hostage. Once she notices that she finally has her father's attention Agnes releases Gru's scarf and settles back down on her heels.

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Using both hands she holds up the DVD case. She looks up at him with large, expectant eyes. You love watching it with us. Except this time, after coming back together, her heart twists until it feels like a boulder in her chest.

Gru stares down at Agnes, his expression still unchanged. A muscle jumps in his cheek. Then, at last, he speaks. I'm a bit busy. You go and watch with Lucy. Lucy's hands tighten around her book. Dru's face falls at the same time Agnes's does. I have it every day. It's just not with all of you," Gru answers, not bothering to look at his brother as he says it. He is almost to the door now.

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He doesn't look back to see the effect his words have on his family. Margo's face falls just as Agnes's had, and she takes her younger sister's hand to guide her back to their board game. Edith's frown deepens as she turns her attention back to the game onscreen, already going back to smashing enemies in some alternative universe. Dru shakes his head as he settles back down to rejoin her.

He is as silent as the living room, as silent as it's ever been — "And just where do you have this down-time? Gru has his hand on the doorknob, the door half-open. He brings it back, closer to his chest. He slowly turns around, fixing his indifferent gaze onto Lucy. She is standing as if ready to sprint.

Both of her hands are at her sides, curled into tight fists that turn her knuckles white. She's clenching her teeth, pressing her lips into a fine line to keep herself from screaming.

Her brows are furrowed, and though she can't see them, she knows her eyes are burning. For a long time no one says anything.

Edith has paused the game again, removing the noise that it provided. They all appear to be holding their breaths, waiting like a nervous crowd to see who will make the next move. Gru stares at Lucy, looking her up and down. After a few more moments of deafening silence he tries "…Lucy— " "Where do you keep going every night? Where are you going? What could possibly be more important out there than staying here with us? Can you answer that for me?

Lucy is amazed that she got that much of a reaction out of him. Then Gru's gaze darts to the carpet, his brows returning to their original position. What is possibly more important to you than being with your family?

He immediately slaps a hand to his mouth as if to shove it back in, but of course it's too late. Gru is furrowing his brows now. For the first time since What Happened his expression changes. A bolt of lightning sparks in those clouds in his eyes. And don't tell me you're just going through a rough time.

We all know, but we want to help you! You know we can help you! So why are you always to desperate to get away from us?

Dru is standing, his arms held out as if to protect them, though he appears just as fearful as them. He bites his lip and shakes his head at Lucy. Anything except your constant absence?

You know we miss you. You know we can help you, Gru! There's no excuse for you to just—! He stands taller, his voice rising to match Lucy's. You think I want to feel like this all the time? You think I want to keep avoiding you all because I can't stand for you all to see me like dis? You know you need us! And we need you just as much! You can't keep disappearing Gru! You can't just— " "You don't know anything about how I'm feeling!

How are you supposed to know how dis feels!? How any of dis feels!?

gru and lucy meet

This isn't healthy, Gru! Did he have you to look at whenever he thought he vas a failure!? Not just run away like some goddam coward! One brother, uncle, brother-in-law begging for them to stop it. Three young daughters silently, mentally begging. Six pairs of eyes.

Four pairs filled with terror. One filled with frustration. One crackling with thunder. Then the electric bolt comes down. Silence fills the room. Dru flinches, taking two steps backwards with the girls. Lucy only takes one step back. Gru stands there, his shoulders rising and falling with his rough breaths. His hands are pulled up to his chest, curled into tight fists. He looks from his wife to his brother. Then to his girls. Though his tone is softer and his face has relaxed slightly the storm in his eyes still rages.

Please, leave me alone…" Then, before anyone can protest, he is out of the room. Lucy stares after him. Her mind reels from everything that just happened.

Then she stands straighter, her brows furrowing once more. She hears Dru say her name. She hears the girls call out for her.

But she's already storming out the door. She quickens her pace, refusing to slow down even by a margin. Once her heel catches on the carpet and trips her, making her hiss, though she quickly gets up and continues on her way. She keeps up her relentless pace even when at the top of the staircase. She slams her bedroom door open, enters, and then slams it shut again.

