Bernie sanders meet the press 10 11 15 image

bernie sanders meet the press 10 11 15 image

Finally, will this heartbreaking picture change how the world deals with Syria? From NBC News in Washington, this is Meet the Press with Chuck Todd. And in ten or 15 years, we don't know what the future will hold. .. While Clinton continues to lead Bernie Sanders in Iowa by 11 points, , that's. Bernie Sanders, the ardently leftwing mayor of Vermont's largest city, His national poll rating has more than doubled, to over 10%, in little over a month. They paint a picture of a politician who has spent a lifetime For his part, Sanders suggested in an interview with the Guardian that .. 15 Apr bernie sanders and hillary clinton democratic debate capitalism_ donald trump post debate interview dana bash newday_jpg gop debate cruz defends million dollar loan vstan orig 10_jpg . Rand Paul cnn gop debate opening statement terror 11_jpg.

The other is Richard Sugarman, 70, who teaches Jewish philosophy and existentialism. The previous day Sanders had been in Keene, New Hampshire. Like every other event the senator has attended since announcing his campaign, the town hall was packed. The Vermont senator promised equal pay for women, tuition-free colleges and universities, an equitable tax system, the right to healthcare for all, an expansion of social security for the elderly, and tough action against Wall Street banks.

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Those lucky enough to have a seat spent much of the hour on their feet, in wave after wave of standing ovation, as Sanders laid out his platform in his trademark Brooklyn twang; sober, exasperated, always impassioned. The next day, on the picnic bench, Sanders was upbeat as he regaled his friends with a rundown of the event. Did they seem sympathetic? The funds mostly came from small-money donors, but he still raised more than any other presidential candidate who has disclosed their first-day tally.

The donations have allowed the campaign to scale up in New Hampshire and Iowa, where Sanders opened an office this past weekend. The campaign has hired Revolution Messaging, the digital and social media firm that provided groundbreaking support to Barack Obama presidential campaign in In China, an inner circle led by Xi Jinping has steadily consolidated power, clamping down on domestic political freedom while it aggressively promotes a version of authoritarian capitalism abroad.

We must understand that these authoritarians are part of a common front. They are in close contact with each other, share tactics and, as in the case of European and American rightwing movements, even share some of the same funders. The Mercer family, for example, supporters of the infamous Cambridge Analytica, have been key backers of Trump and of Breitbart News, which operates in Europe, the United States and Israel to advance the same anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim agenda.

Republican megadonor Sheldon Adelson gives generously to rightwing causes in both the United States and Israel, promoting a shared agenda of intolerance and illiberalism in both countries. Today in the United States, and in many other parts of the world, people are working longer hours for stagnating wages, and worry that their children will have a lower standard of living than they do.

bernie sanders meet the press 10 11 15 image

Our job is to fight for a future in which new technology and innovation works to benefit all people, not just a few. It is not acceptable that the fossil fuel industry continues to make huge profits while their carbon emissions destroy the planet for our children and grandchildren. It is not acceptable that a handful of multinational media giants, owned by a small number of billionaires, largely control the flow of information on the planet.

It is not acceptable that trade policies that benefit large multinational corporations and encourage a race to the bottom hurt working people throughout the world as they are written out of public view. In order to effectively combat the rise of the international authoritarian axis, we need an international progressive movement that mobilizes behind a vision of shared prosperity, security and dignity for all people, and that addresses the massive global inequality that exists, not only in wealth but in political power.

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Such a movement must be willing to think creatively and boldly about the world that we would like to see. While the authoritarian axis is committed to tearing down a post-second world war global order that they see as limiting their access to power and wealth, it is not enough for us to simply defend that order as it exists now.

We must look honestly at how that order has failed to deliver on many of its promises, and how authoritarians have adeptly exploited those failures in order to build support for their agenda. We must take the opportunity to reconceptualize a genuinely progressive global order based on human solidarity, an order that recognizes that every person on this planet shares a common humanity, that we all want our children to grow up healthy, to have a good education, have decent jobs, drink clean water, breathe clean air and live in peace.

Our job is to reach out to those in every corner of the world who share these values, and who are fighting for a better world. In a time of exploding wealth and technology, we have the potential to create a decent life for all people.

Our job is to build on our common humanity and do everything that we can to oppose all of the forces, whether unaccountable government power or unaccountable corporate power, who try to divide us up and set us against each other.

We know that those forces work together across borders.

bernie sanders meet the press 10 11 15 image

We must do the same.