Buy Salvifici doloris: el sufrimiento humano by Juan Pablo II (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. Title, Carta apostólica Salvifici doloris. Author, Iglesia Católica. Papa ( Juan Pablo II). Edition, 2. Publisher, Paulinas, Length, 78 pages. by. John Paul II. · Rating details · ratings · 12 reviews. Letter of Pope John Paul II on the Christian Meaning of Human Suffering, 11 February

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Patti rated it really liked it Mar 14, This discovery caused Saint Paul to write particularly strong words in the Letter to the Galatians: It can be said that man suffers whenever he experiences any kind of evil.

It is supernatural because it is rooted in the divine mystery of the Redemption of the world, and it is likewise deeply human, because in it the person discovers himself, his own humanity, his own dignity, his own mission. The words of that prayer of Christ in Gethsemane prove the truth of love through the truth of suffering. Apr 01, booklady rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: A servant is not greater than dollris master.

Therefore, only he—the only-begotten Son—is capable of embracing the measure of evil contained in the sin of man: Katie rated it really liked it Nov 13, Easier to read than most of JPII, even if not immediately relevant to me because I’d already been doing the things suggested!

This happens, as we know, at different moments in life, it takes place in different ways, it assumes different dimensions; nevertheless, in whatever form, suffering seems to be, and is, almost inseparable from man’s earthly existence. This salvation is not the opposite of temporal suffering, but eternal suffering by being separated from God in eternity.


Corresponding to the moral evil of sin is punishment, which guarantees the moral order in the same transcendent sense in which this order is laid down by the will of the Creator and Supreme Lawgiver.

Suffering is also an invitation to manifest the moral greatness of man, his spiritual maturity. At the same time his care for the family was expressed in the World Meetings of Families, which he initiated in Surely he has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows; yet we esteemed him stricken, smitten by God, and salvificii.

But put forth thy hand now, and touch all that he has, and he will curse thee to thy face” pzblo In the light of Christ risen from the dead, on 2 April at 9.

This glory must be acknowledged not only in the martyrs for the faith but in many others also who, at times, even without belief in Christ, suffer and give their lives for the truth and for a just cause. This “word of the Cross” completes with a definitive reality the image of the ancient prophecy.

We ask precisely you who are weak to become a source of strength for the Church and humanity. In the Book of Job the question has found its most vivid expression. This also highlights the divine and human nature of the Church. In the Letter to the Romans, the Apostle Paul deals still more fully with the theme of this “birth of power in weakness”, this spiritual tempering of man in the midst of trials and tribulations, which is the particular vocation of those who share in Christ’s sufferings.


On the Christian Meaning of Human Suffering: Salvifici Doloris by John Paul II

Paperback58 pages. Christianity proclaims the essential good of existence and the good of that which exists, acknowledges the goodness of the Creator and proclaims the good of creatures. This was a great little read regarding the meaning of suffering. In the messianic programme of Christ, which is at the same time the programme of the Kingdom of God, suffering is present in the world in order to release love, in order to give birth to works of love towards neighbour, in order to transform the whole of human civilization into a “civilization of love”.

On the Christian Meaning of Human Suffering: Salvifici Doloris

But when it is completely accomplished and becomes the light of human life, it is particularly blessed. It is evident that it is not a question here merely of giving a description of suffering.

And in the Letter to the Philippians he will even say: At the heart of this light is the truth expounded in the conversation with Nicodemus: It is especially consoling to note—and also accurate in accordance with the Gospel and history—that at salvificci side of Christ, in the first and most exalted place, there is always his Mother through the exemplary testimony that she bears by her whole life to this particular Gospel of suffering.

Suffering must serve for conversion, that is, for the rebuilding of goodness in the subject, who can recognize the divine mercy in this call pablp repentance.