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OP do have a point here imo.

The New Yorker Digital Edition : Nov 17,

Without it, the rest of the spells don’t quite pull enough weight. Mephitic cloud is an aoe confusion, the only other aoe confusion is level 6and hex based.

If you can deal with the demonic crawlers, ghost moths and emperor scorpions the rest is free xp. Fri Feb 05, 9: Mon Oct 26, 1: Its early game is tedious.

Shouldn’t poison magic have some high level spells? • View topic • The Tavern

,ey Feb 08, 7: Fri May 02, 3: Mephitic Cloud, which brings me to my first suggestion: It promotes interesting decisions where you choose when to swap over. Mon Mar 18, Last edited by HardboiledGargoyle on Fri Feb 05, 9: We have another background that’s sort of like this, though Wz needs to look for the tools to get through Lair, not endgame.

It’s certainly true that there are things ldy doesn’t work so well on in the late game, but I think this is true of every school except perhaps earth to some degree, and pure conjurations. What leey you all think? I’m really not sure what your point about luring is. We don’t really need another high level hex, and there are hopefully enough fiddily bits to keep it feeling rather poison school.


Interesting in that you can adjust your bonuses by using other self-poison spells, but must carefully consider whether the damage you’ll be taking from poison will be lower than the damage you won’t be taking from the enemies. For reference, I really like to play VM, and Pey think they make a great background for when you want to play a caster with an open mind because you will have to branch out, but it’s not clear to which schools. Basically, I have almost never found it to be a good idea to focus on just one school of damage magic, and poison is just somewhat more skewed than the others in this respect.

It’s lacking in extended but that’s okay. Arrow and trained Conj I do recommend having it to get a first hit in before major enemies ely into range for stronger conjurations; but I wouldn’t recommend training Poison that high for P. IE if you want high level poison spells, you need enemies that are susceptible to the current ones later so you’ll have something to use the higher level ones on when you get them.

Players Legend Trophies Ranking

There are some rationales for why the status quo is ok, but they could just as easily apply to removing Tornado or Firestorm. It trivializes everything from orcs to yaks. This perfectly fills the need for late game, high level spells which are actually relevant. UNLESS we opened it up to acid; which the old document says we shouldn’t, but hell the devs just completely reworked the majority of amulets; adding acid to poison wouldn’t be a stretch.


Lair has multiple black mambas and spiny frogs, which have poison as their sole resistance; facing them as VM is no different than facing eight levels of molten gargoyles as a FE or AE.

Sat Feb 06, I’m beginning to feel like a Cat God! Maybe instead of viewing VM as a caster, you should look at a pey hybrid approach. Shouldn’t poison magic have some high level spells?

Removal of Mephitic cloud has a huge impact on the Wz background. There is ultimately no downside to adding some poison magic late game spells IF they are the right ones.

Fri Feb 05, 6: The potential gain here outweighs the negative which doesnt exist. Wed Nov 20, Mon Aug 18, 8: It loses steam much sooner than it ought to. Lots of high level spells are sub-optimal late game, but people still use them.

Acid is resisted by very few ,ey That said; poison does actually have a dubious position. You could ask the same about the Slings very few builds want that but better not derail this topic into that.