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meet the demoman censored eleven

in Meet the Demoman. The winner for the "clean" (i.e. no cussing) category was "They got more flame-retardant cross-dressin' arsonists than. A page for describing Characters: Team Fortress 2 Support. Main Character Index | Offense Classes | Defense Classes | Support Classes | Non-Player. Team Fortress 2 is a war-themed hat simulator filled with over-the-top violence, parodies of s national stereotypes, James Bond movies, and enough .

The teams' roles are reversed from what they are in the game's Gravel Pit. Several crates of beer can be seen behind the Demoman. These are made by ' Red Shed '. The Demoman's unused Dynamite Pack weapon can be seen on his desk, most prominently at 0: The Demoman's grenade bounces, then explodes on contact with the enemy Pyro.

The ability for grenades to detonate on contact after the first bounce was removed in the September 28, Patch for the PC and a different patch for the Xbox The closing screen features the following disclaimer: It is submitted to the possibility of errors, omissions, or nerfing without notice.

In the next shot when the Demoman destroys the Sentry Gun, the Dispenser is gone. When the Demoman shoots his grenades at the Sentry Gun, he only shoots one grenade, but in the next shot there is another grenade that appears out of thin air.

The scene cuts back to the Scout in the title card background.

meet the demoman censored eleven

D-Do you have any idea, any idea who I am? We already know this. The scene cuts back to Heavy and Scout, who are in a fistfight while yelling. Cuts back to Scout. Then the scene cuts back to Scout flexing to impress. The scene cuts back to the fight and Heavy now has the struggling Scout in a headlock.

Scene cuts back to Scout again. Grass grows, birds fly, sun shines, and brotha'. I'm a force a' nature! If you were from where I was from, you'd be fuckin' dead!

The scene cuts back to Scout imitating an excited sound. The closing theme starts playing as the camera zooms out of Scout's face and into a whole group shot of the mercenaries. After that clip ended, a few has some words about it. The scene cuts to a BLU Demoman until another rocket blew him up just like the Pyro, another scene shows a BLU Heavy finger banging at the viewers before he met the same fate as his comrades.

Soon the title card named "Meet the Soldier" appears and the scene starts with a man wearing a red military uniform with two grenades strapped across his chest and wearing a helmet was seen talking to what look like recruits. If fighting is sure to result in victory, then you must fight!

The Soldier paused for a bit before continuing. Sun Tzu said that, and I'd sya he knows a little bit more about fighting than you do, pal, because he invented it. And then he perfected it so that no living man could best him in the ring of honor.

Cues The Art of War - Team Fortress 2 As intense battle music starts playing, everyone sees The Soldier unleashing an aggressive war cry while holding a collapsible shovel before charging into battle.

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The scene cuts back to The Soldier continuing his speech as he pulls out his two grenades. Then, he used his fight money to buy two of every living animal on Earth, and then he herded them onto a boat, and then he beat the crap out of every single one.

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The scene cuts back to the intense battle that Soldier was currently fighting in. The scene cuts back to The Soldier chuckling before finishing his speech to his "recruits". And from that day forward, anytime a bunch are together in one place, it's called a zoo! The camera changes and everyone was shock and disgusted when it revealed that Soldier was actually talking to a row of severed heads of the BLU team wearing soldier helmets, and the severed head of the Medic slowly fell to the ground with a splatting sound.

Stylish recoiled in disgust while posing dramatically. The closing theme starts playing with the camera zooming out of the Soldier's face this time and into the group shot again. A short scene plays as The Soldier puts in a few extra words to the severed head on the floor.

Unless, it's a farm! After that was over, everyone decided to speak about it. Unfortunately, the next mercenary will definitely shock them to their core. The title card instantly burned away and everyone sees a person wearing a red flame-retardant suit with three flame grenades strapped across his chest and has a large oxygen tank on his back and wields a homemade flamethrower and he slowly walks across the littered ground to destroy his latest victims.

The scene cuts to The Heavy talking about the Pyro while his face was covered by the shadows. I fear no man. The Heavy leans closer for the group to see a worried and slightly scared look on his face.

The scene cuts back to the Pyro marching towards a town where a bunch of BLU mercenaries quickly hide inside the buildings in fear, and a BLU Scout was locked out and tries to get inside as he sees Pyro coming closer.

The group couldn't help but feel a bit anxious when they heard the Pyro's heavy breathing inside his rubber mask. The scene cuts to The Scout who refuses to talk about The Pyro in panic. No, I-I ain't, I ain't talking about that freak. The Scout tries to take off a microphone from his shirt, but to no avail and begins to panic.

