Bernadette and howard meet

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bernadette and howard meet

She met Howard at work as Penny introduced the couple. In the present, Bernadette has received her Ph.D, and was offered a job at a big. Leonard: Have you met Bernadette's parents? Howard: You mean Adolf and Eva ? Not yet. One goose step at a time. Raj: Sheldon, that's my water. Sheldon: Oh. Bernadette's father, Mike Rostenkowski, is a retired police officer who reportedly holds many right-wing views. When Howard first met Mike, Bernadette told.

Penny laughs Did I say something amusing? So your mirth is merely a discharge of nervous energy with no semantic content at all?


Is there a station coming up where I can board your giggling train of thought? What are you doing at work these days? Interesting, do you know where the phrase jibber-jabber comes from? Howard and his mother are at the hospital. Come on, we gotta go. Full of sick people? Just the ones that will kill me. I would think he would know that. Okay, you know what? Just for the record, my Aunt Ruth died in a hospital. She went in to visit my Uncle Roger, caught something and bit the dust a week later.

A hospital waiting room. So I knocked down the bathroom door, picked up my poor unconscious mother, carried her to the car, and drove like a madman to the emergency room.

No, I did what any son would do. Hang on a second, you picked up your mother? Her own legs are barely able to do that. I was filled with adrenaline. It happens to be how women lift cars off babies. What can I tell you? After I found the courage to put her pants back on, I was unstoppable. So, how is she? It may have been a heart attack or heart-attack-like event.

Thanks for clearing that up. Regardless, coronary problems are eminently treatable. Go sit over there. Is there a history of heart disease in your family? My family is the history of heart disease. Mom also had just gotten some news that might have upset her. You can share anything with me. You told her we were going to get married and she had a heart attack? How else is she supposed to take it? You mean sexual intercourse? Well, when you say it like that you make it sound creepy.

Nice of you to come for Howard. Howard Wolowitz is my friend.

bernadette and howard meet

You know, once he tried to stick his tongue down my throat and I broke his nose. Yeah, tell me about it. You know, my brother had a group of friends like this in India. They dressed up in leotards and goggles and called themselves the New Delhi Power Rangers. You mean when he was little. You know, this stuff is horrible.

You want to see if we can find the cafeteria and get real coffee? Your girlfriend and your ex-girlfriend are hanging out together? Oh, yeah, that can only be good for you. What are you talking about? One of them broke up with you. Do you really want her telling the other one why? Then you have nothing to worry about. No, I do not. You are a mean little man. How can we be together if the thought of us getting married might kill your mother?

One day our son will marry someone and it will kill you. Howard, I have to go to the bathroom and no one will take me home. Pneumococcus, streptococcus, staphylococcus and other assorted coccuses. Will you at least go with me to the restroom here, so you can open the door and flush the urinal?

This might be a good time to point out, Howard, that friendship requires a certain give and take. Can I see her? Jews have been asking that for centuries. Okay, well, wish me luck. If it touches her, it burns. You brought a Catholic girl home to your mother? Outside the hospital washroom. Dodges into a door to avoid a coughing patient on a trolley.

bernadette and howard meet

The room is full of doctors in hazmat suits. Oh, what fresh hell is this? Oh, the poor thing. It makes him desperate to please women.

Question 10 What couples costume do they wear to a Halloween party in Season 6? Smurfs Elves Giants Stewart holds a costume party at his comic book store and the entire group is invited.

Of course, Penny goes as a sexy cop and Leonard goes as Einstein. But, the other two girlfriends are trying to get their significant others to do a costume which incorporates both of them. Sheldon and Amy come up with a compromise because neither wanted to give up their own ideas. But, since Bernadette usually wins with her feisty attitude, she manages to rope Howard into a very detailed costume. Raj Amy Sheldon Amy is given an opportunity to work on a special project at Cal Tech University, where the four men have been working the entire series.

However, things start to go downhill when Howard brings up how he would hate to work with his significant other and be expected to spend time with them outside of work as well.

