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transformers prime meet the team wordpress

Growing up in the 80s and early 90s, "Optimus Prime," "Bumblebee," The meetings were hosted by the GACCoM team at their office on You can quickly add members to your team(s), add their picture, position, bios, social links, re-order them at anytime and display them anywhere with a simple. Want to display details about your team on your website? This collection of team member plugins for WordPress has got you covered.

Strong ties to Miko and some pretty intense battles are key for Bulky. His gruffness reminds me of Kup and his character change from relunctantly tolerating the kids to accepting them is done pretty good. He bonds the most with Raphael, as they are, to some degree, intellectual equals, and comes off like grump uncle of the Autobots.

I think sometimes that the voice actor Jeffery Combs is doing a Doc Brown impersonation when voicing Ratchet. I was always hoping to see Wheeljack again after his uncerimonious sendoff in the old movie, so I was a bit pysched to see him return for this show. Anyways, that aside, there could be something here, but he has an uphill battle to climb with me personally.

This wise cracking incarnation immediately butts heads with the way Optimus runs his operation, preferring his own methods of reckless abandon and wanton destruction to get the job done, Ratchet quick to point out that he could carelessly hurt civilians with his brute methods. To me, it seems the Autobots merely tolerate his methods until he goes too far. The ones that get killed in Eli Roth films! Again, other flamboyant Autobots already acted like this in the G1 cartoon. Megatron is huge, powerful, has a big ass cannon, has shark teeth, and voiced again by Frank Welker.

I have really loved the lengths he has gone to achieve success in this show, like the Orion Pax 3 parter where he takes in a demoted and amnesiac Optimus Prime into his ranks to unlock valuable lost relics for him. Besides, you know you are a badass villan when the most dangerous reciever in the NFL is rocking your name.

Transformers: Prime - Team Autobots & Megatron

I have never felt that any Transformers series has presented Starscream in any kind of respectable light, and mostly plays off his antics for comedy. In fact, he was pretty hardcore in that show. And then we get this version of him, who might choke on small objects if left around. He even loses his ability to transform for what felt like an eternity. I thought I only see this kind of character burial in WWE. Keep an eye out for him gyrating his hips while the Deceptacons chant his name.

Learning Transitional Leadership from Optimus Prime – The Fuse News

Soundwave mostly gathers information and seldom fights, but he seem more than capable of holding his own, as he made short work of Airachnid in a very brief grab for power and takes on Wheeljack in the aforementioned Triage episode.

He does still dispatch Laserbeak, which is a chest plate that detaches and flys around, but looks more like a mini jet than a bird. The non-speaking carries some menace.

transformers prime meet the team wordpress

I do miss less of Laserbeak and the other minibots. Unlike Ratchet, he sees more action in the battlefield, but usually preferred to let his former partner Breakdown do the heavy lifting. After Breakdown was scrapped, Knockout spends more time in the Deceptacon warship. He has some great chemistry with Starscream, so there is potential for those two to go back and forth at each other.

Not much of a warrior, so his fights are fairly decent, mostly played for comedy, like Optimus ripping his car door off or getting scratched up by a train car. I really like her character and she has been great in every episode focused on her.

She debuted in Predatory and pretty much sums up the darker mood of the series. Her menacing spider transformation to hunting down Jack, this is the stuff really good villans are made of. They get there, only to find Megatron in cryo-stasis.

They then find out that the Allspark is in the hanger right next to Megatrons.

THE TRANSFORMERS MULTIVERSE | A Celebration of Transformers Source Material and Fan Culture

When they find out that the Decepticons have found out where the cube is, Sam urges Simmons to un-confiscate his car. They do and Bumblebee makes the cube small enough for the humans to carry it. Sam, Mikeala and Bumblebee are escorted by the soldiers who were in Quatar when Blackout attacked to Mission City to fly the cube out of there. They get there only to be attacked by Starscream immediately.


Megatron causes Sam to fall off to his death, only to have Optimus catch him. They make it to the ground only to have Megatron and Optimus fighting immediately. They fight, Sam runs and hides, Optimus is close to losing, and Megatron is almost on him.

transformers prime meet the team wordpress

Optimus Prime is a great example of what a Transitional Leader should be and gives us pause to how we are nurturing and developing this leadership style in the nonprofit sector. A Transitional Leader can be described as someone who is most active and skilled at handling the toughest situations in the toughest times, ethically, systematically, and above all, with mission at the core. His poise in adversity is admirable, the way he repeatedly reminds his fellow team about the purpose even when they want to go adrift, the trust the Auto Bots have in their leader and manages to meet any transition with ethics and pride.

Through the entire series of Transformers, the Auto Bots met adversities head on — they never swayed, gave up, or gave in. The nonprofit sector has many similarities and goes through just as many adverse situations. It is the primary responsibility of organizational leadership to maintain clarity during a time of major staff changes such as lay-offs, departures, and terminations.

If your Development Director is relocating to another state and will be leaving in the next month, does your organization have a plan in place to handle such a transition?