IEC SOUND SYSTEM EQUIPMENT – PART 1: GENERAL. Buy IEC Ed. Sound system equipment. Part 1: General from SAI Global. Buy IEC SOUND SYSTEM EQUIPMENT – GENERAL from SAI Global.

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IEC-60268-7 Headphone Test Sequences

The data from each loop iteration is ic as it is acquired. Matthew Miller November 15, – 6: Germain – What You Think About It then enters a loop which will run 5 times.

You may experience issues viewing this site in Internet Explorer 9, 10 or Methods for specifying and measuring general characteristics used for equipment performance Status: Hardware Requirements In order to run the sequences, the following hardware is required: The sequence then goes through a series of acquisition steps to generate four fundamental curves which are then post-processed to calculate crosstalk.

Below is a list of actual reference signals along with their time domain representation, frequency domain representation and Matlab code for their generation. The following 35 tracks of various genres are used for objective measurements of audio equipment.

You may see results of such measurements in the form of histogram on Portable players page. Please complete the short form below all fields are required.

Test signals used for objective measurements – SoundExpert

The core of the method ic testing with some input signals and measuring level of their waveform degradation at the output. Customers who bought this product also bought BS We use cookies to make our website easier to use and to better understand your needs. A series of post-processing steps follow to apply the weighting and correction curves, calculate 06268-1 LAEQ and then the Simulated Program Characteristic Voltage is calculated along with the Hz voltage sensitivity.


Five separate sequences are provided, each designed to measure specific characteristics. Band-limited version of square wave is used. It can also be used to characterize the passive attenuation only of a standard non-ANC headphone.

This is an even-only harmonics companion of standard triangle signal.

IEC | IEC Webstore

Headphones and Earphones is an international standard intended to characterize the performance of headphones and earphones. Learn more about the cookies we use and how to change your settings. First, a pink noise stimulus is played from the noise speakers and recorded by uec unoccluded ears.

If more than 4 input channels are available, all input signal paths may be assigned to separate hardware channels. The sequence prompts the operator to enter the rated voltage and rated impedance of the DUT.

All signals are 30s long, dBFS rmsstereo, 16bit and have Hz sample rate. Relink dialog Here is a list of sequences and their default signal paths unique paths are in bold: If passive, connect to the headphone amp or separate audio power amplifier You are ready to start the sequence. This sequence satisfies the requirements of Section 8.


Oec to mine at least hashes. If the answer is Yes, the user is prompted to turn the ANC on and the sequence repeats the passive measurements.

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T he new audio metric allows to measure waveform degradation using music as a test signal.

Calibrate the microphones per the instructions in the SoundCheck manual. It is recommended that the sequences be run directly from the IEC folder. Crosstalk and radiation curves are 6026-1 shown on the final display. BS EN adds an additional requirement – that the crest factor of the test signal the ratio between the instantaneous peak level of the signal and its RMS level be between 1. There are several unique Signal Paths used in the sequences which are not a part of the default SoundCheck installation.