Question 12 In Season 7, what gift does Howard give Bernadette for the anniversary of their first date? Whether it be because he wants to one up everyone else, or if he truly thinks outside of the box, either way they tend to make the crowd burst out in awwws. For their anniversary, Howard goes all out using his own skills, and he also manages to rope in the entire cast in order to help pull it off. Rostenkowski Roswenlowi Fowler As Bernadette slowly became a series regular, her backstory slowly is revealed to the audience.

Small details like this continue to make their way through the script, and one of them includes her maiden name. Season 8 Season 7 Season 5 Howard and his mother have a very unhealthy, strange relationship. He lived with her for a big portion of his adult life, and she continued to treat him like a child. Despite how crazy she made him, he was always there to help because he was the man of the house after his father abandoned him when he was a kid.

Question 15 How does the audience first find out Bernadette is pregnant with their first child? See it in her journal She tells a friend at work Screen shot of the pregnancy test She tells a rabbit they rescued from their yard I think we were all shocked when it is revealed that Bernadette was pregnant. Mostly because of how against she was having children do to her traumatizing upbringing raising her own younger siblings.

Once he figures it out and she expresses her excitement, he is also. Only for a moment though. In addition, he wonders what religion they would raise their child, how they would be able to hand it financially.

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Question 17 Who finds out the gender of their baby first? Raj Howard Stewart Howard and Bernadette decide to keep the gender of their first child a secret. Both agree on this and everything is fine until they get further into their pregnancy and they start to question if whether or not they want to find out.

Question 18 What do they name their daughter? Halley Maryann Debbie Raj manages to keep the secret of the gender of their first child up until the very end when Bernadette is starting to go into labor.

Although both of them are upset at first for spilling the beans, especially when Stewart says that Raj told him as well, they are excited to finally learn what they are having. Question 19 When do they find out they are expecting another child? Season 10 Season 11 Howard and Bernadette are the first couple on the show who have a child, and they definitely have to go through the struggles of being first time parents alone.

Bernadette has a hard time with putting Halley to sleep because the baby is constantly crying. David Glenn Henry All of the scientists are invited to speak at a convention, so they all take a trip down together, where Howard sees it as a time to be intimate with his girlfriend. Penny tags along also, although she feels very out of place being the only one in the group sitting in the crowd. On this excursion, Bernadette runs into an old partner of hers who was also her college professor.

At Sheldon's apartment In the basement In the washer It is safe to say that Howard tends to sail in his relationship with Bernadette due to the way his mother babied him up until Bernadette stepped into his life. The only way she manages to get him to help is by hiding his things as motivation.

Keychain Model spaceship A ring Like it was said before, Howard is the king of gift giving. After giving it to her, he tells her that he has to take it back for a little while so he can bring it up with him to space. Question 23 Where does Howard propose to Bernadette? So, when he gets down on one knee in front of everyone, Leonard and Raj are expecting the worse, and try to tell him that perhaps he should consider doing it another time and in private where he would be less humiliated.

Question 24 What trait does Halley inherit from her deceased grandmother? In the episode where Halley is born and the group are all watching her in the nursery share a similar expression when they realize what they are hearing. It causes a great laugh with the audience because of how strange and weird it is, but it also pays tribute to the actress Carol Ann Susi who portrayed Debbie Wolowitz, who died in real life.

Pink Purple Tan The girls engage in many different pre-wedding rituals, such as looking at potential wedding and bridesmaids gowns. Amy takes it upon herself to shoot a home video in honor of Bernadette because she is the maid of honor. Unfortunately, she gets offended when Bernadette and Penny decide to take a trip to look at dresses one time without Amy because she was getting out of control with the whole wedding preparations.

Question 26 How do Howard and Bernadette meet? However Penny could see right through him. Especially with how many times she shot him down in the first two seasons. She even punched him in the face once when he tried to kiss her after she was apologizing for calling him pathetic and creepy.