Meet the mormons chinese laundry

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meet the mormons chinese laundry

Noted Irish poet William Butler Yeats once said: “There are no strangers here; only friends you haven't yet met.” But sometimes, with our. Mormon missionaries voluntarily serve and teach people around the world. like jeans and a T-shirt, while they do laundry, shop for groceries. offers rather than a laundry list of things we should or shouldn't do. But I do still hear – All. The. Time. – ordinary Mormons talking about the Sabbath in ways that may be helpful for When something meets both of those tests – or even one of them What's up with Jews and Chinese food on Christmas?.

Sure, they like to throw a bunch of extra crap in there like not drinking coffee probably the main reason I could never go back or alcohol, but at the very core of their religion are the teachings of Jesus Christ.

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I would point out, however, that during the earliest days of Christianity before anyone called it that the Jews thought the followers of Christ were part of a giant heretic cult, hence why they hung him from a cross.

Which leads me to… 5. These covenants are held so sacred that they are not even taught within the church lessons themselves. All I was ever told about garments growing up was that they are meant to be a symbol and reminder of the promises a person made to God and are worn at all times except for bathing, swimming, certain sports or… you know, sexy time. A selection of other random facts: They do not believe in shopping, traveling or engaging in activities outside of the home on Sundays.

5 Things Everyone Should Know About Mormons

Facial hair is generally frowned upon, especially in offices of leadership. Women cannot attain positions of spiritual leadership within the church such as Bishops, Apostles or Prophets. They do not believe in watching rated R movies, drinking tea or any other overly caffeinated beverages, they also do not condone tattoos or piercings aside from ears on women none for dudes.

Think Hitler… or Ann Coulter Bazinga!

meet the mormons chinese laundry

The idea that if you are righteous enough you can basically be the ruler of some other world or planet is not widely taught and fairly controversial within the church itself. It certainly was not something that was taught in my Sunday school classes. There are no paid clergy within the church; it is all volunteer based until you get to the higher echelon with the Apostles and Prophet himself whom are, apparently, provided only what they need to live simply and comfortably.

I wish that were the case, it have been pretty freakishly cool.

meet the mormons chinese laundry

Basically, since they believe you have to be baptized Mormon to go to heaven, they baptize their members in the spiritual place of the unfortunately dead person whom did not have the chance to be baptized on earth. Some famous people they have done this for causing varying degrees of outrage: I tried to get baptized for Mark Twain when I was fourteen… apparently someone had beaten me to it.

They claim this practice is endorsed by the Apostle Paul in 1 Cor. Men, around the age of 18 women around 19 who go on missions are away from home for about two years living off the required amount of money they saved prior and are asked not to return home unless a close family member has died.

They have restricted phone and internet use if they have it at all and are encouraged to write letters instead. My dad went to the Dominican Republic and my mother went to Milan, Italy. Mormons, like any other religion, are filled with wonderful, understanding and compassionate people as well as those whom are judgmental, harsh and unkind; the latter of which are far less common in my experience.

I appreciate my childhood within the church and sometimes I even miss the general kinship I felt and their focus on the humble serving of their fellow man, something I wish more people would embrace.

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Attending a College or Technical School After graduating from high school, some missionaries postpone college or additional schooling until they return from their mission.

Others attend a semester or two of classes, serve a mission, and then return to school afterwards. This break in education can be difficult for some missionaries: Or if they attended their freshman year, they are no longer in the same classes or life situation as their first-year friends.

Accepting Sports Opportunities or Scholarships Some high school seniors receive academic, music, art, or sports scholarships. Others may have professional sports teams recruiting them. There are numerous missionaries who miss out on amazing sports opportunities and scholarships because they choose to serve a mission. There are also some fortunate enough to still have a scholarship and a chance to play when they return home. Having Alone Time Missionaries are rarely alone.

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They are assigned to serve with a companion, and they stay with that companion all day, every day. They eat, study, attend church, proselyte, and run errands together. Having a companion is a bit like using the buddy system. While it may not always be fun or easy having someone around all the time, companions stay together to keep each other safe and to be a support system.

Besides not being able to see or talk with family each day, missionaries miss the home-cooked meals. Imagine being in Hawaii or Costa Rica and not being able to play in the water! It might seem excessive, but the rule is in place for safety reasons. Missionaries are encouraged to exercise and take part in recreational and cultural activities.