He's not here, is she? The Scout continues to tug the microphone as he stands up and knocks over the camera in the process. But, it wouldn't hurt to try and find out what's underneath the mask. The scene cuts to the Pyro breaking inside one of the buildings, with the BLU Demoman quickly hiding away. As the Pyro surveys the area, the scene fades to The Spy smoking a cigarette as he talks about the Pyro in the interview room. One shudders to imagine what inhuman thoughts lie behind that mask The scene changes as The Pyro shoots his Flamethrower and set the whole town on fire.

Soon the camera zooms into the Pyro's mind to give everyone what his perspective is like. What they found is truly shocking as once the vision has cleared, they see Pyro's vision as a colorful, happy and magical fantasy world and his Flamethrower was spraying rainbows and sparkles all over while a happy song was playing.

Cosmina forgot all the worry inside of her as she too distracted listening to the happy tune. As the two were closer to each other happily, the scene transitions on what actually happens in reality as The Pyro chops the BLU Heavy's head with his Fire Axe. Pyro muffles in surprise and tries to close the lid, but the scene transitions to The Pyro locking the BLU Medic in a shed by barring the door with one of his axes.

The Pyro ignores the Medic's pleas and sets both him and the shed on fire before it transitions back to Pyroland with Pyro skipping hwile spraying rainbows on his weapon and as he pass by a cherub BLU Engineer and Spy, they quickly rode a cute Balloonicorn that magically appears out of thin air. All the BLU cherubs waved goodbye as fireworks started blowing up like a happy fairy tale that kids don't want to stop dream forever.

The group continued to watch in silence as the scene changes back to reality when the entire BLU team were running around, screaming in pain and desperately trying to escape the flames.

And a BLU Demoman screaming for help while everyone were in a panic. He slowly crawls a bit before grabbing someone's ankle and begs for help. But unfortunately, he saw The Pyro pointing his Flamethrower at the Sniper as he pulled the trigger and watched with a tilted head and the fire reflecting in his eye lenses as he listens to the Sniper's screams of agony as he's being burned alive.

The closing theme starts playing with the camera zooming out of the Pyro's face and into the group shot again. The extra scene shows The Pyro happily dancing in Pyroland before the camera slowly zooms out of the Soldier's hole in his chest as he gasp in pain before falling dead, and eveyrone surveyed the total destruction The Pyro made from burned down and collapsing buildings to chopped up and charred corpses of the BLUs before the screen faded to black.

Offensive, Defensive and Support. Scout, Soldier and Pyro makes up the Offensive group to attack and flank enemies by surprise. The scene starts with a dark- skinned man wearing a red uniform with a large bomb vest over it with three grenade pills on each side. He also wore a cap and an eye patch over his right eye. He is seen running out of a tunnel with a series of explosions behind, the scene froze as he jumped out and his voice is heard as he talks about himself.

What makes me a good Demoman? The scene transitions to The Demoman talking to the camera in a room full of explosives The Demoman: If I were a bad Demoman, I wouldn't be sittin' here, discussin' it with you now would I?! As Demoman and the RED team charge into the battlefield, a cascade of rockets were aiming at Demoman but he ran to the right as he easily dodges the hits. Not one of ya's gonna' survive this. The scene transitions back to The Demoman talking to the viewers.

One crossed wire, one wayward pinch of potassium chlorate, one errant twitch The scene cuts back to the battle where The Demoman bounces a grenade pill off a wall and it blew apart a BLU Pyro upon contact. It then cuts back to The Demoman taking a large drink of his Scrumpy. Changing back to the battle scene shows a BLU Sentry leveling up to it's third form and it cuts back to The Demoman continuing to drink his Scrumpy, uninterrupted.

The scene changes back to the battle where The Scout was gunned down by the Sentry and Demoman fired two grenade pills at the Sentry, and the machine tried to shoot them but it was too late as it was destroyed into scrap metal. The scene cuts back to The Demoman stops drinking to take a breather and the camera blurs a little. I got a manky eye. I'm a black Scottish cyclops. Everyone was completely surprised and shock and slightly shudder at the thought of fighting a floating eyeball.

As he said that, he accidentally knocks a grenade pill as it blinked and fell to the floor. They've got more fecking sea monsters in the great Lochett Ness than they've got the likes of me. Everyone were stunned at the sentence that Demoman has said. He was about to take another sip until he notices the camera and acts aggressive again.

