How did you meet your spirit guide

Spirit Guides - How to meet your Spirit Guides

how did you meet your spirit guide

Okay, I'm new to this but i'm very interested in meeting my spirit guide. I tried meditating for a short period of time today but i'm quite unsure if. You have a team of spirit guides waiting to support you. The only catch is that Do a 'Meet your spirit guides' attunement meditation. Our spirit. We'll also cover how to meet your spirit guide in the first place (if you The idea of spiritual guides can be found all around the world, in all.

How To Meet Your Spirit Guides | Guiding Echoes

For some reason i find this a lot easier, than being in my mind, meditating or visualizing, because i do not have to concentrate as much.

Most times when i visualize, and they finally come to me, they end up sitting beside me in real life, then i can open my eyes and communicate to them. But the aspect of imagination, is still different - for example, when i go there, i have to follow them, they usually take my hand and guide me into the unknown, then into places i do not imagine.

I tend to have a lot of fun with it - i also tend to get bored of certain places they take me to, so i jump around from scene to scene, and they get irritated, and keep having to pull me back.

They enjoy going to places i make up in my mind. The places i do not make up, are sometimes hard at first, to go with the flow - i have to spend a lot of time concentrating on what i see, but then it becomes easier.

Meeting your Spirit Guide and Guardian Angel

For example, they take me to new places all the time, at first these places look jumbled, hard to perceive, and my movements become jerky, i have to slow down, and let me eyes take in all the surroundings before they become clear. I get distracted with the surroundings easily because of such, because they are quite amazing places, which isn't good either, i should focus on my guides.

how did you meet your spirit guide

Another problem i run into, is when i meet different guides, it sparks a remembrance of them, my spirit self, knows that i know them right away, and the more i focus on them and they become clear, my stupid mind, tries to relate them to someone i have met or known in this life. I start over thinking, analyzing, because i know i recognize them, thus i start to think about my life, and if they resemble anyone i know, which creeps up doubts, and ruins the experience, then i cannot focus on what they have to tell me.

This happens all the time when i am in that vulnerable state, thus i can't express the fact of "going with the flow" more than enough.

  • How to meet your Spirit Guides
  • How To Meet Your Spirit Guides

Simply focus on your breathing until you reach that familiar meditative state. Keep an open mind and see what happens. This brings us to our next point. In reality the situation can be very different. Your experience could be as minor as seeing a certain color or could be as mind-blowing as a full-on vision. But the important thing is setting your mind up to fail.


It could take 5 attempts, 12, maybe even Then again, it could happen the first go. The trick is to expect nothing so you can appreciate whatever your guides present you with.

how did you meet your spirit guide

During this phase, your heightened levels of spiritual energy allow for clearer contact with higher beings. They come from many walks of life and once they crossed over, they decided to dedicate their life to helping those of us who are in physical form.

how did you meet your spirit guide

They often speak to us in subtle ways, and until we take the time to meet them, we may not recognize their guidance.

They communicate by putting ideas into our heads.

how did you meet your spirit guide

These ideas can come in the form of a quote, a thought, an idea, a vision of something, or an impression that we feel in our gut.

Sometimes we pay attention to these subtle communications, but I find that most people dismiss them completely and continue along their merry way.

Meeting your Spirit Guide and Guardian Angel - Michele Knight

Once you meet your spirit guides, and learn how they communicate, then you will have an easier time hearing or seeing their messages. You will move on from getting tiny impressions that you are unsure of to an actual relationship with your guides. Setting the Tone There are two things that are most important when meeting your spirit guides. The first is to make it your intention. The second is to have an open heart.

how did you meet your spirit guide

If meeting your guides is something that frightens you, then they may not come to you when you set your intention. See, our guides are fully loving, helpful and thoughtful. If the thought of meeting them scares you, then they will wait until you are ready to meet them before they make their appearance. There are many different books and CDs out there that are dedicated to helping you meet your spirit guides, but the truth is that no book or CD is needed, as people have been meeting their spirit guides without such tools for thousands of years.