She marches up to the window and places her hands on either sides of her face, pushing her nails into her temples. She grinds her teeth together to hold in a scream. Then, when she finally feels like she could dig into her brain at this rate, she takes her hands and slams them onto the windowsill.

She squeezes her eyes shut. A dry sob escapes her. Maybe those overgrown tic-tacs. Maybe even her husband. She just waits for anyone to show up. When no one does, she remembers. She remembers What Happened. It was exactly one month and two weeks and a half ago. She and Gru were agents again. Dru had moved in with the Minions. The Minions assisted both their old boss and their new friend. The girls had each called her "Mom" at least once.

Things couldn't have been better. But, like always, there was one way it could've been better. Because, as Gru had kept pointing out, Dr. He was still trapped in carbonite. He was still sitting in that little corner in the lab, his hands reaching out of the frozen block as if he were reaching out for help. She'd burst down the door, so full of her usual energy, and then when she saw her husband there all that energy died. He stood in front of his old friend, staring up at him. Lucy always walked up beside him and squeezed his arm or patted his shoulder, saying that it was okay or she understood how he was feeling.

Then she always smiled at him and told him that they would find a way to get him out of it one day, he'll see. Gru would nod or give his own half-smile. His eyes were always a bit clouded, though Lucy always detected a small hint of hope in them as well.

As the days went by Lucy began to taste the ingenuity in her own optimism. The more she looked at Nefario, the more she looked at Gru looking at Nefario, she began to wonder if getting him out of that block would even be possible.

The Minions had done everything in their power to unfreeze him; none of it had worked. As much as it killed her to think it — as much as it killed her to look at Gru as she was thinking it — she figured with a sharp pang that maybe, just maybe, Nefario might stay in there till the end of times.

So, when she stood in the lab alongside her husband and the rest of her family, waiting with a held breath for the Minions to finally set him free with the new machine they'd built, she wanted to slap herself for ever thinking that. It'd happened during a Friday night, a "family movie night", as Dru had put it. Lucy had sat down between Gru and Dru. Each of them had a girl sitting either on their lap or right next to them; Gru with Margo, Lucy with Agnes, and Dru with Edith.

It was Margo's turn to choose a film, and she had chosen Star Wars, the chronological sixth installment. When Lucy sat down that night, she had expected to laugh and comment and just have a good time with her family, just like every Friday night. Then Princess Leia freed Han Solo from his frozen prison.

And once he was out, though a bit agitated, he was well. Lucy remembers feeling her breath catch in her throat as she watched the scene. It might've just been her imagination running rampant, but she doesn't care. She knows what was happening that night. She knows that everyone around her — her husband especially — had been thinking the same thing.

Later on, as the movie progressed, Agnes snapped Lucy out of her reverie by turning to Gru and asking in a quiet, innocent voice, "Hey Gru? Do you think we can unfreeze Dr. He looked at her for a few moments, his eyes wide with thought. Then, his lips twitched into a smile. She looked him up and down; Agnes's suggestion had changed him. His eyes were brighter, he sat up straighter, and Lucy couldn't help noticing that faint smile on his lips.

She remembers waiting for it to fade. For the rest of the night Lucy couldn't focus on the film at all. Her mind kept going back to that look on Gru's face. She couldn't remember the last time she'd seen that dawning, hopeful realization spreading across his face.

She definitely hadn't seen it recently. After the film ended and she, Gru, the girls, and Dru had each retreated to their bedrooms, Gru asked her to wait a moment, he needed to quickly take care of something, and that he would be right back.

Lucy had nodded, but once he left, she couldn't resist the nagging urge and headed downstairs. She followed him down, into the living room, down the hatch that lead into the lab.

She watched from the doorway as Gru gathered a small group of Minions together, asking them to pass on to the others tomorrow what he was about to tell them. As she watched Lucy couldn't help smiling at Gru's wide-eyed, giddy excitement as he explained his plan.

