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one direction meet and greet 2012 tumblr

The special relationship between 1D (and Directioners) and Tumblr is like Tumblr blog Dear Class of by Yahoo News!, I love One Direction, I'm a concert footage from their recent Up All Night tour made by Directioners themselves 1. Meet the Directioners: The Superfans of One Direction (Video). meet and greet, Anyways, once everyone got into the room one of the radio hosts started asking . The signs as One Direction meet and greet poses. There's the start of the band's U.S. tour, in June, when Louis But perhaps the most important date – July 1, – happened just Over the next 24 hours, a quarter of a million One Direction-related posts flooded Tumblr.

Still, it was inevitably a night that would go down in Directioner history. First, there was a silly-string fight on stage. Then T-shirts were torn off. I was freaking out. And yet, for the hundreds of thousands more who watched the whole thing from home, it was enough to make the internet explode. As the boys threw their jackets into the crowd, fans started messaging each other: Over the next 24 hours, a quarter of a million One Direction-related posts flooded Tumblr: But make no mistake — this was not a celebration.

It was more like a raucous funeral. One girl uploaded a video of herself watching clips from the concert — because she wanted to show how emotional she was. Others posted photos of their eyes puffy from weeping. One girl blogged an image of herself in the dark, eating Nutella with a spoon Niall once held up a jar of it during a video interview.

Should East Coast fans get train tickets?! Who will track them down?! March 14th - Day off at home in London. Liam out with Andy and Danielle. March 15th - Red Nose Day. Morning - boys tape their performance for Comic Relief, Louis dyes his hair red. They drive to Manchester for an evening show.

Evening - Harry, Louis, El and a friend of hers hang out at hotel bar. Then El and her friend leave and Harry and Louis stay but their section is roped off. March 16th - Matinee show in Manchester. Harry and Louis go to Reading FC match with friends.

Then evening show in Manchester. Evening - Harry out at Rosso with his parents, then goes back to the hotel to drink with Louis at the bar.

March 17th - Evening show in Liverpool. March 18th - Day off. March 19th - Evening show in Sheffield. March 22nd - Evening show in Birmingham. March 23rd - Matinee and evening show in Birmingham. March 24th - Harry arrives in LA. March 25th - Louis at a tattoo parlour in London.

Niall is in Dublin. Eleanor apparently with Louis she tweets a picture of him playing bass. Liam at a football game with Andy and friends.

Harry seen shopping in a thrift store in LA. Louis tweets to Zayn about seeing him tomorrow. Zayn has a new tattoo of a smoking skull on his chest. Harry still in LA. Louis and Eleanor both post pictures from somewhere tropical and are probably on vacation.

March 28th - Louis and Eleanor appear to be in Oman. Liam seen at Westfield. Evening show in Liverpool and boys immediately return to London afterwards. Liam has a new feather tattoo on his right arm. April 2nd - Matinee and evening show in London. Zayn has a new chest tattoo wings and lips. Danielle and Andy in attendance. Liam out with Danielle in London after and tweets angrily about the paps. April 3rd - Day off.

Harry sleeps until 5pm and then goes to an art gallery with Gemma and his friend Matt, then to a birthday party at a club. Zayn has a new Pink Floyd tattoo.

meet and greet one direction

Liam seen out shopping. Niall gets his braces off. April 4th - Evening show, London. El is there again. April 5th - Evening show, London. April 6th - Intimate show in London, afternoon. April 7th - Day off. Everyone assumed to be in London but no real news.

Louis and Liam bicker with The Wanted on Twitter again. April 8th - Evening show in Newcastle. April 9th - Evening show in Newcastle. After - Harry goes clubbing with Zayn. Zayn spends the day with Perrie. Then evening show in Newcastle. After, Harry clubbing again with the 5SOS boys. April 11th - Day off in Newcastle.

Everyone except Harry goes to Newcastle FC match in the evening. Then Evening show in Glasgow. April 13th - Evening show in Sheffield, then Harry at a uni party. April 14th - Matinee show in Sheffield. April 15th - Day off. Everyone home in London. April 16th - Evening show in Nottingham. April 17th - Evening show in Birmingham. April 18th - Day off. April 20th - Private show in Manchester for The Sun. April 21st - Harry home in Holmes Chapel. April 22nd - Harry, Niall and Liam all spotted separately shopping in London.

Harry out to dinner and also tweets about the football. April 23rd - Louis, Liam and Niall in Munich for the football. Harry arrives in LA. Harry is still in LA, probably with Cal. Zayn, Perrie and Ant are in Paris. Niall out with Laura Whitmore and then sleeps on her couch. Evening - Harry out at dinner with Rod Stewart and family. Liam has dinner with his sister Ruth and mother. Niall at home watching rugby, Zayn MIA.

April 28th - Harry arrives in Paris about 1pm local time. Louis and Zayn tweet about buying a new van. Evening - Harry clubbing in Paris until early morning. Louis has a new tattoo - a stag on his right arm. He has also had his stereo heart altered, five hash marks near the tail of his bird tattoo, and a triangle on his ankle. May 2nd - Day off in Amsterdam. May 3rd - Evening show in Amsterdam. Harry and Niall stay overnight while the others head to Oberhausen, Germany.

May 4th - Evening show in Oberhausen. Reports emerge that Liam and Danielle have broken up again. Harry travelled with the crew on the bus overnight. He is still sick.

