Meet the denver nuggets dancers tryouts

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meet the denver nuggets dancers tryouts

Meet the Denver Nuggets Dancers. Meet the Denver Nuggets Dancers! Alexandria. Meet the Denver Nuggets. Meet the sixteen-person squad below, complete with photos and See also: Photos: Denver Nuggets Dancers Tryouts Meet Alicia. Nuggets Dancers Holiday Performance. VIEW FULL POST Denver Nuggets Dancers Auditions Nuggets Dancers Interview at Mile High Dreams Gala.

Telcom, Computer Networking Favorite Charity: American Diabetes Association, My father is losing a battle against Diabetes so this Charity holds close to my heart.

Advice for young dancers: Always believe in yourself and your dreams. Go to every audition, Master class, workshop or competition your heart desires. Try not to compare yourself to the others there. Look in the Mirror because you are your biggest competition. I was given the nickname "Leesie Bug" by my family after being talked into eating a lady bug at a very young age. I also have the nickname "Allie-Shay" my friends like to call me that to fit my sassiness.

meet the denver nuggets dancers tryouts

Leasing Agent Favorite Charity: I have had the opportunity to be an advocate and spread awareness of Domestic Violence through dance workshops and I also taught dance classes at the shelter. By pretending like you do you will find with time how much more comfortable you'll feel with the technique, movement and performance!

2018 Denver Nuggets Dancers Auditions Info

Continue to meet more of your Denver Nuggets Dancers. Medical Assisting Favorite Charity: My favorite charity would have to be the Eddie's kids foundation.

meet the denver nuggets dancers tryouts

I think it is truly great what Eddie does for all of the underprivileged kids who cannot afford to come to all of the big sporting events in Colorado. I love to be apart of all of the events he puts on. Don't ever give up! When you hit a plateau or feel like you can't do something, remember that you CAN! You are your own worst critic, don't lose sight of your goals and passion. Mini Me My dad gave me this because I'm just like him, so he is Big Me ; Oreo my cousins couldn't say my name correctly when they were little Born: Never give up, never stop asking questions and learning.

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Dancing for over 15 years and I am still learning things I wish I would have learn at an earlier age. I look back and wish I would listened to my heart on my dancing a lot sooner! I pushed myself and have at least made it this far to be a professional NBA dancer, so anything is possible if you put your mind to it!

Becca, Bec, Becs Born: Born in Edina, MN. Raised in Golden, CO Birthday: American Cancer Society Advice for young dancers: Don't let others tear you down and always have confidence in yourself.

Denver Nuggets Dancers | Denver Nuggets

Remember you can make any dream come true if you put the effort into it! Didi, Speedy, Deeders, Biscuit, Beans. I am a prospective student for medical school with an interest in women's health. I am currently a medical assistant at a reproductive endocrinology medical clinic. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado. I have always wanted to become a Big Sister and as soon as my schedule frees up enough to apply, I am planning on helping advocate for our Colorado youth.

Find your own style with your movements. Everyone brings something different to the table because of their own unique physique and background. You have great things to offer to don't be afraid to take risks and choreograph to put yourself out there! My dad and twin brother have always called me Halo! Make A Wish Foundation. My sister is very active in this foundation and has inspired me to care immensely for this charity, as well.

The Make a Wish Foundation transforms the wishes of children with life-threatening illnesses into realities and is a truly incredible organization. I have been involved in some of their fundraising events, including the Annual Sporting Affair, and I hope to become more involved in the future! I would advise young dancers to take a wide array of classes.

Push yourself outside of your comfort zone whether that means trying tap for the first time or going to a drop-in hip hop class. Every class you take can only help you improve and grow as a dancer.

Denver Nuggets Dancers Audition Prep Class- 6.14.18

In addition, never forget to enjoy yourself! Dancing and performing bring me so much happiness, and hard work and goal setting should never take away from that!

Kels, kelsers, melsers Birthday: Pilates instructor and studio manager Favorite Charity: Kroenke Sports Charities has allowed me to be involved in many different charities over the past year, I love participating in hospital visits! One of the perks of becoming a Denver Nuggets dancer is that you get sponsored for hair styling, gym memberships, tanning, and waxing services.

meet the denver nuggets dancers tryouts

Most women on the team are professionals. While they have different backgrounds and come from other locations, they unite because of their passion for dancing. What is the schedule for the tryouts? What are the requirements? July 14 Preliminaries and semi-finals.

meet the denver nuggets dancers tryouts

Registration time is from 9: Pepsi Center Prep classes: Classes will start on June 1. Please visit the Denver Nuggets dancers page to get more audition details and register. Overview of the prep classes: The Denver Nuggets dancers offers prep classes that help you familiarize yourself with their choreography. Each prep class will teach you different combos and give you a feel of the actual audition process.

While they are not required, they give you a competitive edge. Overview of the auditions and qualifications: Preliminaries and semi-finals will take place on the same date, July Choreography will be taught and you are to perform it for the judges in a small group.