They would unfreeze Nefario. They would build a machine in five days' time, perhaps a week's time, whose sole purpose was to melt carbonite. They would research how to break down the material, how to unfreeze a trapped soul without harming the soul himself. They would shut down most other operations to build it. They would have it as soon as possible.

Then, as soon as possible, they'd have Nefario back. The Minions would have their boss back. The girls would have their grandfather figure back. And — perhaps most importantly — Gru would have his oldest friend back. Lucy will never forget that expression on Gru's face.

That raw, unflinching hope. Work on the machine began the next day. While Gru and Lucy chased down criminals and brought them to justice, the Minions worked their little fingers to the bone down in the lab. While the girls listened to teachers lecturing and played with their friends during recess, the Minions scrounged every piece of industrial material and wiring they could find.

While Dru snuck around the city searching for new artifacts to steal and then put back when he saw his brother comingthe Minions searched the internet for information on carbonite, how it's atomically structured, how to alchemize it, and most of all, how to melt it. Every time Lucy joined Gru to check on them they never seemed to tire from the effort; if anything they always appeared more energetic than ever, putting every ounce of their effort into building the machine.

It warmed Lucy's heart to see such a reaction in the little henchmen. Just as it warmed her heart when Gru first told the girls about the plan — they'd each squealed and hugged their father, joining him in his untethered joy.

DESPICABLE ME 2 Featurettes: Meet Gru & Lucy

Gru's predictions had been correct. After just five days the Minions had a finished product. It wasn't quite like what had happened in Star Wars but, after listening to Gru's rough translation of the Minions' explanation on how it functioned, Lucy knew it would work.

She knew how happy it was going to make her family. She knew how happy it was going to make her. That evening Lucy stood next to Gru in the lab, watching the Minions as they moved the machine and Dr. The girls were clustered around their legs, and Dru stood off to the side with some of the Minions. Lucy found it adorable how they were all there; once Nefario was free, the very first thing he would see would be his family. They'd welcome him back after so long. He'd be amazed, pleasantly surprised, but definitely mostly happy.

Happy that his family had missed him so much. Happy that he could finally see them again. Lucy had to cross one leg over the other to hide her bouncing excitement.

She knew the others felt the same; she could hear the girls talking to each other in hushed voices, and when she looked at Dru he had a huge grin on his face, rubbing his hands together in anticipation.

Lucy still remembers her surge of warmth at seeing that. Though he'd never met him before Dru was still just as excited to see the professor as his brother. She realized fast that it was probably because of his brother that he was so excited.

But, just as usual, Lucy knew that no one could match Gru's excitement. It showed in his speech, in his body language, in his face, and even in his eyes. Lucy looked at his eyes as he watched the Minions set up the machine; they seemed to glow with hope now, like a sunbeam coming down after an entire day of downpour.

gru and lucy meet

When the Minions finally completed their preparations and asked the family to step back, Lucy felt her heart sing like she was a little girl at her birthday party. She watched the little henchmen input commands into the machine, watched them angle the ray protruding from its top so it faced Dr. She felt Gru grab her hand and squeeze; she squeezed back just as hard. The next couple of moments fly by like a blur in Lucy's mind. She remembers the click of a flipped switch.

The unintelligible shout of a Minion. Then, a sudden rush of heat as a beam shot forth from the ray, shining down on Nefario's petrified body. She had to shut her eyes to stop them from stinging. Then she heard a thud, and Gru's grip tightened around her hand. She opened her eyes just in time to see Gru and the girls rushing up to the bottom of the carbonite block, where a short, white and flesh-colored lump sat in a heap. She couldn't resist her creeping smile as Gru laughed, picking up his old friend by the shoulders and yelling heartily about how much he missed him.

The girls laughed as well. They said how much they missed him. For a long time Lucy just stood there, taking in how happy they were to see the old man again. Soon she realized that Dru had walked up to stand beside her. He glanced at her, clapping his hands together, a wide smile splitting his face in two.

