Lead PDIP. Data Sheet No. PDP 1. Features .. IRJ Junction Temperature vs. Frequency Driving (IRG4PH30KD) Rgate = 20Ω @. IRJ from International Rectifier. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information. International Rectifier / Infineon IRJ Gate Drivers are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for International.

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All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. SD Input TH – vs. Temperature Typ 0 – Temperature Output Source Current datasheeg. DT for more details. Please refer to our Application Notes and DesignTips for proper circuit board layout. High Level Output vs. Supply Voltage Typ View PDF for Mobile.


Page 19 M ax. V CC Fixed supply voltage.


Low side driver return. IRJ datasheet and specification datasheet Download datasheet. A shutdown function is available to terminate all six outputs.

IRJ Datasheet(PDF) – International Rectifier

Download datasheet Kb Share this page. V HO1,2,3 High side floating output voltage. Typ – Temperature Figure Page 13 M ax. IGBTs in the high side configuration which operates up to volts or volts. All volt- age parameters are absolute voltages referenced to COM. High side floating output voltage. Propagation delays are matched to simplify use in high frequency applications. Iir2233j Typ – Temperature Ir2233j 75 Typ IRJ datasheet and specification datasheet.

Propri- etary HVIC technology enables ruggedized monolithic construction. The Thermal Resistance and Power Dissipation ratings are measured under board mounted Page 25 Package Dimensions www. The output drivers feature a high ir2233k current buffer stage designed for minimum driver cross-conduction. An independent operational amplifier provides an analog feedback of bridge current via an external current sense resistor.


IR2233J Datasheet PDF

An open drain FAULT signal is provided to indicate that an over-current or undervoltage shutdown has occurred. Page 17 M ax.

V B1,2,3 – Page 9 M ax. Page 11 M ax. Temperature M ax. Page 21 Typ – Temperature Figure 46A. Low side output voltage.

The VS offset rating is. Tolerant to negative transient voltage. Temperature 12 M ax. T J Junction temperature. Turn-On Rise Time vs. High side floating supply voltage. Absolute Maximum Ratings indicate sustained limits beyond which damage to the device may occur.

High iir2233j floating supply offset voltage. Page 23 Frequency Hz Figure 7. Refer to Lead Assignments for correct pin configuration.