Academic between management performance relationship time

academic between management performance relationship time

The research aimed to examine the relationship between time management and academic performance by studying time wasters, motivation, absenteeism rate. Faculty of Business Management, University of Technology MARA, Puncak Alam on the importance of time management factor in achieving high performance. different times and ages, and studying in the same time frame; finding out the relationship between time management skills and academic performance/ success.

Prioritizing the works to be done are attributed to how individuals make use of the time effectively by managing the urgency of the needs and the time to be used on each tasks such that time is maximized. Importance of Time Management Time management is very important for many reasons. The fact that everyone use time in their daily lives would mean that, time is part of daily life and needed to be managed to end up the day with accomplishment since the passage of time cannot be restored.

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According to Brigitte, et. They added that, every student should possess time management to effectively organize their activities, set goals, and prioritize those activities that requires immediate attention and others. While there is no universally accepted way to manage time, it is still important for individuals like students to value time management and apply it in different contexts.

academic between management performance relationship time

For instance, proper time management positively correlates to better academic performance Sevari and Kandy, ; Adebayo, ; Kearns and Gardiner; ; Kaushar, There are several factors that can be considered to demonstrate time management. Specifically, his study claimed that there is positive relationship between time management factors such as prioritization, procrastination, socialization and the students academic performance. Further implications of the results suggest that students should prioritize their tasks, less procrastination in responding to deadlines and in taking examinations and moderate socialization activities.

Another study conducted by Indreica et al.

academic between management performance relationship time

Findings revealed that, effective management programs elevate the GPA and concluded that successful students are good time managers. The latest study conducted by Jalagat strongly suggests the use of GPA as a measure of student academic performance which also agrees with several studies Adebayo, ; Kaushar, Research Method This study utilized the descriptive research design which mainly employed the survey research questionnaires.

According to Marsmandescriptive design is a purposive process of gathering, analyzing and tabulating data about prevailing conditions, practices, beliefs, processes, trends and cause and effect relationship and then making adequate and accurate interpretation about such data with the aid of some simple percentile and statistical method.

Population and Sampling In considering the sample of this study, the researchers employed the random sampling for the total population of students from the Managerial and Financial Sciences Department of Al-Zahra College for Women, Sultanate of Oman. Al-Zahra College for Women is one of the colleges and universities in the Sultanate of Oman and operates under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education.

The sample taken reached respondents of which 75 students are business management majors, 15 finance majors, and 10 accounting majors. Research Instruments This study primarily used the structured questionnaires to gather the information.

Argarwal in his contribution asserts that time management is usually a personal problem and if one instinctively knows what the right is, then there is no need to worry Aduke, Knowing time management can play a large role to overcome so many complicated problems. By using time management skill, people can increase their performance and save themselves from wasting time. According to many psychologists improving time management skill affects personal productivity and overall performance.

Time management also increases the quality of life reduces stress level and provides balanced life.

Previous research Elena- Simona Indreica et al. Less time and so many lessons which they have to study increase their stress and depression level in the exam week. In trying to read all the books and chapters assigned, meet paper deadlines, and participate in extracurricular activities, college students may become overwhelmed with feelings that there is not enough time to complete all their work adequately.

academic between management performance relationship time

This seems particularly true of students who hold part-time or full-time jobs as well as attend school. Academic performance is the result of the education that depends on achieved educational goals of students or teachers.

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Academic performance is generally measured by the average of all of the exams result and completed assignments at the end of the semester. This grand point average simply called GPA. In the literature, there are a huge number of academic studies focusing on the relationship between time management and GPA Britton and Tesser,Indreica et al.

Although time management is one of the effects of high level the grade point average GPA. The purpose of this study is understanding the relationship between time management and academic success. Method In this study will be tested the main hypothesis; time management skill and academic performance of students have a positive correlation between them.

This study will be based on previous research Britton and Tesser,Macan et al. Selected sample will be highly homogenous psychological and physical health.

academic between management performance relationship time

In addition, the participants will be part of this study on a volunteer basis and the research will be collected in the fall semester of The time management questionnaire includes 18 items, each answer on a 5-point scale consisting of the responses always 5frequently 4sometimes 3infrequently 2 and never 1.

The lowest possible score is 18 and the highest score is According to TMQ, the higher score will be indicated better time management performance and the lowest score will be indicated poor time management performance.

The questionnaire will be made to the students and the researcher will be urged students to take the task seriously and to be accurate in their responses to each question, and then acquired results will be compared the GPA scores of the students.