First swim meet tips

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first swim meet tips

With championship season right around the corner, here are 7 tips to sharpen and swimmers from coast to coast are priming up for their big meets of the year. After months of investing all of those early mornings and seemingly impossible. Parent Guide for the first swim meet. What you should bring: 1. Team suit, cap and goggles (an extra pair of goggles is a good idea!) (Baby powder or Talcum. Part 1 of a two-part guide for swimmers and parents to enjoy their first swim meet.

My Top 5 Must-Have Gear For Your First Day of Swim Team!

I know that you are already dreaming about how you want to perform during your races, so take it a step further and spend a few minutes each evening visualizing how you want to race.

You can also use visualization in the minutes before your race to further use this high-performance mental technique. Get a lay of the land.

first swim meet tips

If you can, check out the pool the next before the meet. Check out the starting blocks, figure out where the marshalling areas will be, where your squad is going to see, where the change-rooms are, and so on.

Spend a few minutes walking around the facility so that on race day you will be familiar with it. On the Day of the Big Race Get there early.

first swim meet tips

If seating is at a premium, getting there early also means first shot at squaring away a decent spot. Remember that rarely do things ever go perfectly, much less according to plan, so go into your day of racing with the mindset of being flexible with distractions.

Develop a routine for before you get up on the blocks. Michael Phelps has done the same set of arm swings on the blocks since he was a kid. Everything before the big race is planned and done the same. Even the characteristic bent-over arm swings. For Phelps, this routine helps to keep himself calm and focused. Build a pre-race routine of your own. Note your event and heat numbers. There is no greater panic in the world than suddenly realizing that your heat is the next one up on the blocks.

first swim meet tips

Keep surprises in your diet to minimum. The last thing you want is your stomach doing a backflip in the moments you are standing behind the blocks.

Tips for a Stress-Free Swim Meet

This may mean you have to do some planning in advance in terms of meal preparation. Or drinking lots of water. Swim cap — Swimming with a cap will make you faster, and will ease the stress of having to worry about getting your hair in your face.

We recommend silicone or latex. Lock — Unfortunately, there can be theft at swimming pools. We recommend bringing your own spinning lock so you can store your belongings in a locker while you swim. So bring a towel, some sweatpants, a hoodie and some tennis shoes to keep your body warmed up all day.

10 Step Guide To Your First Swim Meet!

Pack some healthy options that are filled with protein, fiber, and carbs. You may find that you prefer to compete on a more empty stomach, or you may find that you need to refuel between heats with some protein.

first swim meet tips

Pack snacks like string cheese, fruit, granola bars, peanut butter, or granola. Having healthy food to fuel your body will be better than starving and having to buy the pizza at the concession stand!

Drink water or a sports drink all day long to prepare your body for your races. Write your name on your bottle, in case you leave it on the pool deck after warmup. Stay out of the sun as much as you can before and after your race, and always wear sunscreen. To learn about how pools are set up for swim meets, click here. Swim meet officials and volunteers are extremely friendly and love to help swimmers enjoy their time competing.

So, do not be afraid to ask for help! Upon arriving, you should follow these steps: Find the check-in table and tell them that you are present Tell the meet officials that this is your first swim meet, and ask any questions you might have about the meet, such as: Where is the locker room? How does warm up work? Where can I store my stuff? How long do you think the meet will take?