Laurence Austine Waddell was awarded an honorary degree of LLD in , the reason for his award being his work as Surgeon-Major in the Indian Medical. ‘At Variance With Both General and Expert Opinion’: The Later Works of Lieutenant-Colonel Professor Laurence Austine Waddell. Bulletin of the History of. Laurence Austine Waddell. Surgeon, Collector in Tibet, Explorer. Waddell originally trained as a surgeon and chemist at Glasgow University. He joined the .

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The Makers of Civilization in Race and History. Lhasa and its mysteries, with a record of the expedition of by L. The LAW Special Collection at the University of Glasgow, however, does evidently contain quite a number of photographs of him taken at various stages of his career and retirement, though unlikely to be of portrait quality of course:.

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A Waddell Book 12 editions published in in English and held by 42 WorldCat member libraries worldwide.

While his writings may have been excluded from mainstream scholarship, it would be incorrect to dismiss Waddell as a lone crank: It abounds with translations of Indian and Tibetan documents llaurence texts, summaries of important works, annotated pictorial representations and a wealth of data that will always be invaluable waedell the historian of religion, orientalist, or reader interested in the remarkable religious experience of Tibet.

I believe it is the latter. It reviews the history of Lamaism from its first emergence in Tibet, the lives of the great saints, the rise of the Dalai Lama, the importance of other divine incarnations, the importance of monasteries, monastic discipline, and the enormous pantheon of gods, demigods and demons.

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Laurence Waddell – Wikipedia

To start with, though I had been aware of the militaristic nature of the Younghusband mission, I’d had no idea of its cultural rapacity, directed by Waddell himself as official Mission Collector see the potted biography of LAW inset below. King Brut of Troy has long been relegated to the company of old wives’ tales. Waddell and 3 turbanned figures examining ox. My aim in this short note is to outline the ideas expounded in Waddell’s later esoteric works, their contemporary and modern receptions, and their relationship to his earlier life and work.


The tribes of the Brahmaputra Valley: If you require information from us, please use our Archive enquiry service. Modern Asian Studies 37, 1: His first job was as a resident surgeon near the university and was also the President of Glasgow University’s Medical Society.

Laurence Austine Waddell

Its Sumerian Origin and Real Chronology. And, equally lurid Dover edition: Waddell standing on track by standing stones. In this short book he claimed to have overturned existing Egyptian king lists and chronologies by identifying Menes, founder of the First Dynasty, with the Sumerian Manistushu, son of Sargon the Great. He hadn’t been aaustine member of the Younghusband Mission himself, but his collection includes an album of photographs taken during that episode by John Claude White who was himself strongly opposed to what happened under Younghusband’s command and Waddell’s enthusiastic support of it.

Laurence Waddell

The Indo-Sumerian Seals Deciphered. Various archaeological excavations were also carried out and supervised by Waddell across India, including Pataliputraof which he did not receive recognition of discovery until long after his death, inby the government of Bengal. Macklin argues that Harvey’s virulent antisemitism and his academic writing were part of an interconnected totality with one informing the other throughout his career.

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. He was stationed in and worked on campaigns in Burma and India, but in he was appointed Principal Medical Officer and Deputy Sanitary Commissioner for Darjeeling area.

Harvey, member of the pro-Nazi Imperial Fascist League and later a respected medievalist, wrote a short book The Heritage of Britain which aimed to summarise Waddell’s works for a narrower audience on the fringes of the British Fascist movement Macklin Good people all of them, we knew not a wadell of them. Dedication to L A Waddell. Tibetan; Chinese Date made: In Nordic languages As means “gods” see Asgard. A Waddell Book 63 editions published between and in English and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide A successful officer in the colonial Indian Medical Service, Glasgow-educated Laurence Austine Waddell — was fascinated by the landscapes and cultures of Darjeeling and Tibet, studied local languages, and spent waddelk leisure time researching and writing on Tibetan topics.


George of Cappadocia and England and the St. Foundations of the XIXth Century. Today Waddell’s works are read and referenced most commonly by white supremacists, esoteric scholars and conspiracy theorists such as David Icke Harvey, member of the pro-Nazi Imperial Fascist League and later a respected medievalist, wrote a short book The Heritage of Britain which aimed to summarise Waddell’s works for a narrower audience on the fringes of the British Fascist movement Macklin The site includes content and tools provided by third parties, such as social media platforms, who may also use cookies to track your use of wwddell site.

His exemplary volumes on waddelll and the origins of civilization are the following: Waddell then returned to England where he briefly became Professor of Tibetan at the University College of London — Help What can you tell us? Zeus From Sumerian or Aryan Zax. In Waddell’s own words, “During the past fourteen years I have traversed portions of the borderlands of Sikkim nearly every year, sketching, shooting, collecting, and especially exploring the customs of the people on the frontiers of Tibet, and of Nepal.

Wadrell Sumerian-Aryan equation did not receive any support at the time, despite having sent personal copies of his two books to Archibald Sayce. It was from here ajstine he was able to travel in Tibetan cultural areas, including Sikkim and the borders of Nepal and Tibet, he wrote several articles and books including, ‘Buddhism of Tibet or Lamaism’began collecting objects including a complete Eaddell lhakang, or shrine and Tibetan manuscripts, he also learned Tibetan.

Aryan Civilization of the Near Aystine. Waddellwas an English antiquarian, scholar and explorer. Operative Surgery, prize Source: Lhasa and its mysteries London: Waddell’s entry in the Dictionary of National Biography ends with a brief list of his later books, discussed here, and notes that ‘These works, containing much painstaking research and impressive to many, did not win the approval of experts.

One reviewer considered the content to be “admirable fooling”, but that he waddeell “an uneasy feeling that the author really believes it”.