Uk relationship with the eu

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uk relationship with the eu

Several models exist for the UK's relationship with the EU following Brexit. The UK has voted to leave the EU, but not in favour of any specific alternative to EU. A final Brexit deal is within reach, UK Prime Minister Theresa May insisted Thursday, after UK and EU agree on post-Brexit relationship The UK and EU are set to begin trade talks after the European Council in March The two sides hope to agree a framework for their future relationship by.

Framework on the UK-EU future relationship | The Institute for Government

This is what the Prime Minister and David Davis want to do. Three potential models that could form the basis of such an agreement are: Switzerland has a bespoke arrangement with the EU, based on more than bilateral agreements developed over the last two decades. They can pursue an independent trade policy, though in practice they often negotiate together with other EFTA countries.

uk relationship with the eu

Deep and Comprehensive Trade Area. This provides Ukraine with an unprecedented market access for goods and services, particularlu financial services. This arrangement also covers issues going beyond trade, such as security cooperation.

uk relationship with the eu

A Comprehensive Economic and Trade agreement: Leaving the Single Market and Customs Union without a deal. The final option would be for the UK to leave with no future trade agreement. With no agreement on regulatory equivalence between the EU and UK, there would be no preferential access to the EU market for services. Intellectual property rights chapter to be negotiated — prospect to maintain current high levels of protection of certain rights under copyright law, and artists resale rights.

uk relationship with the eu

Specifies arrangements to protect geographical indications such as feta cheese and Champagne will also need to be negotiated Yes, although geographical indications are yet to be agreed. The UK and EU should commit to procurement standards and make remedies before judicial authorities available.

The Future of the United Kingdom and the European Union

This is an opening position for future negotiations, without a specific aim besides going beyond commitments their WTO commitments which the UK is currently negotiating.

Yes, but goes further with a brief mention as area that could be negotiated. UK not able to discriminate between member states. Arrangements on temporary entry for business.

The options for the UK’s trading relationship with the EU

Specific schemes covering research, study, training and youth exchanges, as well as social security coordination to be negotiated. Standard provisions for services.

Visa-free travel for short-term visits to be agreed. This would be similar to the arrangements between UK and Australia.

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