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Open in a separate window. The NPC peak incidence in our cohort lays in the age groups of 30—50 years old, which is earlier than reported for Chinese populations. NPC is a frequent cancer in Indonesia, rating as the fourth most common tumor after cervical cancer, breast cancer, and skin cancer, and is the most common malignancy in the head and neck.

Because we investigated our subgroup from tillwe chose the year to evaluate a mean regional incidence. Zhonghua Yi Zue Za Zhi. In Indonesia, a steady increase is observed well before the age of 45, starting at early adolescence. The association of squamous cell carcinomas of the nasoharynx with Epstein-Barr virus shows geographical variation reminiscent of Burkitt’s lymphoma. EBV is active in the malignant cells of all described tumor types, and each type of tumor has a distinct pattern of EBV gene expression.

Chronic exposure to co-carcinogenic compounds may be reflected in increased methylation of defined tumor suppressor genes, as recently revealed by us and others [45][50]. In a selected group of juvenile and adult cases that were matched for TNM stage and sex and confirmed to be EBV positive by EBER-RISH using commercial reagents, we naslfaring analyzed the expression of latent membrane protein 1 LMP1 using OT21C monoclonal antibody-based immunohistochemistry on paraffin-embedded tissue sections, as described before [29][30].

For overall pathologic data, we were able to access the combined pathologic database of 13 nasofafing hospitals in Indonesia compiled under the supervision nasifaring Professors Kurniawan and Cornain at our institute [25].


Another risk factor is environmental inhalants, a significant number of which have been reported to be associated with NPC. These include fossil fuels from cooking due to smoke and fumes from wood, which contains significant quantities of benzopyrene, benzanthracene, and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Research; pp. Klien mampu melihat dan mendengar dengan baik, klien tidak mengalami disorientasi. Keadaan Naasofaring Lingkungan Klien mengatakan bahwa Lingkungan rumah tempat tinggal cukup bersih g.

Epstein-Barr virus infection in ex vivo tonsil epithelial cell cultures of asymptomatic carriers. Dapat memenuhi kebutuhan perawatan diri sehari-hari untuk mengembalikan aktivitas seperti biasanya.

VI, keluhan diplopia, hipestesi pipi 2. Pengurangan massa tumor akan menyebabkan pula berkurangnya jumlah sel hipoksia. Individual EBV genes associated with the three main latency programs of EBV can contribute to the malignant phenotype, albeit in a different fashion in masofaring tumor types [20][21].

Recently, the presence of latent EBV in tonsil epithelial cells was demonstrated [22]providing a basis for understanding the link between EBV and Carcinogenesis.

Epidermoid carcinoma, WHO type 3. Viral Infection of Humans: Pengerokan dengan kuret daerah lateral nasofaring dalam narkosis. Preserved foods other than salted fish could also play a part in the etiology of NPC and methods of cooking may have an effect on the amount of volatile nitrosamines ingested [41].

A susceptibility locus at chromosome 3p21 linked to familial nasopharyngeal carcinoma. Pemberian ajuvan kemoterapi yaitu Cis-platinum, bleomycin dan 5fluorouracil. Dapat dimengerti kp zat dengan aksi multipel bisa mencegah timbulnya klonus tumor yang resisten, karena obat-obat ini cara kerjanya tidak sama.

Mostly, NPC initiated in the fossa of Rosenmuller and spreaded intracranially or locally as a mass in the head. HLA linkage data reveal that younger nasofarihg older onset patients are genetically different and may involve different mechanisms [10] — [12].

Finally, smoking cigarettes with exotic additives and working in poorly ventilated places pl strongly associated with NPC. Orientasi baik 5 Motorik: Ostium tubae Eustachii, torus tubarius, fossa rosenmuler resesus faringeus. Kemoterapi neoajuvan dimaksudkan untuk mengurangi besarnya tumor sebelum radioterapi.

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Memindahkan xa penduduk dari daerah risiko tinggi ke tempat lainnya. Kebiasaan memasak dengan bahan atau bumbu masak tertentu dan kebiasaan makan makanan yang terlalu panas serta makanan yang diawetkan daging dan ikan. Because NPC in Indonesia has not been documented in much detail, we here present our clinical and epidemiologic observations on Indonesian NPC patients examined between and Hal ini merupakan hasil akhir dan prognosis yang buruk.

As a referral hospital, we nasofarnig patients not only from Jakarta and surrounding areas but also from other islands and regions like Sumatra, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi.

LP ring | Documents

Cancer Incidence in Five Continents; p. Untuk mengaktifkan virus ini dibutuhkan suatu mediator kebiasaan untuk mengkonsumsi ikan asin secara terus menerus mulai dari masa kanak-kanak, merupakan mediator utama yang dapat mengaktifkan virus ini sehingga menimbulkan Ca Nasofaring.

Klien biasanya bekerja diluar rumah, tapi saat ini klien hanya beristirahat di Nqsofaring Sakit sambil menunggu rencana operasi.

Gangguan yang timbul akibat sumbatan pada tuba eustachius seperti tinitus, tuli, rasa tidak nyaman di telinga sampai rasa nyeri di telinga otalgia 3. Some patients from more distant underdeveloped rural areas lacked long-term follow-up.

Although most patients in our study are of Javanese origin, it became clear that other ethnic groups in the overall population of Indonesia are also affected by NPC. From the above mentioned data, it is clear that Indonesia is still an unexplored region with considerable NPC incidence, yielding about 12 new NPC cases on a yearly basis.

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