Levi the poet lyrics when i go to meet god on mountain


levi the poet lyrics when i go to meet god on mountain

But this year, I had a good idea of who was going to make the cut from the start. Notable lyrics: Alex has gone from writing songs about God's nonexistence to We Are is probably less in that vein, it still meets its upward purpose. Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble? ever did (even though that's. The Physician's Prayer; At Morning; God, Whom Shall I Compare to Thee? ( Orono, ME: The National Poetry Foundation/University of Maine, ). . Get up , go out and see the grey heralds, who have come to rebuke you. . MOUNT AVARIM . Diwan des Abu-l-Hasan Jehuda ha-Levi [Yehuda Halevi: The Diwan]. When I Go To Meet God by Levi The Poet, released 01 October When I go And to finish the note before I get up to go, dad, I'm sorry I kept all this pain inside lyrics. When I go to meet God I'm gonna have to be honest.

I'm gonna have to tell the truth not a day went by that I didn't doubt you. You always said, "Don't grow up too fast, you're just a boy", but it's better to be in the house of sorrow than the house of joy, and if I could have a heart like David, that resembles yours, then what are the odds Solomon's sadness might have creeped in somewhere to even the score? Dear Dad, do you remember when I was always sad? You and mom called it my "depressed year," and I know it was pretty bad What drives a child to want to give up everything he has?

What makes a person think that?

levi the poet lyrics when i go to meet god on mountain

What makes a mother's son decide that death is better than tomorrow? Inside of each and every breath that I "borrowed" I held onto the sorrow and thought: So when I come to meet you I'm gonna have to be honest I'm going to tell the truth not one day has gone by that I haven't doubted you.

levi the poet lyrics when i go to meet god on mountain

But I never told you both that I almost killed myself. I almost drove my car right off that highway bridge, and as I picked up pace, prayed to God that he'd forgive me if I went through with it: Mom, dad, sister, friends, family - if I never see you again I hope you live out your lives happily. Give my dog a kiss of the lips and all of my writings go to Isaac - man, the one's about me and you are not meant to be kept in private. Make them your own and write your songs to inspire the world the way I wish that I did Sister, you're beautiful, don't ever let them take that away.

My flock is the stars; I herd them, leading them home. They move as slowly as if they were sick or lame. I weep for the Twins, who are always apart.

Levi the Poet Resentment lyrics

I am jealous of the Pleiades, who are together for eternity. Does Orion reach out his hand to touch his neighbor? Or to measure the distance between the spheres?

Levi The Poet - Fatigue Lyrics

Where is the sun? Has its chariot broken a wheel? Has the road it travels been cut off? The gates of the East—are they locked?

When will ebony turn to pearls?

levi the poet lyrics when i go to meet god on mountain

When will this black veil be lifted and the white cheek revealed? I hate this night. The moon looks to me Like a scab on the skin of an African. When I see the first tongues of fire, I shall rejoice. A night like an African.

When I Go To Meet God | Levi The Poet

My eyes will never see the warm sun. A breeze is stealing between the trees, Whispering to the willows a rumor of a secret love.

The birds are twittering. Far away, a pigeon-dove murmurs a poem. As the night folds her wings, A light rain of beauty is falling, Raining down the dew of love like manna. There is a fragrance like incense or myrrh. A poem not just perfumed but mined from the hills of perfume!

Yehudah Halevi

Shall these pages contain the flame of his words Or will they feed the fire? When did fire not conquer straw? These words are locked now within my heart, Engraved there letter for letter Placed there forever.

His poem is like a tapestry woven by the hands of thought, Framed with beauty, His poem is like a song of jeweled fruit, A song, a poem for the reader to taste. My tongue shall sing it on a glass of wine.