The Line of Beauty is a Man Booker Prize-winning novel by Alan Hollinghurst. Contents. 1 Plot. “The Love Chord” (); “To Whom Do You. Alfred Hickling on sex and snorting in Alan Hollinghurst’s The Line of Beauty. Everyone who has read The Line of Beauty will recall the party at which the young protagonist, Nick Guest, dances with Mrs Thatcher. Before.

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Nick, however, is ready to move beyond that, and the first section of the novel details his first date, an assignation with a black man he meets for sex through a personal ad. Qlan backdrop is London of the s.

This was a thought-provoking, haunting read that has stayed with me quite lucidly since I finished it. Beauty is a heartless god, the book admits, but impossible to deny.

The plot developments and characters were predictable and I could see how one might argue they were cliched, but somehow even this kind of worked for me, and made it seem more like an older novel, lnie a good way.

Review: The Line of Beauty by Alan Hollinghurst | Books | The Guardian

Why the fuss, psycho? A ‘Brideshead Revisited’ for the Thatcher era, it contains some of the most exquisite prose in a modern book.

This element of the novel provides a solemn filter for the rather frivolous happenings of the Feddens, and as we move closer to the climax, the juxtaposition of the privileged life and the bias towards the gay community, the narration takes on a more serious tone. Beauty is in many things, but Nick is enthralled by beauty as manifested in privileged lives and its beautiful things.

Want to Read saving…. Topics Alan Hollinghurst Book club.

I suppose the point of the ending was that the characters got their comeuppance for the lives of pointless excess and waste they had led, but this wasn’t placed in context, there was no voice ,ine social conscience and no political challenge to the Feddens’ strident Conservatism apart from the occasional half-hearted objections of Catherine, but given her position in the family these didn’t seem designed to be taken seriously.


I don’t think I liked Nick much and Alaan still not sure whether or not I was supposed to; and after finishing the book I felt empty and desolate.

Excellent in every respect. A beautifully written novel, but ultimately depressing and unsettling. Best of all is his subtle but uncompromising social satire: Review “Almost perfectly written. Or was it characteristic of bored upper class Gay culture during the s?

The Line of Beauty: A Novel: Alan Hollinghurst: Bloomsbury USA

We wonder as we read the second section what did happen to Leo, and are teased by Catherine Fedden’s passing reference to Nick’s feelings for him. It is the first gay-themed book that won the Booker. It was difficult to engage with any of the characters, apart from Leo; but it does capture a place and time. Going zlan and in short spurts. May 06, Kimberly rated it it was ok. There is little interrogation. He is presented as a talented boy from a middle-class background who has made some upper-crust friends while at Oxford, so becomes a kind of permanent guest in their lives after college.

I’m nervous about all this gushing because Linw don’t want everyone to run out and get this and then be like, “What’s your problem, Jessica? Although Nick is portrayed as an outsider to the family, I felt like an outsider to the whole world the book described; there was no character to provide the ‘voice of the reader’ and I really felt the story needed one. I had discussed the gaps that Hollinghurst leaves in his narrative, and the puzzles and pleasures that this creates for the reader.

His ability to portray his characters, as one critic puts it, “from just an inch to the left” of how they would see themselves is masterly, and the result is something like the portraits of Goya, a flattering likeness with just a hint of satire. There were a few in here, man Both end with Nick, and the rest of the characters not having learned much.

In the book, which goes a bit more darkly into Nick’s insincerities and obsequiousness, Nick believes he will become positive as well. Leo also introduces Nick to Pete, his middle-aged former lover who runs an antiques shop, like Nick’s father, and who is sickly. My brother said it’d been done before, holllnghurst story of a scholarship student in a world he doesn’t belong in.


The Line of Beauty

Wani, you begin to realise, is dying too: But I mean, his hpllinghurst eats the booty like groceries and quotes Henry James, and I didn’t like him?

Hollinghurst writes brilliantly about life among the movers and shakers of Margaret Thatcher’s London in the early s. But they’re like, well, what choice do we have? I had deep sympathy for this soul, and felt a mixture of admiration and disapproval! Gerald shows off to him, and uses him as a verification of bollinghurst own wealth and privilege.

Hollinghurst is like a god in the Olympus and I am just a mortal slave and I am not even worthy to kiss the ground he steps on. He never once stood up for himself. Despite these negative aspects, the book provided an insightful view on the politics of the Thatcher-years, and more importantly for me personally it brought back the ‘beginning’ of AIDS in the early and I find it difficult to rate and review this book.

I looked forward to commutes, took the local train instead of the express; I waited for buses and elevators when I normally would’ve walked, and showed up early at dinner dates so I’d have time first to read.

Perhaps it is in homage to A Dance to the Music of Time that he calls his ambient narrator Nick, while the surname Guest alludes to his ambiguous status as a tolerated interloper – an Oxford friend of the Feddens’ son, who rents a room in the family’s Notting Hill home. Hollinghurst was fairly honest about his hollinghurstt to Evelyn Waugh and others. But there we end, “in the light of the moment”, knowing nothing more. This chameleon-like character makes him hard to respect.

Mar 26, Melinda Elizabeth rated it really liked it. To Gerald and his friends and relations, he acts the supportive, respectful Tory.