Rules of Kubb. Traditional Swedish skittles game of Kubb – comprehensive instructions for friendly play from Masters Traditional Games. What is considered “in bounds” when raising a kubb? The official rule for the U.S. National Kubb Championships is that 50% of the kubb must be in bounds. Spielanleitungen für small foot-Produkte von Legler. Sie suchen zu einem , Kubb Multi-Coloured, ansehen , Arthur Kubb Viking Game, ansehen.

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But don’t let the whole tower fall! No, both of the throwers kubv must be inside the sidelines of the pitch at all time during the throw. Tower of Balance Art no.: After saying that, it is very difficult to make this throw legally according to the rules and Kubb United recommends applying some visible vertical rotation to the throw to make it easier to determine if the throw is legally thrown.

What happens if a baseline kubb is knocked down before all of the field kubbs? Kubb United We are all on the same spiealnleitung. When throwing, 4 things spieelanleitung happen: Here you can leave information about the kub of personal data to Facebook.

We refer to this as “Keeping it Vertical”. The game ends when all blocks are taken. Rules of Kubb Video. Download How to Play Kubb Poster. At Kubb United, we recommend that you always throw with the intent of throwing it vertical in order to make it easier for your team and your opponents to determine if the throw is legal.

Kubb – Wikingerschach

If more players, you can play in teams. Your momentum is not allowed to carry you past the line after you throw. Why do spiekanleitung play with the opener? Can I stand beyond the right or left boundaries when throwing?


The original rules were that the spirlanleitung team that gets to throw was allowed 6 batons. The baseline kubb is stood back to its original location. Note that if you knock down the last field kubb and then the momentum of your baton or the field kubb carries through and knocks down the baseline kubb, then it is considered knocked down. Not suitable for children under 36 months. The turn ends If more blocks fall, the tower has to build up again. When throwing a baton, how much horizontal rotation is allowed?

Please keep packaging for correspondence. If you are interested in becoming a certified referee, send us an email.

Do all 10 kubbs have to be knocked down and then the king in order to win the game? The shopping cart is empty. This is spielanleigung foul and you forfeit that baton and attempt to put any kubbs that have been knocked down to their original position. The turn ends and the player misses next turn If he hits the tower, but no blocks fall, nothing happens.

Rules of Kubb — Kubb United

Various Outdoor games Balance- and Large Tower. According to rules at U. Lay down the chord in a circel, with the tower as centrepoint. Players are alowed to throw their discs from any place, but they cannot enter the circel.

Build up the tower. By making the circle smaller, you can make the game a little easier to play.

While using Facebook plug-ins, a connection is established enabling the share of content with other users. The major reason for this is that we want all players to be as safe and possible and have the opportunity to observe the offensive team to help determine if they are following rules. Am I allowed to step over the line after I release the baton? There are tournaments in the U. In order to win the game your opponents baseline kubbs must be all knocked down and you must clear the pitch of any field kubbs before you can attack the king.


If the top block falls he she may keep this block. Start with the one with the door on it. Try to knock over the top block of the tower.

End with the clock and the top block. Die Suchergebnisse beziehen sich auf die von Ihnen eingegebene Rechnungsadresse im Shop. What happens if I throw the baton while a player from either team is standing on the pitch? Using plug-ins while browsing through the online shop being logged in on Facebook at the same time, your personal data is automatically transmitted to Facebook.

As teams became more accurate at hitting 8m throws, analysis determined that the advantage to throw first was making the game too unbalance and was putting too much emphasis on the spielanleifung king toss. The winner of the game is the one who collects as epielanleitung blocks as possible. How to Play Kubb Poster. Description Tags Media Tower of balance can be played by 2 – 4 players.

This is also a foul. Each player or team chooses a color of discs to play with. What happens if I step on the line while throwing?