She remembers him saying how happy he was for his brother. She remembers herself agreeing with him, saying that she'd never seen Gru this happy before then. She also remembers the shift. When the light turned to gray, and then to stormy black. She first noticed it when the room went silent. All of a sudden Gru and the girls stopped laughing. They cut themselves off, as if their voices had just been yanked out of their bodies.

Gru, sitting down, had Nefario in his arms to hug him, though he didn't say anything anymore.

gru and lucy meet

Nefario didn't say anything either. Lucy's smile began to fade when she noticed the girls backing away. Then Agnes suddenly grabbed Margo's shirt, and that's when Lucy knew that something was up. She swallowed hard and approached. She heard Dru and the Minions do the same, muttering amongst themselves. She lightly patted Margo's arm, making her whip around. Edith and Agnes turned around just as quick. Lucy saw the expressions on their faces — knitted brows, wide eyes, biting lips, and, for Agnes, eyes glistening with the beginnings of tears — and the question of what was wrong died in her throat.

Her heart heavying in her chest, Lucy turned her attention to Gru. It sounded confused yet hopeful, concerned yet sincere. Lucy just couldn't decipher any emotion from it, "Y-You're out of dhe carbonite, Doctor! We got you out! Gru stopped for a few moments, making the entire lab so quiet Lucy could hear her heartbeat in her ears.

Then he brought Nefario away from his body, pressed a single hand to the old man's chest. When Lucy heard his sharp intake of breath her stomach plummeted. Oh God, she remembers thinking. Oh… Oh God… Another beat. Dru let out a gasp. The thousand Minions behind Lucy followed suit. Oh no She covered her mouth and took a step back. Oh God no She barely noticed the girls shuffling to her side over her own thundering heart. Oh please God no please don't let this be true "…Lucy? He still had Nefario in his arms, still had his hand over where his heart would be.

And when he had his eyes on Lucy… Lucy still shudders when she remembers what happened next. She knows she will never forget that look on Gru's face. That look in his eyes. She knows she will never forget it, not even after she's dead and on her way to the afterlife. Because when he looked at her he'd changed. He looked like he'd just seen a ghost, his brows high on his head and his breaths coming out in short, shallow puffs.

He stared at Lucy with those different eyes — those clouds, the ones bursting with thunder, the ones Lucy has seen every day since that moment, were just starting to roil. Get out of here. Lucy remembers what happened next as one long continuous scene: By the time they made it back to living room Agnes had burst into tears.

Margo and Edith both had their arms around her, and all three of them looked to Lucy as if she had an answer to this situation. Kyle, who'd been napping on the couch all afternoon, hopped down and rushed to Agnes's side and whined at seeing her so upset. Dru paced up and down the room, running his fingers through his hair and mumbling to himself.

Lucy threw her arms around her daughters and started to tell them that everything would be okay — everything must be okay — when Gru burst into the room. He looked to Lucy with those eyes again; dark clouds were swarming in them then, warning of a later destructive downpour. She stood up and he grabbed her shoulders. He looked her in the eye and said they needed to call a doctor. The ambulance showed up fifteen minutes later. Dru took care of the girls as best as he could in the living room while Lucy stood with Gru by the front door, waiting for the nurses to finish checking on Nefario.

When they finally loaded him into the vehicle on a stretcher one of the nurses turned to Gru and said with a sorry frown that he feared that they were too late, that they were afraid there was really nothing they could do now.

Lucy had to dig her nails into Gru's shoulder to keep him from biting the nurse's head off. The next day the hospital called Gru and Lucy in. A doctor took them into his office and, looking just as apologetic as the nurse from yesterday, explained what Lucy had realized with a shaking heart that day they'd unfrozen Nefario.

Joseph Albert Nefario was dead. He'd died sometime between last week's Monday and Thursday. They weren't exactly sure. When they'd arrived to take him his heart had long-since stopped beating.

Four days after this meeting Lucy would read the autopsy they'd produced. The carbonite had cut off his oxygen supply. He hadn't received any sustenance in three weeks. To go along with this, the man had been eighty-seven years old. He'd died in the carbonite two days after Lucy and Gru had turned in Balthazar Bratt. He'd died while Gru was staring up at his frozen body, wishing with every fiber of his being that he could someday talk to him again.