The scene cuts back to the battle as The Demoman is capturing the objective and his voice is still heard as it plays on. T'all you fine dandies so proud, so cocksure. Demoman sees a bunch of BLUs coming after him with smug looks on their faces as they were fully intent on murdering the hell out of him.

Prancin' aboot with your heads full of eyeballs! Come and get me I say! The Demoman grew a devious look on his face as he ran back to his back with the BLUs in hot pursuit, and when he walk pass the door frame he switches to a different grenade launcher as he fires bombs around the door frame.

I'll be waiting on ya with a whiff of the 'ol brimstone. I'm a grim bloody fable The BLUs sees Demoman drinking and continued to charge forward, but the BLU Heavy notices the many sticky bombs all around the door frame and Demoman did a mock salute and the bombs detonated and the entire BLU team blew up into a confetti of blood and body parts. At the end of every dead end will be an Engineer with a Sentry ready to blow your brains out!

However, if you don't go the wrong way, and you survive long enough to carry the bomb straight to the actual factory, be prepared to fight Tin Engineer Robots, Sentries and Mini-Sentries, Giant Engineers who use extra-powerful Short Circuits 'Shocking Discovery Engineer'and Modified Tanks that shoot at you and charge for your base of attack Basically Spawn Camping you.

If you manage to throw a bomb down into the base, however, the Robots will be forced to retreat, and you can claim all the bounty within the now ruined base; Including some new Engineer weapons that Mann Co. The reason Medic and Heavy sound odd They are both terrified of robots, having both been exposed to them in childhood. However, Heavy was able to protect his family but Medic could not. Seeing the Robots again inspire fear in Medic and pure rage in Heavy. Painful memories are being pulled up for both of them, but they deal with them differently.

Heavy is the first to head out to fight the robots because he knows that is he does not stop the robots, no one else will. Medic only gains to resolve to join up once he sees everyone else doing it.

The robots run on piles of money. Soldier KNEW about the robots coming. The Alternate Reality Game is not done yet The ARG that started in Pyromania is not done yet. But there still remains one item that we have not been able to piece into the puzzle just yet.

The Secret Diary still has not been opened, still has not revealed what lies within its contents, and Valve wouldn't throw in a completely useless item for no reason Even the Goldfish, the thing that had no real connection to the Pyro or Monkeynaught Poopy Joe or Robots, served it's purpose as ashes.

The Diary will open up soon But what is in it? Will be up for Valve to decide In Loose Canon, we see Australia as it was some 70 years before the game setting. We see that it is a futuristic industrialized utopia where everyone -including women- are big muscled macho-men with mustaches.

This of course is attributed to their exposure to Australium. Now, fast forward to the modern day TF2 setting. Notice how the only Australians we see Sniper and his parents are neither ripped or moustachioed.

Nor is what we see of present-day Australia extremely futuristic or even really industrialized. Plus, the director claims Australians are "victimized" or at least discriminated against, something that would be unlikely if Australia was still a huge world power.

So what happened exactly? Or did they just run out of it? Saxton Hale probably gets a pass since TF2 industries apparently owns a supply of Australium.

It's possible that only Sniper is "victimized", because he's kind of a misfit and a runt compared to other Australians.

The Director's comment about "the role society has shackled you with as an Australian" could easily be taken to imply that Sniper's problem is just that he doesn't fit the expectations for Australians, not necessarily that Aussies have a bad lot in life generally. The Final Boss of Mann Vs. Machine will be Gray piloting a giant Saxton Hale robot. At some point, Mann Vs. Machine will stop being updated. However, to bring the robot slaughter to a proper close, once a player finishes their Tour of Duty, they gain access to a new, optional map that involves Gray losing his mind and trying to kill the mercs himself whilst piloting the aforementioned robot.

The "robot rebellion" game mode will play like StarCraft. With the leader Heavybot of the rebellion being controlled by a player controlling the Mann Co. Stores and research facilities for revenue and upgrades to both the Mercs and the Robots. Spy got himself bit by a zombie. Part of the Halloween special features zombies. This is to signify that he is accidentally responsible for the zombies. Seems zombies are attracted to the smell of tobacco. One bit him, he bit medic, medic bit heavy, heavy bit engie, engie bit scout, scout bit soldier, soldier bit sniper,sniper bit demoman and demoman bit pyro.

