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meet the audience kaufman

George Simon Kaufman (16 November – 2 June ) was an American playwright, Dick Cavett, introducing Groucho onstage at Carnegie Hall in , told the audience that Groucho considered Kaufman to be "his god". (, also co-wrote the script), Fancy Meeting You Again (, also co-wrote the script). Andrew Geoffrey Kaufman was an American entertainer, actor, writer, and performance artist. In August , he hitchhiked to Las Vegas to meet Elvis Presley, showing up unannounced at the International Hotel. For example, in his fake accent Kaufman would say to the audience, "I would like to imitate Meester Carter. Julia Hecht on the revolutionary genius of Andy Kaufman. I got the idea that I would meet him, talk to him, and find out how he came to do Then the audience began to boo and the foreign man started to apologize and cry.

There are several things wrong with that notion as presented in this play, however. Cinema as an art form is not inferior to theater, particularly the commercial theater, which happens to be the form in which Ferber and Kaufman are writing. This very play is as different from art theater as any Hollywood movie which it also became.

meet the audience kaufman

One must fight against its temptations. When one is starving, one is balls to the walls to be as excellent as possible — and one has the freedom to do so with no interference from the numbskulls who spend all their time making money, which any fool can do.

meet the audience kaufman

But, beyond that, one should do whatever makes one happy. Does success kill art? But starvation kills YOU. I played Grandpa in high school and loved it…but I have come to dislike it. Its chief virtue is a well thought-out three act structure…the acts rise and fall like beautiful, perfect waves.

It also has a strong theme: The characters are lovable, but two dimensional and there are perhaps a handful of funny lines. Why have I grown to hate it? The romantic scenes are unbelievably hackneyed. Frank Capra changed the script substantially when he made a movie out of it a couple of years later.

He turned it into an unmistakable Frank Capra vehicle. He turned the heat WAY up on the greed part. In the play it is more an issue of conformism vs.

Capra creates a whole sub-plot where Kirby is a munitions manufacturer, poised to seize the monopoly. Not only that, but he needs to acquire several city blocks for the property, and the soul remaining hold-out is…Grandpa Vanderhof!

He takes care to insert the faces of the hungry, as in Mr. It is almost a different creature from the play in certain ways. If I had to solve this problem with the play as is, I would take great care to cast the strangest, weirdest people I could find and direct them to behave accordingly. An even better strategy: It is a very strong plot and theme: The tale of a poor German immigrant who immigrates to Ellis Island, becomes the top furniture manufacturer in the country, loses his son in the first world war fighting against his own peopleloses everything in the depression and then dies trying to break up a Nazi meeting his grandson is attending.

All the while he staunchly defends this country and its freedoms. The execution is somewhat wanting. The main character is so irritating and detestable that, if it were my house, the play would be over in five minutes.

Kauffman and Hart apparently identify only with the Hollywood and Broadway aristocrats who invade this house…they have no concern for the people who actually own the house. They are normal and ordinary and therefore inconsequential. Actually, the Whiteside character becomes more sympathetic as the play goes on.

He is kindest to the people at the bottom…the servants, and the kids. But ultimately the play is incestuous. These guys writing about their famous friends, and showing how funny their famous friends are, and the Broadway audience all laughing knowingly and approvingly of this gourmandizing, money-wasting waste of space. The play embodies all that is worst about America and the American theater.

The husband has done something dumb and the wife makes jokes about it. Same thing that drives The Honeymooners. For the same reason, this play, especially early on, fills me with too much anxiety, though, and too much contempt for the hero. Instead of finding the foible amusing and sympathizing, I just want to look away. But it has some good twists, and some real danger that makes me suspect that Kaufman was beginning to miss writing for the Marx Brothers.

meet the audience kaufman

There is a teenager who is so obnoxious that when he falls down a well, nobody helps him, and at another crucial moment, they konk him on the head! And the gleeful destruction at the finale calls to mind the anarchy at the heart of the Marx Brothers. So, despite certain criticisms, while this play is just as fluffy as their others, this one has the virtue of at least being funny to me.

