Shonen knife meet kurt cobain suicide

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shonen knife meet kurt cobain suicide

I was on stage with Nirvana as we played Molly's Lips, a song by The tour of the UK along with the Japanese group Shonen Knife. Kurt and Dave were both tired and jaded, but they were also I was more cautious, but was excited to meet them. The first The way I heard about his death was so banal. Kurt Cobain loved Abba, wasn't from Seattle and didn't invent grunge. There's been a lot of talk about grunge since Cobain's death in Before the pair met, it was often guesswork as to his intentions. cute girl pop of Shonen Knife, the hair-flailing noise of his Sub Pop contemporaries, and Abba. Kurt Cobain was their no1 fan: meet the Japanese rockers who sing about robots, riding bikes, ice cream and their favourite pets.

He didn't like the industry types when they were overfamiliar with him, but he had a lot of time for genuine fans. My main memory of that tour is of Kurt in a freezing dressing room, dressed in a second-hand overcoat, writing letters or in his journal.

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He had a strong indie ethos but he was also driven and ambitious. He could be complex too. But he — in fact all of Nirvana — were incredibly supportive towards their support acts. In my book about the tour, based on a diary I kept at the time, I remember my encounters with Kurt.

Japanese rock band Shonen Knife: "Kurt Cobain was very kind and gentle"

I heard an American voice behind me. Kurt was saying, "Just get them, Andy. How much do you need?

shonen knife meet kurt cobain suicide

I think Kurt wanted to be a pop star. He loved pop music. But once it began to look like they might make it big he got scared by the prospect.

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Had he been alive today, the success of Nevermind would have had him still scratching his head. They were always conscious of being viewed by their original fan base as a band which had sold out. The last words Kurt said to me were, "Thanks for coming with us; keep working the diary, man.

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Why is it so hot? Clattering out the beat behind the siblings is their new drummer, Risa Kiwano.

shonen knife meet kurt cobain suicide

Creative Commons Band founder, singer and guitarist Naoko Yamano. So I decide to pick up some different topics, and my favourite thing is food, so I write about that. So, now I write many food songs and many animal songs. I Wanna Eat Choco-Bars. Their set list is crammed with high-calorie tunes.

When they play two New Zealand gigs in early October, you can bet the set list will ensure all food groups are represented. Mainly, I write many sweet songs, because I have sweet teeth.

shonen knife meet kurt cobain suicide

Is that how you say it? I love sweet things, so I write about hot chocolate and cake, but I write too many sweet songs, so I moved onto some spicy and salty food, you know? There were few all-female bands in Japan at the time, and certainly no other punk-inspired family groups who called their musical genre "oo-oo-ultra-eccentric-super-cult-punk-pop-band-shonen-knife! She speaks slowly, carefully, pausing often to find the correct English word. He told Rolling Stone magazine: When we got the offer to tour with them, we had no idea who Nirvana was.

shonen knife meet kurt cobain suicide

I saw their photograph and they look very wild, and I was scared! But once we met, they were very kind gentlemen. The tour went very well and they helped us a lot, to get better known.

Japanese rock band Shonen Knife: "Kurt Cobain was very kind and gentle" | The Argus

It was our first long tour overseas, and many, many people saw us. He was very smart and learned these chords really quickly.

shonen knife meet kurt cobain suicide

Shonen Knife first played New Zealand at the Big Day Out, and the upcoming tour will be their fourth visit here Now 56, Yamano still loves touring after 36 years in the game, but misses Osaka terribly when she's away. Some people think everything good is in Tokyo, but people in Osaka are more independent and friendly, and the food is more delicious.

People in Tokyo are more formal and polite, where people in Osaka are more cheerful. I love to live in Osaka.