Pyro can eat consumables Heavy drops. Variation; the zombie spy's deadringer allowed him to bite his team-mates, as it detected he was "dead" and constantly created decoys. Barnabus Hale is Sasha Nein's father. Eerily similar character designs, both lost a woman they loved, both games written by Eric Wolpaw and Chet Falisek It's an obvious parody of Coca-Cola and its ads from the 50's, and considering Coca-Cola used to contain trace amounts of cocaine, plus the rather Alternatively, Peeps is another eye of another person who opened the Bombinomicon.

The person who opened the Bombinomicon became an expert with bombs. Maybe Peeps is from someone who open Merasmus' telemarketing guide? The entire Gravel Wars thing was merely training for Mann vs Machine. When the Administrator and Saxton Hale realized Gray Mann's true intentions, they decided to hire the two teams of nine mercenaries, made up of brothers, cousins or just clones.

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The fighting was simply a huge training session that lasted for years, not a forever war. The classes got to know each other's strengths and weaknesses, and all the non-stock weapons were simply Mann. Co copies of Gray Mann's weapons for his robots. Eventually, when it was time, the mercenaries, now experienced, were sent to fight the robots, and did a damn good job of it. Oh, and the Halloween Bosses? The VS Saxton Hale mode? These were simply more training for the huge special robot mooks.

Which means, Merasmus was paid to fight. Miss Pauling is The Administrator's illegitimate daughter. Miss Pauling is Medic's illegitimate daughter. Both Miss Pauling and the Medic have black hair, myopic vision, and a driven spirit, so there's some resemblance between father and daughter.

He and his romantic partner put the baby up for adoption, but Medic financially supported the baby and her caretakers from afar through his mercenary work. Just look at the smile. It's Christian Brutal Sniper! I'd bet my hats on it! The Halloween event will be a crossover with Left 4 Dead After all, there were a lot of rumours about Left 4 Dead 3 this year, so maybe Valve will respond with this. Jossed as involved teams sending their employer's brother i. Gray is not Zepheniah's favorite Wouldn't it seem odd that Zepheniah, who wanted to smother Gray at birth and charged Elizabeth with keeping the "miracle gravel" out of Gray's possession in his last will and testament, would refer to Gray as his favorite?

No, Zepheniah still hates Gray, and he only tells Redmond and Blutarch that Gray is his favorite because he's trolling them. This is, after all, the same man who left the gravel pits to Redmond and Blutarch, knowing very well that doing this would mean they would wage Forever War with each other, as punishment for them convincing him to purchase the useless land. He's less concerned with parental favoritism as he is with making sure that his sons suffer, regardless of which one goes to Hell first, and he knows that telling them that they're not his favorite would cause them agony.

Whereas Redmond and Blutarch squandered their family fortune waging a Forever War over useless land, Gray has earned his own fortune and, in one fell swoop, single-handedly ended the Gravel Wars and is on the verge of claiming control of Mann Co. Tired of the incompetence of Redmond and Blutarch, Zepheniah finally sees that Gray has the potential to live up to the family name and has grown proud of him.

Thus, when the ghosts of Redmond and Blutarch demand to know which son is Zepheniah's favorite, Zepheniah tells them the honest truth. Olivia Mann is actually a robot.

Doesn't her apparent age seem odd when compared to that of her father? Not to mention we've never seen her mother, assuming she even has one. Plus it definitely sounds like something Gray Mann would do just to gain control of Mann Co. This could be part of the "family records" plot point, i.

meet the demoman censored eleven

Olivia Mann is actually a midget or dwarf. Gray adopted and paid her to change her last name to his and tricked everyone into believing she is his underage, young daughter including Saxton Hale knowing he would not fight a child as young as her. Alternately, she has a condition which keeps her from "growing up" she's a thirty-something year-old woman in the body of an eight-year-old.

At the end of the Team Fortress comic series, the guys go out too celebrate at a diner Only to find out that Gray Mann is running the diner, and the last line of the comic is Scout saying "Told ya, Frenchie! He's got everyone else's heads, why not Pyro? He just hasn't said anything yet either due to him not realising that it's meant to be a mystery, or due to him not understanding the respawns and instead dismissing the dead Pyro as a decoy.

Well, the Fortress 2 Medic is otherwise indisposed, so they'll need a replacement. The Red and Blu Medic collaborate frequently. It's in neither's interest for either side to win the war, as it leaves one medic either dead or with no patients, and the other in a situation where the higher ups are no longer desperate enough to give the Medic free reign.

So, in order to keep both in employment with a fresh stock of patients, they share their discoveries in order to maintain the stalemate. Hence why Blu Medic has a medigun identical to Red's home made one: He built it to his specifications.

As the big face off reaches it's climax, the Heavy will demand an Ubercharge