Esto se contrapone con las demandas de los agricultores bolivianos han exigido al gobierno autorizar el uso de maíz transgénico (que se. Título: Introducción al ambiente del maíz transgénico. Análisis de ocho casos en Iberoamérica. Coordinadores: José Luis Solleiro Rebolledo y Rosario. Comparación de la composición nutricional del maíz transgénico (gen quitinasa) con maíz no transgénico. Yan Ping-mei1, Rui Yu-kui2, Yan Xiao-yan1, Chai.

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Fatty acid extraction Ten grams maize seed were ground transgeinco a high speed tissue masher. However, with the rapid development of trans-genic plants, food safety has drawn a worldwide attention.

Rechazo internacional a la siembra de maíz transgénico en México

The maize seed powder was extracted with petroleum ether, filtered through filter transenico, and then the petroleum. Materials and methods Plant materials ether was removed by vacuum.

Ten grams maize seed were ground in a high speed tissue masher. Vivo en el df.

Absence of effect after introducing Bacillus thuringiensis gene on nutritional composition in cottonseed. Comparison of nutrient composition of parental rice and rice genetically modified with cowpea trypsin inhibitor in China.

Por favor, vuelve a intentarlo. A new kind of fatty acid emerging from transgenic cotton seed. Recibir un email con cada nueva entrada. Sin semillas la agric [ Vitamin C is not found in either transgenic or non-transgenic maize seed, because the content of Vitamin C is too low Table 2. La Rivista Italiana delle Sostanze Grasse 84 1: Genes from mycoparasitic fungi as a source for improving plant resistance to fungi pathogens. The introduction of exogenous genes could break the metabolic balance in the plant, or change some physiological and biochemical courses, which could result in food safety problems, including changes in nutrition such as content of protein, vitamins, essential fatty acids, amino acids, etc.


In order to compare the nutrition components of transgenic maize seeds chitinase geneachieved by the pollen-mediated approach, with its non-transgenic counterpart, Vitamin B1, vitamin B2, fatty acids and essential amino acids of transgenic maize seeds and their counterparts were analyzed by the Chinese national standard methods or AOAC methods.

So transgenic food should be strictly analyzed not only regarding the exogenous gene and exogenous protein, but also about other components which seem not directly related to the exogenous gene, even though many researches have proven the nutrition of transgenic food showed no changes Han et al.

¡No al maíz transgénico!

Association of Analytical Communities. The trznsgenico methods refer to Rui’s method Rui et al. Comparison of nutrition composition of transgenic maize chitinase gene with its non-transgenic counterpart.

From the above data, the nutrition of the trans-genic maize with chitinase gene from inbred lines Tai and Zong 31, achieved through the pollen-mediated approach, changed although the cause of the changes should be further researched. Chitinase hydrolyses chitin and prevents fungi from infecting plants and propagating inside plant tissues.

Gracias por comentar en la nota. Methods for Determination of Riboflavin in Foods. Acta Botanica Sinica 43 3: Por todas estas razones: The maize seed powder was extracted with petroleum ether, filtered through filter paper, and then the petroleum Results and discussion Table 1 compared the content of fatty acids in transgenic maize with those in non-transgenic counterpart.

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 57 2: The content of vitamin B1 in transgenic maize has no significant difference from its non-transgenic counterpart, but the content of vitamin B2 in transgenic maize was significantly lower than that in its non-transgenic counterpart. Accepted January 28, However, we still should undergo strict analysis to find out whether transgenic food can reach the standard of “substantial equivalence” in nutrient composition.

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Official Methods of Analysis. Methods for Determination of Thia-mine vitamin B1 in Foods. Standards Press of China, Beijing, China. Estudio encuentra glifosato e Maix and Chemical Toxicology 47 7: Journal of Food Composition and Analysis Journal of Food Science 71 1: According to the above data, transgenido foods should be strictly analyzed to find out whether it can reach the standard of “substantial equivalence” in nutrient composition.

Results also showed that contents of all the six kinds of fatty acids detected in transgenic maize seeds were significantly higher than those in non-transgen-ic maize seeds. Porque tengoentendido que por estos dias hay una consulta popular que se va hacer y que esta publicada para poder firmar y decir NO al maiz transgenico.

Red en Defensa del Maíz – ¡No al maíz transgénico!

In the study, the contents of vitamins B1 and B2, fatty acids and essential amino acids were analyzed in transgenic maize seeds, with chi-tinase gene, as well as in their counterparts to investigate the food safety of transgenic maize.

A mi tambien me interesa mucho consegir variedades auctoctonas. Otra sentencia contra Monsanto.