Evening - Harry partying on a bus with some students. May 7th - Evening show in Oslo, Norway. May 8th - Evening show in Stockholm, Sweden. May 9th - Day off. May 10th - Evening show in Copenhagen, Denmark. Louis has developed a chest infection. May 11th - Evening show in Berlin. May 12th - Evening show in Hamburg.

Louis still sick, and boys fly home to London after the show. May 13th - Day off. May 14th - Day off. May 15th - Day off. May 17th - Show in Munich. Louis is still very unwell; he also hurts his chin on stage. May 18th - Day off in Milan. May 19th - Show in Verona. May 20th - Show in Milan, then boys fly to Barcelona.

Evening - Harry clubbing with his cousin Matt. May 21st - Day off in Barcelona. Harry at the pool w Tom and Lou, everyone else resting. May 22nd - Show in Barcelona. Evening - Harry out at a music festival. May 23rd - Day off. Harry spends the day in Barcelona and arrives in Madrid late evening. May 24th - Show in Madrid.

one direction meet and greet 2012 tumblr

May 25th - Show in Madrid. Eleanor has arrived, on holiday with her friend Max. May 26th - Show in Lisbon, Portugal. Eleanor does not seem to be there. May 27th - Boys have arrived home. Liam seen shopping at Westfield in London, then he and Louis tweet about recording for the new album. Other boys are MIA. May 28th - Day off, no news. Liam in Manchester shopping with his family. Niall, Stan and Louis go to the England-Ireland football match. Zayn is spending time with family; whether he is in Bradford or they are in London is unclear.

May 30th - Harry with Gemma and the Teasdales again. Liam at an Alicia Keys concert in the evening. Louis seen at a London train station in the afternoon. June 3rd - Harry is back in London. June 4th - Day off. Harry out in London with Tom. June 5th - Day off. June 6th - Everyone in London for the launch of the 1D perfume.

one direction meet and greet 2012 tumblr

June 7th - Boys arrive in Mexico. June 8th - Harry at the hotel pool with Lou, Tom and Cal. First clear pictures of his ankle tattoos, although he had them done months ago. Evening - boys perform in Mexico City. June 9th - Boys spend the day at the hotel filming for 1D3D then perform again in Mexico. June 10th - Boys arrive in Miami, Florida at about 6am and then have a day off. Harry and Niall out at a restaurant in the evening.

June 11th - Day off in Miami. Boys out on a boat, and pictures taken of Louis and Zayn smoking. June 12th - Boys in studio all day, filming the BSE music video. Harry playing tennis with Cal at the hotel late evening. June 13th - Boys in the studio then perform in Ft Lauderdale in the evening. June 14th - Harry and Niall at the hotel pool during the day, then boys perform in Miami. June 15th - Day off in Miami, boys out on a boat again and go jetskiing. June 16th - Boys fly to Louisville, Kentucky and perform.

June 17th - Day off in Cincinnati, Ohio. June 18th - Show in Columbus, Ohio. June 19th - Show in Nashville, Tennessee. Eleanor has already left, and stayed in the hotel overnight while Louis was on the bus.

June 20th - Day off in Atlanta, Georgia. Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn all hang around at the hotel, while Harry has stayed behind in Nashville with the Teasdales and arrives in Atlanta in the evening. June 21st - Show in Atlanta. June 22nd - Show in Raleigh, North Carolina. June 23rd - Show in Washington, D. C June 24th - Day off. Harry, Niall and most of the crew stay in D. C and go to the Rolling Stones concert in the evening. Zayn and Louis move on to Maryland, get new tattoos Louis has four; a rope around his right wrist, a lit match, a bomb and a spiderweb.

June 25th - show in Philadelphia. June 26th - Show in Boston. June 27th - day off in New York. Boys on a boat together in the morning, then split up to spend the day in NYC. Harry is mobbed badly as he returns to the hotel in the evening. June 30th - Harry is still in NY and is seen shopping during the day, out at Soho House with Joe Jonas in the evening, then clubbing he may have attended some Pride parties.

The others may have returned to the UK for meetings. Harry out and about in NY again, shopping with Cal. He continues to be mobbed every time he goes near his hotel.

one direction meet and greet on Tumblr

Harry also has a new tattoo - a small cross on his left thumb. Liam, Zayn, Niall and Louis reappear in the States. July 3rd - Day off. Others move on to Montreal; Liam and Zayn go shopping and are mobbed, Louis and Eleanor who has just appeared also shop and get mobbed. July 4th - Show in Montreal, Canada. Harry is linked to stories about Stephen Orsec being an asshole and indicates via twitter that they are no longer friends.

One Direction meet and greet 12/9

Eleanor does not attend the concert. July 5th - Show in Hershey, Pennsylvania. July 6th - Show in Hershey, Pennsylvania. July 7th - Day off, very quiet. Harry also plays pool with his friend Jonny. The article also discusses the last night of the Up All Night tour a. Tears were shed, videos were posted, letters and poems were written online, and, of course, animated GIFs were created.

Cue the sad feels. But at least we have the guys' daily updates via Twitter, the Access 1D videos showing the guys' cutest and funniest moments from touring in the U. Until the next tour So You Want to Be a Directioner: A Tumblr Starter Guide This is so great! Everything you need to know to become a Directioner or already know is included in Tumblr's lovely starter guide. Who are the guys of 1D and who are they dating? What's the difference between a Directioner and a Directionator?

What does Narnia refer to? What are ships, feels, and OTPs?