Melissa etheridge meet me in the back lyrics

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melissa etheridge meet me in the back lyrics

Melissa Etheridge website. 1. Memphis Train. Lyrics . lady) (While you were out making love). 5. I've Been Loving you Too Long (To Stop Now). Lyrics . Meet me in the back / Don't make me wait too long / I could change my mind / And tell you that it's wrong / So meet me in the back / Where the light don't shine. MEET ME IN THE BACK Meet me in the back. Don't make me wait too long. I could change my mind. And tell you that it's wrong. So meet me in the back.

Her previous DVD release Live Now, with a new belle on her arm and the past behind her, Etheridge is looking at the glass as not only half-full, but overflowing.

melissa etheridge meet me in the back lyrics

And the album art is alive, colorful, and full good luck charms. It's a noticeable, painless difference that makes this album take off a hell of a lot more quickly than her previous album.

The opening title track has all the roots rock she's known for, while offering some studio smarts along with the crunchy Stonesy riff weaving its way throughout. From there, Etheridge moves into the mid-tempo ballad of "This Moment", which sways effortlessly as she gives one of her best performances in recent memory.

And it's full of a gushing happiness that thankfully doesn't stifle the song. It tends to go a tad over-the-top with the bombastic bridge, but she manages to rein it back in nicely.

She certainly found her radio-friendly chops again on the crunchy, meaty, and thumping "If You Want To", a tune that will probably end up being a second or third single, perfect for those long summer drives. If there's one knock against the song, it's that it ends too abruptly. What's puzzling about the album is how there is a drop-off in terms of how the first single, "Breathe", fails to stack up as well against the opening trio of tracks. Not that it's terrible, but it sounds a bit forced at times, with Etheridge not losing herself in the song as much as she could.

She tries to make up for it during the closing moments, but it's a bit too little, too late. The powerful yet understated drums of this song are a sound to be heard.

Watching the motion in the small room boil over and the delivery of these two songs back to back are beyond words. She gives her all; you can see the emotion exude from her face as she sings these powerful lyrics. I found myself being moved in a profound way.

Meet Me In the Back

As she moved through new material and her classic hits, I was shocked by how good they all sounded with just a three-piece band backing her up. However, I should not have been surprised as her drummer is Kenny Aronoff, who is arguably one the best drummer's out there. In fact, Mellencamp has lost sharpness as a live performer since Kenny left his touring band back in I've seen great artists perform with average musicians I'm certain that a band of inferior musicians would sound mighty being backed by this potent musician.

Melissa Etheridge has used Kenny on every tour going back to and he's one of her secret weapons as a live performer. Kenny elevates her material to another level. Giving her band a break, Melissa played four songs by herself on acoustic guitar and piano, including an affecting version of "The Weakness In Me", a cover originally performed by Joan Armatrading.

melissa etheridge meet me in the back lyrics

The haunting vocal Melissa delivered to the intimate crowd made you believe she penned the tune herself. I dismissed this song upon my first listen of the "Breathe" as simply another ballad, but I was deeply mistaken. Her melancholy delivery made me take a second look. Upon seeing it live, I can only hope to see it performed on future tours.

She told the crowd a story about how the record label was less than pleased with the album on first listen; further proof that record labels don't have a clue on what to do with an artist of any value these days. They are more engrossed in the quick fix, instead of long term careers.

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After having her record company tell her she needed more hits, she went home and wrote a song for the fan who sits there with a new album and relishes every lyric and note upon their virgin listen. Sadly, the majority of people who know Melissa Etheridge will never know of this song. However, for six minutes on a Saturday night, people within the House of Blues were mesmerized by the haunting performance; the song is the type to give you goose bumps.

I stood there in complete awe as this artist is wearing her every emotion on her sleeve and inspiring others in the process.

Melissa Etheridge - Bring Me Some Water (Live)

The remainder of the evening was all about empowerment; "Bring Me Some Water", "The Only One", "Like The Way I Do" and the thunderous encore of "Giant" show an artist who has carefully conceptualized a set list with themes and narratives. Bruce Springsteen has made a career of this and very few artists have even come close to the supremacy of his performances. They are like a revival-you walk out a believer.

I've always admired Melissa Etheridge and her brutal honesty, but I left the House of Blues, feeling like a "Giant" as her performance was better than it ever should have been. In the age of tickets prices higher than most sky scrapers in Chicago, artists are too often resting on their laurels giving us the same performances from a decade ago where the ticket price was a fifth of what it is today. Melissa has scaled down her show, but rewarded her fans with performances than are beyond potent.

We paid her well and she gave us a show that lasted well over three-hours. To put that in perspective, of the two dozen times I have seen Bruce Springsteen, I have only seen him do a show this long six times. She's an artist whose recordings is only the tip of the iceberg and let me confirm that this iceberg is huge.

She's a prevailing live performer. I anticipated seeing an enjoyable show but what I witnessed went beyond my wildest expectations as she gave it her all like an up and coming band hoping to entrance an audience. The profound simplicity of her show which focused on music, not gimmicks, make most other acts look foolish who spend more time on their stage shows than the song selections.

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When listening to Melissa Etheridge, I feel like she's letting me in on her own personal diary entries; like she is speaking directly to me about her yearning for love and acceptance, which strikes me as incredibly gentle and true.

This is why she has struck such a chord with a mass audience. More than her words, her velvet voice makes you FEEL that yearning.