The film version is somewhat different. The Solid Gold Cadillac with Howard Teichmann A small stockholder a pretty female is a thorn in the side of a crooked board of directors. They decide to divert her prying by hiring her to be a liaison to other small stockholders. Meantime, she and the former head of the company, an honest, decent man who now serves in a cabinet post in Washington, fall in love.

In the end an end similar to the one in Miracle on 34th Street they get enough votes from small shareholders to throw out the board. A pleasant comedy with lots of funny lines.

meet the audience kaufman

A much better satire of business than many of those that came in the sixties, because its is both specific and unsparing in its scorn for certain activities. January Main article: Tony Clifton Another well-known Kaufman character is Tony Clifton, an absurd, audience-abusing lounge singer who began opening for Kaufman at comedy clubs and eventually even performed concerts on his own around the country.

Sometimes it was Kaufman performing as Clifton, sometimes it was his brother Michael or Zmuda. For a brief time, it was unclear to some that Clifton was not a real person. News programs interviewed Clifton as Kaufman's opening act, with the mood turning ugly whenever Kaufman's name came up. Kaufman, Clifton insisted, was attempting to ruin Clifton's "good name" in order to make money and become famous.

As a requirement for Kaufman's accepting the offer to star on Taxi, he insisted that Clifton be hired for a guest role on the show as if he were a real person, not a character.

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Much to Kaufman's delight, this incident was reported in the local newspapers. At the end of the show, she stood up, took her mask off and revealed to the audience that she was actually comedian Robin Williams in disguise. He invited anyone interested to meet him on the Staten Island Ferry the next morning, where the show continued. He came up with Andy's Funhouse, based on an old routine he had developed while in junior college. The special was taped in but did not air until August The segment was just over six minutes long and was called Uncle Andy's Funhouse.

Andy Kaufman

It featured Kaufman as the host of a children's show for adults, complete with a peanut gallery and Tony Clifton puppet. It too featured a peanut gallery, and opened in the middle of an interview Kaufman is doing in which he is laughing hysterically. He then proceeds to thank the audience for watching and the credits roll. In his first appearance, during a sketch about four people out on a dinner date who excuse themselves to the restroom to smoke marijuanaKaufman broke character and refused to say his lines.

Co-producer Jack Burns stormed onto the stage, leading to a brawl on camera before the show abruptly cut away to a commercial. Later that year, Kaufman returned to host Fridays.

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At one point in the show, he invited a Lawrence Welk Show gospel and standards singer, Kathie Sullivanon stage to sing a few gospel songs with him and announced that the two were engaged to be married, then talked to the audience about his newfound faith in Jesus Kaufman was Jewish.

That was also a hoax. Instead of introducing the band, he delivered a nervous speech about the harmfulness of drugs while the band stood behind him ready to play. After his speech, he informed the audience that he had talked for too long and had to go to a commercial.

Jim Carreywho revealed the secret, later went on to play Kaufman in the film Man on the Moon. In a interview with the Memphis Flyer, Lawler said he had improvised during their first match and the Letterman incident. Although officials at St. Sometimes, Lawler detailed how they came up with the angle and kept it quiet.

Even though Kaufman's injury was legitimate, the pair exaggerated it. He also said that Kaufman's furious tirade and performance on Letterman was Kaufman's own idea, including when Lawler slapped Kaufman out of his chair. Promoter Jerry Jarrett later recalled that for two years, he would mail Kaufman payments comparable to what other main-event wrestlers were getting at the time, but Kaufman never deposited the checks. The film was a parody of the art film My Dinner with Andre.

Lynne Margulies, sister of the film's director, Johnny Legendappears in it, and became romantically involved with Kaufman. InKaufman became a playable character in the video game Legends of Wrestling II and a standard character in 's Showdown: InJakks Pacific produced for their WWE Classic Superstars toy line an action figure two-pack of Kaufman and Lawler, as well as a separate figures release for each of them.

After he angered the audience with his female-wrestling routine, Kaufman in January made a pretaped appearance his 16th asking the audience if he should ever appear on the show again, saying he would honor their decision.

meet the audience kaufman