That afternoon when Lucy told the girls what happened they'd all cried. Margo and Agnes both burst into immediate tears while Edith, though she insisted she wasn't, still sniffled and tried to hide her eyes under her hat. Lucy pulled all three of them into her arms and choked down her own tears. It took her forever to remember that Gru was standing just behind her, watching the entire ordeal. He'd grown so quiet it'd been near impossible to remember him.

As soon as she did remember him he was already walking away. She called after him. Lucy left the girls with Dru in the living room and chased after her husband. She followed him into the hallway and down into the lab. She found him in that corner, the corner where Nefario stood in carbonite for so many days — the one Gru still stood motionless in for hours even today — facing away from her, his hands behind his back, his head so low she imagined his chin touched his chest.

The Minions all turned to Lucy. Their concerned expressions mirrored her own. Lucy called to Gru. She called out again, her voice breaking slightly.

Then, on her third try, when she finally began to push past the Minions so she could reach him, he whipped around with a sharp "What? She can still remember her body stiffening in that moment. She still remembers the icy bolt that snaked down her spine as she stared at her husband. She stared straight into his eyes. And for the first time she saw the storm. The pure, unfiltered torment. It cut straight through her, demanding every facet of her attention. It managed to make her forget everything she'd planned.

She'd planned to come down here and take care of him like she took care of the girls — she'd dealt with grieving people before, she'd seen them all the time, especially during her younger days. Surely she could deal with her own husband's grief.

But now, after seeing it reflected in his eyes like that, after witnessing his behavior becoming like a far cry from what she was used to seeing from him, she didn't believe she could help him using her usual method. At least not right then. So she nodded, backing into the door, telling Gru that she understood, he needed some time alone, she'd see him later for dinner, she loved him so much. He didn't respond as she left. They didn't hold a funeral. Gru never brought it up, and Lucy never mentioned it to him.

Nefario had never had that many friends, and Lucy had discovered after talking to the old man a few times that most of his family had either passed away or cut ties with him after he'd chosen the villain path. And that was the other thing; Nefario had been an ex-villain, just like Gru. Lucy doubted anyone would want to organize a funeral for someone who'd once led a life of crime and had even once gone back to it for a short time. But, most of all, Lucy didn't think Gru would be able to handle it.

Not after that look he gave her. So she kept her mouth shut about it. Lucy and Gru took the next day off from work, using "family troubles" as their justification Lucy knew that he certainly needed it more than she did.

The girls stayed home for a few days for the same reasons. Even Dru took a break from his faux villainy; he insisted that he "couldn't just leave his brother to grieve alone". The Minions petered around the house more often, doing the girls' chores for them and always asking if there was anything else they could do for the family. Lucy even remembered one instance where, as she sat in bed with her book one evening, on her own due to Gru spending the night in Nefario's corner, a short, bald Minion stood on her bedside table and held up a lamp for her.

She'd found it rather sweet; she'd just wished the circumstances could've been different. And everything was different. But from that day until now Lucy was thinking mostly of how her husband changed. She was thinking of how to switch him back, how to make him smile and see the brighter side for once like she'd always done. But now, after something so monumental and tragic, Lucy couldn't imagine how any of that would work now.

He wasn't speaking, he barely looked at anyone, he didn't even want to be around anyone but himself. Even the others eventually stopped trying to get to him. The girls often asked if he wanted to play with them; after an entire week of head shakes and soft "Not right now, sweetheart"s they just played with each other or alone in their room.

Dru hovered around him for the first week, always asking if he needed anything or if he wanted to do something fun later; in time, after realizing that those questions only got him either a glare or a snap to leave him alone, Dru did just that and kept his distance.

Though she understood them the changes still upset Lucy. Sometimes she felt the weight of it all — Nefario's death, and the destructive aftermath — and it made her want to scream. Then the sadness turned to frustration. She couldn't stand seeing Gru so sad. So the frustration pushed through. It reached the front of her mind and took her over, widening the distance between her and her husband. Lucy opens her eyes, snapping out of the memories. She stares out the window, at the darkening sky, at the sun that's just disappeared behind the horizon.

