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crestron swap meet

You can find a lot of good deals if you walk around the beer garden is fun sit have a beer with friends meet new one listen to people sing you may be lucky and. The Creston Advisory Body meets the 3rd Wednesday of the month inside the Church Sanctuary. Check out their web site for details (see my Links / Contacts. Crestron Connected® Certified Display; DPM (Display Power Management) . Quick Swap (Advanced Exchange): An LG authorized technician will meet you.

Wired network connectivity ensures dependable, high-speed performance. To keep things running smoothly with the latest features, the TSS-7 checks nightly for app updates and loads the latest version automatically.

Secure — Crestron touch screens employ enterprise-grade networking with robust security features such as Manageable — Crestron touch screens feature cloud-based provisioning and management to streamline the process of configuring and monitoring every touch screen on the network and keeping them updated. They also support SNMP, so they can be monitored by your IT administrator alongside every other device on the network. When all factors are considered, the TSS-7 series actually delivers a comparable or lower cost solution compared to buying tablets and adding all the extra peripherals and maintenance they require.

The SSW and SSC series hallway signs both feature a two-sided acrylic sign face that can be custom engraved with the room name or number. The SIW offers a lower profile wall mount status indicator. Get the word out with broadcast messaging Crestron Fusion includes the ability to send broadcast messages to all the scheduling touch screens throughout a building or campus, alerting workers and guests to an emergency situation or other general announcement.

DM-MD64X64 [Crestron Electronics, Inc.]

Emergency messages can be accompanied by an audible alert sound. PoE Power over Ethernet eliminates the need for a local power supply or any dedicated power wiring.

crestron swap meet

XiO Cloud enables installers and IT managers to deploy and manage thousands of devices in the amount of time it would ordinarily take to manage just one. It provides a zero-touch solution that allows complete configuration of device settings without any hardware in hand, then simply connect each device on site and let XiO Cloud push out the settings, licenses, drivers, and firmware updates — automatically and securely — for a quick and painless, ready-to-use deployment. Ongoing XiO Cloud services facilitate daily management and monitoring of every device through a single dashboard with comprehensive reporting and logging, live status viewing and alerts, performance metrics and analytics, scheduled actions and updates, and more.

As requirements grow and evolve, new features and functionality can be added easily to one or many devices at any time without ever going on site. XiO Cloud is a subscription-based service offering an adaptable SaaS Software as a Service solution with graduated levels of functionality and unlimited scalability.

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For more information about XiO Cloud, please visit https: Versatile mounting options for the modern office space Using the bracket provided, the TSS-7 is easily installed over a 2-gang or 3-gang electrical box, or a 2-gang European or UK electrical box. The same bracket allows for installation over a rectangular cutout in wooden paneling or furniture.

A security latch option is included to deter unauthorized removal of the touch screen. This option allows for attaching securely to virtually any smooth, flat surface without screws, providing an ideal solution for modern offices with glass walls or historically significant spaces where cutting and drilling is prohibited.

It can also be mounted over a conventional electrical box. For scheduling applications utilizing occupancy sensing, the TSS-7 does not provide a physical sensor interface. Occupancy sensors must be interfaced with the scheduling service through a Crestron control system or appropriate third-party solution.

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The functionality described in this spec sheet generally refers to the Crestron Scheduling App. Each third-party provider determines the functionality and appearance of their respective app. Third-party apps typically run on the TSS-7 as they do on a tablet device. The TSS-7 runs only one app, which is selected at setup.

crestron swap meet

Only the apps approved and delivered by Crestron can run on the TSS The TSS-7 cannot be interfaced with a control system and cannot be custom programmed for any other functionality. All signals are transported over one CAT type twisted pair cable or one strand of multimode or single-mode fiber. Both point-to-point and switched Ethernet topologies are supported.

Each blade slot is field-installable, allowing for easy and flexible system configuration with the ability to expand and upgrade the system as needs change. The input and output blades are hot-swappable to facilitate servicing without shutting down the whole switcher. Each blade provides eight inputs or outputs of any one type.

Ordinarily this causes a complete loss of signal for up to 15 seconds each time a new source or display is selected anywhere in the system.

crestron swap meet

To make matters worse, every source device has a limited number of keys available, so connect too many displays and the source will simply stop outputting a signal without warning. Not to worry — Crestron QuickSwitch HD manages the keys for every HDCP-compliant device in the system, maintaining continuous authentication for each device to ensure fast, reliable routing of any source to any number of display devices.


Whether switching between sources or TV channels, Auto-Locking significantly reduces the time it takes each device to sense the new signal and configure itself to handle the changes, virtually eliminating any noticeable gap while switching. Such conflicts can wreak havoc any time you route one source to more than one display or audio component.

The media source feeding your p or Ultra HD projector in the theater may restrict itself to a lower resolution, or even shut off completely, if someone decides to view the same signal on a smaller TV in another room.

Through the DM-MD64X64, the format and resolution capabilities of each device can be assessed, allowing the installer to configure EDID appropriately for the most desirable and predictable behavior. By providing an independent scaler for every display device, DigitalMedia truly delivers the most flexible and user-friendly solution for routing multiple disparate sources to many different display devices.

Distributed scaling allows a high-res computer source to be viewed on any display in the building.

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It also allows an SD, HD, or Ultra HD video source to be viewed simultaneously on the 4K display in your theater and on lower-resolution displays throughout the house. Ethernet is also utilized internally by the Crestron control bus to manage the DM devices in the system and provide display control in each room. Crestron also offers USB extenders to enable the routing of virtually any type of USB peripheral to any host device, all managed through the DigitalMedia system. Every module communicates with the DM switcher over the local Ethernet network or via a direct connection to the LAN port of a DM transmitter or receiver.