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'You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger' is the 40th film written and directed by Woody Stranger Filming Locations - London, UK · 5 Films And A TV Show To Watch I Love You (#24) · December News Bits: Jaume Roures, Audio Short Stories. You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger: Anthony Hopkins, Naomi Watts , Woody Allen: STREAM ANYTIME with Prime Video from $ - $ You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger (). You Will Meet a Tall Dark On Disc/ Streaming: Feb 15, Box Office: Watch it now. Watch now · Watch now.

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Yes, life is full of sound and fury, in the end signifying nothing. And yes, you've seen this movie before. Again, an older man appears to be in crisis. And again, he runs headlong into chaos and regrets when he decides to make a change. In this instance, it's Alfie Anthony Hopkinsyearning to reclaim his former self.

A brief flashback shows him sweating to keep up with a lithe year-old aerobics instructor.

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His wife Helena Gemma Jones is soon weary of her husband's self-delusion -- evidenced in his whitened teeth and his new "health foods" regimen -- and suggests he accept the fact of his aging. When Alfie "walk[s] out on" her, Helena is devastated. As she emerges from a cab to make her hesitant way along a sidewalk to a fortuneteller, Cristal Pauline CollinsHelena looks for all the world like a woman on the verge -- of what is uncertain.

It helps, Helena sighs, that Cristal is "far less expensive than all the psychiatrists I've been seeing.

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A dimly ugly American, Roy Josh Brolin keeps writing and sending out manuscripts, all rejected, resenting the "industry," his wife's exasperation "One way or another, I want to move on with our lives," she saysand, increasingly, is mother-in-law's unannounced visits to their apartment she's paying their rent, so it's hard to turn her away. When Helena reports her newfound belief that she's lived a previous life, Roy turns to Sally, flabbergasted: Helena "needs medicine," he insists, "not illusions.

Helena sees his ongoing failure as a function of not facing his own limits. For years and years now, reviewers myself included, in the past have ruefully, sorrowfully, insistently told Allen that his latest work is no good, and Allen has declined to oblige them by quitting.

Like a spry veteran jockey, he goes on galloping round the course, not riding winners, but not falling off either, despite thousands of pundits out in the grandstand who have staked their reputation on the inevitability of his doing so.

His latest picture is a case in point. A low-key ensemble dramedy set in London, it has familiar late Allen flaws: Yet it is also inventive, persistently diverting, speckled with ideas.

Line by line, scene by scene, I always found something there to hold the attention.

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It is never boring. Anthony Hopkins and Gemma Jones play Alfie and Helena, an ageing couple who separate when Alfie has a late menopausal need to date younger women.

Lonely, credulous Helena starts listening to an absurd fortune teller, played by Pauline Collins. Their art-dealer daughter Sally Naomi Watts becomes infatuated with her boss Antonio Banderaswhile her failed novelist husband Josh Brolin also begins to stray.