Dragonball gt until we meet again questions

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dragonball gt until we meet again questions

Before the fight of Goku and Vegeta, Vegeta gave Goku a proposal to be on It is time to take back what is mine. I Related Questions (More Answers Below) Where can I watch Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT in the Blue Water dub versions? .. Tell me will I meet that clown Kakarot in the Other World ?. Before they leave Earth, Goku says farewell to his friends and family, who And I hope your journey brings you back home someday! Frieza, Perfect Cell, Kid Buu and Baby);; and Goku meeting Goten, and Pan. Add the first question. Until the Day We Meet Again") is the seventeenth and final episode of the Shadow episode of Dragon Ball GT, and the final episode of the original Dragon Ball.

Come, let us go, Goku. Is it that time already? Goku seems to know exactly what Shenlong is talking about, however.

How, exactly, is there already some type of understanding between the two? We have not seen them discuss anything, so any conversation and mutual understanding would have to have taken place during the time that Goku was dead or unconscious after the Genki-Dama destroys Yi Xing Long. Perhaps while he was dead, Goku made some type of deal or spoke to someone so he could come back and say his goodbyes?

dragonball gt until we meet again questions

In addition to all this speculation, we have to take another look at that wish; did Goku somehow trade his own life or soul for the Dragon Balls to be able to return at some point in time, or even just to bring all those people back to life? A similar situation takes place down in Hell with Piccolo.

Piccolo immediately notices that something is strange about the entire situation after getting over his initial frustration that Goku is even down there after he went to such lengths to get him out during the Super 17 fight. If this is the case, Goku could not have both taken off wearing it and also left it behind. It is not as if you can clone clothing, either except for Namekians, anyway. Are you training again? Trunks notes that they are being tested since Shenlong is taking the Dragon Balls away from themand that when the time is right and the balance of the world has been restored, the Dragon Balls will once again reappear for a new generation.

Sure enough, Goku Jr. Have the Dragon Balls returned? If so, what was the significance of Goku absorbing them years earlier? Did he die, though? Perhaps Goku realizes that he in conjunction with the Dragon Balls is nothing more than a magnet for evil, and that by departing with them, he will somehow restore equilibrium to the world. Does Goku choose to appear this way, or has the spell cast upon him at the very beginning of DBGT worn off?

Maybe he naturally grew-up again after the one hundred years? As these events were set up so much earlier via the TV special, did the writers simply not know how or when they were going to get to that point?

It is no secret that preproduction on a new adaptation Dr.

dragonball gt until we meet again questions

Slump made its debut. In each of these cases, Goku appears and disappears just as quickly this even happens back when he says his goodbyes to everyone. While this does not necessarily mean anything other than that Goku can move extremely fast, the way in which he disappears is always made to be somehow mystical in nature.

Kuririn laughs; Goku is gone. Piccolo turns around; Goku is gone. Pan sees him across the ring, but by the time she gets over there he is gone, yet again. So we must ask again… Did Goku die? In the end, these questions are not actually answered by the show, and we are left to our own thoughts.

Saraba Gokuu... Mata Au Hi made

To be honest, in GT episode 63, just before the final episode, a big change comes over Goku. That is the turning point. It might be that he died there, or it might be that he became something else entirely. However, the Goku up to that point that everyone knows clearly does not appear after that.

In the world of Dragon Ball, Goku had already died multiple times, and up till then, each time he appeared with a halo over his head. While wishing that people will be able to get by on their own strength in a world without the Dragon Balls. He asks Shenron if he can bring everyone that died at the hands of the Shadow Dragons and Super 17 back to life.

dragonball gt until we meet again questions

Shenron grants the wish. Everyone begins to worry that Goku is leaving them again. Shenron asks Goku if he will come along and Goku climbs on Shenron's back.

dragonball gt until we meet again questions

After Goku climbs on, a recovering Vegeta runs over and asks Goku where he is going. A moment later, Vegeta realizes that Goku is going to train with Shenron and help fulfill this wish.

Before going, Goku tells Vegeta that he is now Earth 's protector, and tells him that everyone is in his hands now. Goku and Shenron go flying, and the Dragon Balls begin circulating around Goku.

Until We Meet Again

Chi-Chi tells Goku to be home in time for dinner, but Goku and Shenron fly off. Bulma begins to remember her first time meeting Goku when she was only sixteen years old while she was searching for the Dragon Balls and thinks that she is going to miss him. GohanVideland Chi-Chi return to their homes. Goten and Gohan try to comfort Chi-Chi by telling her that Goku always comes back for dinner.

Pan asks Trunks if the Dragon Balls will ever come back. Trunks talks to Pan about the Dragon Balls, and is confident that they will again come back one day. Then Pan looks worried, and she stumbles upon Goku's Gi. Vegeta tells her to take good care of it and then flies off, leaving Pan alone.

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Pan, with tears in her eyes, wonders if Goku will ever come back during her lifetime. They start talking about the past and end up having a little play fight. Krillin wins and then Goku disappears. Goku also visits Piccolowho is now in Hell keeping watch over everyone there.

Goku tells Piccolo that he will get out of Hell someday and then leaves without saying goodbye.

dragonball gt until we meet again questions

Many people see Goku with Shenron, including Yamcha and Puar who seemed like they were fixing their caras well as Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzuwho are busy training. Goku leaves with Shenron Goku goes with the dragon and lays on his stomach.

Shenron roars then vanishes. Pan is the only one alive of the old Z Fighters as all of them have died of natural causes, and she is old. She has a grandson. Her grandson, Goku Jr.