Vnit alumni meet the president

President to confer degree to students at VNIT Nagpur

vnit alumni meet the president

The National Institutes of Technology (NITs) are autonomous public institutes of higher . To ensure enough supply of trained personnel to meet the demand for these projects, as proven by the success of their alumni and their contributions in the field of The President of India is the ex officio visitor of all the NITs. The NIT. Dear Alumnus, We are thrilled to organize the 5th VNIT Mumbai Alumni Meet! Venue: Matoshree Club, JVLR, Opposite Kamal Amrohi Studio, Jogeshwari East . COM - VNIT's Literary Hub, Name: INSIGHT'15 - VNIT's Annual Institute The Alumni Association set up the E-Mail, where T-shirts, track-suits, pride and joy that we had seen one of the greatest presidents of India "Jive".

The bill was passed in Lok Sabha on 21 July Head of another technical institution in the region or an eminent technologist to be nominated by Central Govt. Director, IIT in the region or his nominee. Two representatives representing large, medium and small scale industries to be nominated by Central Government.

vnit alumni meet the president

One Professor and one Assistant Professor of the institute by rotation. The Director serves under the Board of Governors, and is the school's chief academic and executive officer.

Academic policies are decided by its Senate, which is composed of some professors and other representatives. The Senate controls and approves the curriculum, courses, examinations, and results. Senate committees examine specific academic matters. The teaching, training, and research activities of various departments of the institute are periodically reviewed to maintain educational standards.

President to confer degree to 1140 students at VNIT Nagpur

The Director is the ex officio Chairman of the Senate. The Deputy Director is subordinate to the Director.

vnit alumni meet the president

Faculty members serve as Deans and Heads of Departments for limited periods, typically 2 to 3 years, then returning to regular faculty duties. The Registrar is the chief administrative officer and overviews day-to-day operations. Below the Head of Department HODare the various faculty members professors, assistant professors, and lecturers.

The National Institutes of Technology Act is the second law for technical education institutions after the Indian Institutes of Technology Act of Other sources of funds include student fees and research funding from industry and contributions from the alumni. The faculty-to-student ratio in the NITs is between 1: The various NITs function autonomously, and their special status as Institutes of National Importance facilitates the smooth running of NITs, virtually free from both regional as well as student politics.

Such autonomy means that NITs can create their own curricula and adapt rapidly to the changes in educational requirements, free from bureaucratic hurdles. The medium of instruction in all NITs is English.

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The classes are usually held between 8: All the NITs have public libraries for the use of their students. In addition to a collection of prescribed books, the libraries have sections for fiction and other literary genres. Break-up of jobs offered in the academic year D, email: The academic departments have been carrying out various activities envisaged under the III independently and with support from the III Cell, as deemed necessary. The Objectives of Industry Institute Interaction Cell are mainly — To evolve educational programmes which are consistent with the broad requirements of the industry and which can give rise to engineering personnel capable of coping-up with the accelerating pace of the technological development.

To create adequate facilities of updating knowledge of professional engineers and technologists to meet growth and developmental needs of the industry To coordinate the research and developmental activities of the two systems In light of the liberal economic and industrial policy recently adopted by the Govt. Industries are compelled to export a part of their production and complete with multinationals for the internal market.

The emphasis has shifted to quality products and well trained manpower to produce such products.

vnit alumni meet the president

Retraining of the work force has become major activity for all industries. There is, thus a good opportunity for institute to interact with industries for mutual benefits. The Industry-Institute Interaction would accrue mutual benefits when a symbiotic relationship is developed between the two systems.

The ultimate aim of this relationship will be the creation of confidence in industry by the Institute which would result industries involving voluntarily the Institute at various stages of its development. III Cell also arranges student intership in various industries. Alumni Association Institute has strong Alumni association and has very distinguished alumni working in various Government and Non Government sector.

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The mission of the VNIT Alumni Association VNITAANagpur is to bring all alumni under a common umbrella for the purpose of professional networking, intellectual engagement, fostering fellowship and building a bridge between alumni and current students.

Through mentoring activities, industry events, awards and scholarships and promoting discussion of issues relevant to our profession, alumni aim to help VNIT to produce Engineers and Architects of the highest calibre, while creating a vibrant professional culture capable of addressing the technological needs of the global society. Wall Street - a virtual stock exchange provides contestants with an insight into the share market. Introduced for the first time inKartavya is a social event where the participants have to find solutions to the problems faced by NGOs in their daily operations, thus instilling them with a sense of social responsibility.

National Institutes of Technology

The event Coll-In-Coll served as a platform for students to present their solutions to industry-oriented problem statements, and the winners were offered internships in prestigious companies like NTPC and Bajaj Steel Industries. Also, on display were exquisite vintage vehicles by Volkswagen. Kalam also graced the exhibition 'Tech Connect', which featured innovative technologies like Biped Bot, an all terrain vehicle, advanced sorting algorithms etc.

vnit alumni meet the president

Workshops[ edit ] AXIS organises various workshops to bring students up-to-date with the latest technologies. Organised under expert guidance, these workshops are major crowd pullers, not only in Nagpurbut in other cities as well. The sixth-sense Arduino Botz workshop saw students successfully attempt to interface the digital world with physical surroundings. The workshop dealt with controlling a functional robot with a mobile phone and was a grand success.

Chairman – Visvesvaraya National Institute of technology

The three-day 'Biped Bot' workshop concerned itself with the construction of a walking robot and programming of an Arduino microprocessor. Participants used their creativity to make the root waddle, kick and perform jumping splits. The workshop on 'Internet of Things' focused on automation of daily household appliances using RaspberryPi.

An outstation workshop wherein students learnt about Sixth Sense Robotics on Arduino was conducted in Jabalpur.

vnit alumni meet the president

Workshops on latest technologies like Cloud Computing, Quad-copter Construction and Haptic Robotic Arm were educational, informative and were met with an overwhelming participation.