Then she bangs her forehead against the glass, biting down on her wrist to hold in the sob in her throat. What are you doing here? Our agents located a secret room in the shop last night, [snaps his fingers, signaling a female AVL agent holding a Ziploc bag containing a canister.

gru and lucy meet

He then shows it to Gru] and uh, discovered this! So, somehow, in spite of your incompetence, we solved this one. Get your mitts off of me! I am a legitimate businessman! And it looks like Agent Wilde will be transferring to our Australian branch.

And by everything of course I mean Gru stares sadly from a distance, until Lucy gives him a few pats on his shoulder] Lucy: So we got him? Still figuring it out. Already been working on my accent. Just, you know, from the first time we met. Oh, thank you, Lucy. Yeah, I uh, I better go. What are you doing out here? Remember when you said that I liked Lucy? Well, it turns out Well, she's moving away.

I'm never going to see her again. Is there anything I could do to help? I don't think so, sweetheart. Well, is anything you could do? Would you like to Okay, that's not helping. In moments, the fire alarm starts blaring, and one of the Minions bursts through the wall with axes to put out the fire; followed by a Minion with a hose and a Minion imitating a siren. After putting out the fire, the Minion makes his Siren noises at Gru until he leaves angrily with the megaphone.

This place is awesome! Okay, let's party, huh, but first, let's go over the rules, because, what is fun without the rules?

Agnes, easy on the churros. Edith, try not to kill anyone. There must be the standard six foot of space between you and boys, [referring to Antonio] especially this boy There are no rules, senor. It's Cinco de Mayo. They're starting to dance. I know that look all too well.

How did you know? Believe me, my friend. I too have spent many nights trying to drown my sorrows in guacamole. There is much more to us than meets the eye, hmm? When reading it, she suddenly sees Gru] Lucy: She flips the page, but gasps once seeing Gru. Lucy hastily shuts the magazine, then opens it again, now revealing a muscular man diving] Stewardess: She suddenly hears a passenger laughing like Gru] Passenger: I just did a boom.

I really need you to make a choice, hon. You are El Macho! But I knew you weren't dead! I merely faked my death! Nice to see you, Gru. This— so this is your new job opportunity? I had to borrow some of your Minions, but it was for a worthy cause. He's not Kevin anymore! Now he's an indestructible, mindless, killing machine!

An axe descends and hits him over the head, he jumps up and eats it. A bomb falls and he swallows it, exploding harmlessly inside him. A police car, siren running, falls on him. And here's the best part, I got an army of them! And if anyone, anyone tries to stop them, YEOW! Their city gets eaten. I have admired your work for years, amigo! We would be unstoppable!

Men like you, men like me, we should be ruling the world! Of course, yes, I just have a lot going on right now I am not so convinced that he is in. We need to go home now! Look sorry, honey, we have to leave. The same thing happened the other day with Oh, speaking of Gru I really need to talk to him. You two are close, no? Why, did he say we were close?

Did he say that? For instance, he never mentioned So Eduardo's actually El Macho? No, it is not cool. Nefario hiding under a table] Dr. He knows you're working for the AVL. And he's got your partner! She's on her way to Australia We're getting her out of there. The Evil Kevin breaks the glass, causing Margo to run to Agnes. Evil Kevin falls on the floor with the curtains and he looks back to Margo and Agnes, holding her unicorn, then screams and runs towards them] Margo: Agnes stops screaming, gently walks to and grabs her unicorn and runs to the hallway.

Margo looks back to Evil Kevin before pressing the button on Gru's rhino chair, revealing the elevator. I put the antidote in the jelly. But nobody messes with my family. You brought the girls?! You guys take care of the rest of the Minions. The ship lands near the entrance, then the girls and Minions jump out of it, holding and firing their jelly guns at the evil minions. Eat jelly, you purple freaks!