Frozen anna and elsa meet greet disneyland discount

Meet Anna and Elsa from Frozen | Disneyland

frozen anna and elsa meet greet disneyland discount

I don't think I'd have booked this trip if I knew that meeting Elsa was not they should have advertised if they took away Frozen meet and greet!. Meet Queen Elsa and her friends who have come all the way from Arendelle. Give her a warm hug, then smile for the camera and say, “Freeze!”. Everyone's favorite sisters, Anna and Elsa, made the move from Disneyland Park at the Authorized seller of discount Disney tickets, Disney hotels, Universal Orlando, Anna and Elsa's Royal Welcome is a Character Greeting opportunity .

We were lucky enough to score tickets beforehand and marched into the Palace of Arendelle for the Crown Theatre show, featuring the characters from the film. There is a bit of waiting before the theatre opens, and it would have been nice if the images in picture frames had changed more frequently to keep the little ones entertained.

The best seats are obviously front and centre, facing a backdrop that features changing vistas from the film as the show progresses. The two emcees spoke in Cantonese and as my two children aren't bilingual they zoned out through these parts, although the pair drew laughter from others. They also got the audience to sing along while songs from the film played on the big screen, karaoke-style.

frozen anna and elsa meet greet disneyland discount

Since the lyrics are in English, the sing-along did not get much of a response until Let it Go came on, when the little ones joined in with gusto. Of course, they were excited once characters from the film started appearing on stage, culminating in the arrival of Queen Elsa. I later realised the odd expression my daughter had on her face was because she was abjectly starstruck, a reminder of how Disney films have become the mythology of our time.

The show ends with artificial snow floating down on the audience, a novelty for most Hong Kong children. In Festival Square, children can play in the snow and build castles out of the ice with moulds provided. This occupied my kids for all of five minutes, so I'd suggest queuing for the toboggan ride first.

5 Things I Didn’t Learn Until my 5th Disney Cruise

Turns out, we did learn a few new things, so I thought I would share them in case any of them are new to you too. A couple of weeks before our cruise, my husband read a thread on the DISboards that said tickets were being given out for an assigned time to meet the princesses and Anna and Elsa. Considering that we were traveling with our three-year-old princess-obsessed daughter, I am so glad he saw this! When we got on board, the first place we went was to the Port Adventures desk to get our tickets.

frozen anna and elsa meet greet disneyland discount

They assigned us a time, but we were able to change it due to a conflicting event for work. Some friends of ours stayed concierge and they received tickets in their stateroom for the meet and greets.

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The Princess meet and greet was held in the lobby, like many of the normal character meets, but you did have to present your ticket to get in line. Luckily, there were other princess meets available, so I know she got to meet them later in the week. The sisters were not available to meet anywhere around the ship during the week, so you had to have a ticket if you wanted a photo.

Anna & Elsa's Royal Welcome

A ship photographer was present, but you could use your own camera as well. The ticket system is an interesting change for the cruise line, where the characters have always been so accessible to everyone. You will see the photographers everywhere — they are set up most evenings in the lobby for formal night and pictures with the characters, as well as coming around at dinner on Pirate Night. Since we knew ahead of time that we were buying the CD, we made sure to get our photo taken everywhere we could.

We were under the impression that all photos were included. Our boys, ages 8 and 6, spent a lot of time in the kids clubs, specifically the Avengers Academy we were on the reimagined Disney Magic.

frozen anna and elsa meet greet disneyland discount

Our boys came back so excited and said they were told that the photos would be available in Shutters later in the week. With both kids having done the experience, this was a large amount that we were not expecting to have to pay.

frozen anna and elsa meet greet disneyland discount

We got in line early, only to find out that there were no Shutters photographers present. Luckily, we have a nice camera, so we took our own photos, but we had been hoping to have these added to our CD as well.

See Elsa and Anna come to life at Disney's Frozen Village

One positive thing we discovered about Shutters — they are out on the beach at Castaway Cay! We saw one of the photographers walking around and asked her to come take a few pictures. Our kids like to have cookies and milk in the evenings on a cruise, so every night, we would call and place an order.