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These circuits were called passive analogs to differentiate them from operational analog computer circuits, which simulated systems in a different manner. Voting, public opinion, taxes, even revolution and war could be expressed in the language of energy circuits. Odum viewed humans as playing a central role: Las contribuciones de Odum a este campo han sido reconocidas por la Sociedad de Marte.

By dividing this conversion into ecological energy flow he calculated what he termed life support value. Had they started studying the reef from the bottom up, they might never have gotten around to studying its overall metabolism. Odum’s career, 23 September International Society for the Systems Sciences Presidents.

Howard T. Odum

He therefore funded the research into the use of conventional economic approaches to quantify dollar values of ecological resources for recreational, treatment and other uses. By the end of the s Odum’s electronic circuit ecological simulation models were replaced by a more general set of energy symbols. What is clear is that H. Electron flow in the electrical network represented the flow of material e. Ecological engineering, he wrote, is “those cases where the energy supplied by man is small relative to the natural sources but sufficient to produce large effects in the resulting patterns and processes.

Moreover, at the time of writing his thesis, Odum felt that the principle of natural selection was more than empiricalbecause it had a teleological, that is a “stability over time” component. Odum was published in honor of his work.


Nelson Michael C. Odum wrote some 15 books and papers, and a Festschrift volume Maximum Power: He claimed that energy was driven through ecological systems by an “ecoforce” analogous to the role of voltage in electrical circuits. Odum started with an overall model and in his early work used a diagramming methodology very similar to the Sankey diagrams used in chemical process engineering.

Some of his energy models and simulations contained general systems components. Odum was measuring the community as a system, not adding up the metabolism of the components as Lindeman and many others had done”. En otros proyectos Wikimedia Commons.

This was the professional society that earlier was named the International Society for General Systems Research. Odum together with David M. Howard Thomas studied biology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hillwhere he published his first paper while still an undergraduate. Odum was the third child of Howard W.

Para Odum, como una entidad grande, el mundo constituye un ciclo circular con alta estabilidad. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Recently Raphael Valyi coded a java tool which aims in part to provide a globalised facility for collaborative diagraming, and simulating of systems using Odum’s energy systems language. It is now proposed to extend natural selection to the natural level of integration and to the large ecological entities which include both biological and inorganic components.

This, according to Odum, necessitated a fundamental change in the way ecologists thought about predator-prey relationships. Odum pioneered a method of studying system dynamics by measuring the chemistry of the input and output water.

One needs a diode to allow biomass to accumulate after the voltage of the sun has gone down. Este fue uno de los primeros proyectos en explorar el enfoque ampliamente difundido de utilizar los humedales como ecosistemas de mejora de la calidad del agua. Ecological Engineering is an emerging field of study between ecology and engineering concerned with the designing, monitoring and constructing of ecosystems.


In a controversial move, Odum, together with Richard Pinkerton at the time physicist at the University of Floridawas motivated by Alfred J.

Howard T. Odum – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

An Introduction to Systems Ecology Odum to Ecosystem Simulation Modelling, in Hall ed. If this postulate is applied to all of nature, the resulting proposition is ed nature is as a whole in a steady state or is in the most stable form possible and constitutes one big entity.

Silver Springs is a common type of spring-fed stream in Floridawith a constant temperature and chemical composition.

Odum’s contributions to this field have been recognised by the Mars Society. Nixon [University of Rhode Island] are among a cadre of former students who have been recognized internationally for their contributions to ecological engineering, ecological economics, ecosystem science, wetland ecology, estuarine ecology, ecological modeling, and related fields.

Odum was a pioneer in his use of small closed and open ecosystems in classroom teaching. Odum attempted to go beyond the reporting of mere ratios, a move which resulted in the first serious disagreement in systems energetics.

This was one of the first projects to explore the now widespread approach of using wetlands as water quality improvement ecosystems. In the s in the latter part of his career H.

Thus a lot of his ideas that seemed so improbable in the past are considered common knowledge now.